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Dr. Brownstein of Boston Children’s Hospital, answers questions about coronavirus including which over-the counter medications to take if you test positive, and whether visitors are safe for newborns.


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  1. Hey News folks get something straight China is the country that infected the whole world with Chinese flu a.k.a. coronavirus and now President Trump is doing everything possible trying to keep American safe. So tell that story daily instead of sensationalizing everything regarding coronavirus vs what President Trump is trying to do to fix the mess.

  2. I'm sorry but these boohoo Yahoo news stories are just scare mongering…Oh pitty pitty… practice social distancing…wash your nasty hands….More people contract the flu and die than the Coronovirus this far…It's a New Named Virus that people are acting like we are dropping like flies…The flu killed more people from Oct 2019 to March 7th 2020 than this virus….650,000 hospitalized from the flu and 55,000 deaths…Why didn't we go on lockdown during the flu season…The government has found a way to profit and giving us money just increases our deficit and allows the government to see how easy it is to control the population…. Congratulations on proving them right!!!…Sheep!!…#OpenYourEyes

  3. Just be very carefull there is people knocking door to door requesting money and demanding people to pay or they giving eviction I have some one on my house doing that be very carefull people taking advantage of the recesion


  4. Does anybody think the human race is going extinct? I do and here's why. First, you have Christian churches throughout the land selling miracles for money in support of a billionaire president while homeless people are being criminalized and dying without hope sleeping in their own feces. Virgins, (little children) go to school being taught to hate themselves coming out of the hearts of their classmates choosing suicide over life, what reason do these children have to go on caring in the world except to be a bully themselves someday? Avarice, a deadly sin is taking over the world in its money, in our history books you know in taking over the world bad things are going to happen. The only thing left that can save us is our intelligence. People are learning when it comes to common sense and the law, a closed mind is better than an open mind and this philosophy won the election. Today's millennial generation is believing that Lucifer has the truest light of all while the Illuminati partner up in our nature to go after the brass ring. The only thing left is to kill the New Testament of the Bible which gives hope in the afterlife. Believing Jesus needs a gun to protect his property rights to copyright law pretty much kills any idea hope actually existed more than just a figment of the imagination. Only misery can save us now and with all the drugs going around I doubt that's going to work either. I know all this sounds extreme but you can research all of this in the libraries of our time. All you need is one crazy religion (Isis) that vows to kill pity for all time to come (sleeper cells) and all of this gets nailed to the wall.

  5. Also, get your facts correct! Trump called the virus, a China virus, why? Because China wrote a letter to the president THREATENING HIM, that if he doesn’t use the word COVID19 that there would be dire consequences to our pharmaceuticals, masks, etc. Don’t believe me? Google it!!

  6. I went out today here in California to get my daughters antibiotics and there was people everywhere!! People are NOT taking this seriously!!! The president needs to shut everything down for a couple weeks. PERIOD!! STAY INSIDE, SAVE A LIFE!!!

  7. If you got a fever,
    Get a towel and some rubbing alcohol, place the towel on top of the alcohol and flip it down twice. Get the towel and mixed it with cold water and place it your stomach and laid down. That will make the towel hot and repeat process, I promise you that will make the fever go down,

  8. I went to Wal-Mart today with one of my kids. Kinda regret it now. Told her to wash her hands when I dropped her off. I bet she didn't. Mom's a feminist so I can't tell her to make sure she did.

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