Applications for unemployment benefits surge by 70,000 last week

Businesses are being forced to reduce hours or close altogether, with more than 9 million workers estimated to be affected by bar and restaurant closures alone.


Author: Rafael


35 thoughts on “Applications for unemployment benefits surge by 70,000 last week

  1. President Death is great at economic miracles… it's all about the Art of the Deal.
    Don't sweat it, there is no plague in space, you can all get jobs in Space Jam. I mean Space Balls. I mean Space Force. Whatever.
    Make America Great Again – Stab a Republican. Dump Trump 2020

  2. I know countless people not showing up to work even though the can as they will an DO make more not working than do.
    They system is broken and wrong.

  3. I still have no resolve on income. I worked two and three jobs for the past 18 years in Ohio. I can't draw unemployment because (before all this Hype started) I started up a website and applied for a Vendors license. I can't run the site yet due to financial difficulties. Iso technically I am not really in business. The Unemployment Department is a scam. There can't be anyone manning the phones when you call every 15 minutes every day for 5-6 days. There's no one home. I made a mistake on the online application and can't fix it due to no help. NONE I am a non working single proprietor. I even sent in my tax return copy they asked for. I really am disappointed in this state and how the Unemployment Department will take your money and never let your draw in a time like this. Any suggestions? I would move if I could afford it. I am 69 and still no help. I have never asked for help before. The Unemployment department needs new personnel and reform.

  4. is it people sitting at home will be making more than me with the extra $600 a week. I work construction an already dangerous profession as it is deemed “essential “ we had a coworker and friend die on the job this past month and yet people sitting at home will be making comparable to those of us still working doesn’t seem fair what about more pay for the workers!!!!

  5. There is no uniemployment money it's gone it's been spent by those who run it look at the billion dollar home they live in the bently in their drive the yatt they own . Ya you bought it for them the entire system is corrupt.

  6. lets see I can go to work for 350 dollars this week because my job is considered essential or I can fake sick self quarantine and get 800 dollars a week hmmm what to do what to do lolz man trump is an idiot

  7. Yeah when the Government shuts down the economy- unemployment claims go up. Now let's proclaim the end of the world because of unemployment claims, after we shut down the economy.

  8. It’s tough to believe what is happening around the world. It’s hard times everywhere for everyone.
    I am working around the clock and working with homeowners in Georgia and Florida.
    If anyone is looking to sell your house in these times and cash out.
    Send me a message directly and I can make you a cash offer and close quickly.
    For the moment we are one of the few companies that are still buying properties for cash. We can help. Just message me.

  9. California DEMONRATS just DENIED HELP to us "Regular working Americans"!! These people are LYING live on television!! Now what are we suppose to do? Trump sends billions to help the unemployed and the DEMONRATS steal it and line their pockets with it. Sneaky snakes.
    I'm voting Trump for President this time.

  10. If the Federal Government does come through with anything to help the average American who has lost their job it will be token at best. These folks will only do so to uphold their image for the voters – because the general personality type holding positions of such have no capability to care for others.

  11. I have seen quite a few people on here that say they are small business owners. President Trump I believe it was him. Someone said they were going to help small business owners with a check and that they would get there money fast. You need to call your governor.

  12. Don’t be negative. Ideas needed. Reinstitute WPA WPA WPA roads bridges cleanup trash start commodity food program again. Good ideas are just good ideas.

  13. no worries mon… some celebs are singing a John Lennon song for you on twitter, so all is ok.
    Your losing your job and your small business but Hollywood will sing for you.

  14. Grocery stores are hiring. Amazon is looking to hire 100,000 workers for the people in the comments that have been let go

  15. The unemployment office workers better figure something out quick and get their butts to work. Alot of people that deserve unemployment are suffering and need to eat.

  16. The sad thing is my husband and I are small business owners (self employed) and there are tons of people out there just like us who do not qualify for unemployment benefits. We always do the right thing, pay our bills on time, pay our taxes, pay all the fees required for operating our business but now our sales have dropped to zero. We depend on selling to the public, just like other service jobs that have been affected by this pandemic. We as a nation will get through this because we are hard working people who will not let the bad times define us. I wish for everyone to stay safe.

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