Sen. Elizabeth Warren calls running for president ‘an honor of a lifetime’ | ABC News

After suspending her campaign, Sen. Elizabeth Warren calls running for president “an honor of a lifetime.”

“We have ideas now that we talk about that we weren’t talking about even a year ago.”

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49 thoughts on “Sen. Elizabeth Warren calls running for president ‘an honor of a lifetime’ | ABC News

  1. Imagine being the husband and having to deal with this Psycho running her mouth every single minute. Poor guy

  2. And to think you were my second choice for president, hoping Bernie would win and he would chose you as his VP so that if anything happened to him while in office, you would have his back!

    The fact that you didn't come out to support him the day you announced you were withdrawing from the race is unforgivable…and my opinion of you now can't be written here.

  3. Bernie Sanders was right–a woman can't be president. Guess we'll have to wait for Nikki Haley to shatter that glass ceiling in 2014.

  4. Both Clinton and Warren share a stunning lack of humility. It doesn’t occur to them, in their self-congratulatory, liberal feminist self-image, that voters, male or female, just don’t want what they are selling.

    Warren’s fatal mistake was to embrace identity politics, claiming victim status by being a member of various oppressed groups — when in reality, she was a privileged white professor. In the end, the woke parasite devours its own.

    She started with baggage from her claim of being partly Native American. She allowed President Trump to bully her into taking a DNA test, which proved she had very little Native-American ancestry, and spent the rest of the campaign trying to apologize.

    Then she tried to earn victim points by claiming she once had been fired for being pregnant.

    Finally, she revealed herself as cravenly unserious when she declared she would recruit a “young trans person” to vet her potential Cabinet appointees.

    It was a stunt so out of touch with the real lives of American families, it might well have been a comedian’s parody.

    She accused fellow socialist Sanders of sexism in one debate; and when Michael Bloomberg entered the race, she did the same to him.

  5. Yeah and one day a honest blue collar will become our President who is in touch with the public pain of choosing buy medicine or food and keep house payments from falling behind.

  6. Here's what a women has to overcome to beat a man in a presidential primary. First she has to overcome the stereotype of the nagging wife, unbearable mother-in-law and over- bearing/dominante mother. If a man senses an over supply of any of these characteristics in a female candidate no policy issues is going to change his mind to vote female. That's the way it is period. The other way a woman wins is if all the women vote for her. ALL THE WOMEN!. And that ain't happening because woman are way more aggressive, jealous, sinister and vengeful against one another than a man would ever dream of being.

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  8. Bernie needs to drop out now. The Media, the DNC and Warrens waiting till after super tuesday to drop out, with the other nominees dropping out before has cost Sanders the nomination. Now the Media and the DNC will blame Bernie, when Biden loses to Trump. Bernie needs to withdraw immediately.

  9. Good Riddance. It's not about the political correctness of little girls. It's about making the country work better. Solving real problems. She is full of it.

  10. Warren just announced that she has agreed to join Bernie on the ticket as his VP but she will endorse Joe Biden for president. She was torn and didn't know how to strike a balance and so this is the compromise she decided on.

  11. Hmm, anyone can run for president. A fake Indian like her, a commy like Bernie, a creep like Biden, a racist like Bloomberg, a fake Mexican like Beto, a bone smoker like Pete.

  12. Never had a chance anyway loser next take that big L. I be dam if America have a women lead our country stop it not going to happen. This is a man world,you lost your own state lmao

  13. She can somewhat redeem herself by endorsing #Bernie.

    If not, it will be the final proof she was in it for power all along and not out of ideology.

  14. I'm here to say to all Warren supporters we hope you will consider Bernie, his platform is extremely similar to Senator Warren's. I also you ask you to encourage her to endorse Senator Sanders as Joe Biden stands for everything Senator Warren has fought in her time in the senate and is also a much weaker candidate to debate and defeat Donald Trump then Senator Sanders. Unite the progressive movement.

  15. That's a good partner standing behind you. The care for you is there. What a disappointment for this Nation. Who is running now for POTUS? Biden, Sanders, and Trump for reelection. You have the knowledge, expertise in debt consolidation, banking, a consumer advocate, teacher of special education. What are we left with? Three men who don't have leadership qualities, but only business, political, and lawyering. Joe Biden's leadership is questionable. Maybe that's why he didn't make POTUS the last time around.

  16. #ThankYouElizabeth
    I remember learning about Warren a decade ago and liking her a lot because she was a progressive like Sanders. They both ran on the most progressive ideas that are not radical, but normal to the rest of the developed nations in the world. I hope her supporters will end up voting for Sanders because their platforms align the most and have for the past twenty years, especially since Warren switched from being a Republican in '96. If Warren was in the position that Bernie is in, I'd vote for her over Biden. Going from Warren to Biden is basically admitting you never actually believed in Warren’s stated progressive policies and beliefs. You can base that solely on Medicare for All. That's just my opinion. Everyone has one

  17. I'm honored to have seen you fail. Being disingenuous and a world class panderer is not a good campaign strategy Lizie. Better luck next time.

  18. Wow! What an incredible sexist! It's not that America would not vote for a woman. It is more about the candidate and his/her policies and stances. Warren is the one perpetuating sexism by her overt sexism. A true hypocrite!

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