‘Worse than Katrina’: New Orleans faces dangerous spike in COVID-19 deaths

New Orleans has become a hot spot for coronavirus cases as the state scrambles to keep up with the strain the outbreak is placing on the medical system.

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Author: Rafael


34 thoughts on “‘Worse than Katrina’: New Orleans faces dangerous spike in COVID-19 deaths

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  2. How’s it now? I went to New Orleans for the first time in March 2019, one year before covid19 arrived. It was my dream to visit New Orleans and I had an awesome time! I am so lucky I went before this madness started.

  3. For all the gifted intellectuals squawking “this wouldn’t have happened if they’d have canceled Mardi Gras” the hindsight bias has got to stop. Mardi Gras was Feb 25th. The US president was dismissing concerns about COVID and, be honest, most of y’all were too. Stay-at-home didn’t start for anyone till March 19…….

  4. The virus took some lives but It didn’t ruin millions of lives economically from fear, panic and stupid ass guesswork.

  5. That’s garbage! I suggest everyone checks the actual Seasonal Influenza death rates plus cancer deaths Heart disease deaths this covid 19 doesn’t even touch the sides 🤔 https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvsr/nvsr68/nvsr68_09-508.pdf 2017 and they just as high 2019 2020 very hard to find latest stats online but I’m sure a Internet guru will find them 😜 34000 Covid 19 deaths & cases are small in comparison 🤔

  6. I am so sick of people blaming others for the virus. It's like blaming the doctor when you smoked, ate greasy food, never exercised and developed heart disease For the Love of God start accepting the responsibility for your health. If you didn't want to take the risk then don't go out.

  7. So are these cases confirmed with the PCR or the unproven experimental use only test kits, both apparantly do a fuckall job of anything
    Positives, negative, positive, or the classic "well your symptoms are what? yup covid go home" no follow up, no antibody nothing not even removing the recovered cases
    Or is it "she died of covid like a friend of my family the other day
    BTW… it was old age

  8. The mayor knew the risk and was warned. He saw $$$$ signs. Now there are deaths and coffins. Remember this on election day. You voted him in to protect you. Instead he threw a party to let you die!

  9. Don't believe all these Corona deaths. My uncle Father In Law died from Pneumonia but they put in paper he died from Corona. My Uncle made them clarify there report. So they're bundling regular Flu and Pneumonia deaths into Corona category. More Americans die from Pneumonia and Flu viruses than from this Corona outbreak. Just think people before the media scare you into a Hole

  10. Yeah but they didn’t seem to have an issue during mardi gras right! Instead of shutting down oh no we have to party and celebrate. Now they’re crying stay home! Too late now! Along with those 7 other states that aren’t quarantining they will soon after it’s too late. When you plant ignorance you reap severe consequences!

  11. “Histoplasma Capsulatum is found in soil, often associated with decaying bat guano or bird droppings. Disruption of soil from “excavation or construction” can release infectious elements that are inhaled and settle into the lung.” WikipediA quote .. can result in “Pneumonia” type symptoms that can include Heart Problems including failure. “Can be transmitted from Animal to Human by Inhalation or Consumption.” Other studies included .. AIDS / HIV. “Histoplasmosis MIMICS COLDS, PNEUMONIA, FLU & can result in COUGHING.” Can be shed by bats in their feces .. additional quote from WikipediA. Bat Guano is available through “Major Distribution” & “Mass Marketed Worldwide” as an “Organic Fertilizer.” “Milorganite” is another fertilizer with “no association” with “Bat Guano” is made by “Sterilizing” “Sewer Waste” @ 900 to 1200 degrees this is “Made by The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District in the USA.” “Bat
    Guano” (Bat Feces) is made where ?

  12. Trump should of shut everything down in early March. What happened to those magical 15 people that would just magically disappear? DO NOT FORGET. If you do we will all pay.

  13. What about Detroit? Our death rate is almost double that of New Orleans. This is pretty inaccurate reporting abc.

  14. The sin of this city provokes the anger of God always. I remember before Katrina strike, the city mayor allow the gay parade. They didn't listen to the warning from the men of God. Katrina came and thought the city a good lesson. Again the mayor knowing fully well of the pandemic and still allow this ungodly parade. The virus is destroying lives. When will the inhabitants of New Orleans learn their lessons. This city will always suffer more until u learn that the Most High rules of the nations. New Orleans, Repent!!

  15. Minnesota Department of Health that gave guidance on how to classify COVID-19 deaths. The letter said that if a patient died of, e.g., pneumonia, and was believed to have been exposed to COVID-19, the death certificate should say that COVID-19 was the cause of death even though the patient was never tested, or never tested positive, for that disease

  16. 2000 mg vit c if your chest is fighting this err times a day, lemon water 2 times a day sit in sun as well get pink grapefruit and juice! Kids give lemonade and oj.

  17. And the Survival Expert's strutting to Stayin Alive while carrying Box's of Ammo to Nuclear Shelters with Who's going to die with a smug face

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