Spike in Europe as China and South Korea cases level out l ABC News

ABC News’ James Longman reports on the latest coronavirus updates as cases in Italy keep jumping, the Vatican has its first case and major tourist spots like Rome’s Spanish Steps are virtually empty.


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  3. South Korea is one of most advanced countries in the world.

    They've done more than 150,000 tests and its all free.

    Here in US, you must pay $3500 by yourself. Other countries are blaming South Korea and Italy and that is so funny.

    At least South Korea and Italy are doing something and they are busy. How about us?

    We even can't count how many cases have here.

  4. This Chinese Communist government must indefinitely compensate every person adversely affected by covid-19. This dark regime maintains power by hiding truth, oppressing their people and never say sorry for their arrogant mistakes. A big threat to the well-being of this world.

  5. Coronavirus has been loose in the USA for over 6 weeks now, three months in China. . Covid-19 is far more easily transmitted than the flu. Indonesia is testing 10,000 a day, the USA almost none. Since when is the CDC responsible for testing the populace for anything?Testing? With King trumpy there is no testing. King trumpy had all the test collected and given to the CDC. Because there were too many positive tests! The CDC will take your application, doctor, but it will be a long wait. The rest of the world is testing, the USA wants to pretend there is not an epidemic of coronavirus. Like the unemployment or job creation numbers. King trumpy. All lies all the time. King trumpy. Americans! Stay home, stop going anywhere you don't have to go. The relapse rate, and the rate of secondary infections like bronchitis is astounding with Coronavirus. Seven days before you get sick and seven days after you think you are well, you are spreading the disease. King trumpy only cares about the rich and big business.

  6. Yup and I’m pretty sure I have it too. I tried to get tested but there’s none to go around here in Michigan. I have all the symptoms and my lungs feel.. damaged, scarred almost. Shortness of breath at times and I’m 18! That with a sore throat and a very dry cough, with only a little drainage. Also I get the dizzy spells I hear people talk about with the virus. I’m convinced I might have it. Help

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  8. My question is are there 2 different strains of the Coronavirus? People in China were dropping died in the streets with NO symptoms. Now CDC is saying that most people under the age of 50 with no health problems should recover from the Corona virus 🦠 on their own within two weeks. This is a respiratory virus so what can one do? I say take these 4 things. 1. Activate charcoal 2. Oil of Oregano 3. Kyolic Formula 103 Immune and 4. BIO-Active Silver Hydrosol 10 ppm. Drink plenty of distilled water or clean water with plenty of veggies and fruits. Fear is the easiest way for this panic to consume you. Fear nothing but fear itself.

  9. This is outside of China.
    Epidemic abroad

    Data updated to 2020.03.07 00:15

    Confirmed diagnosis


    Cumulative diagnosis


    Cumulative cure


    Cumulative death


    Korea 309 new cases
    China – not even go there,

    China and Korea are not leveling down.

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