Coronavirus hysteria results in protests and clashes in Ukraine | ABC News

Hysteria over the novel coronavirus epidemic has sparked violent protests in Ukraine, fueled by panic and disinformation around the outbreak—even though the country has no confirmed cases of the virus.

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42 thoughts on “Coronavirus hysteria results in protests and clashes in Ukraine | ABC News

  1. Misinformation and straight up lies it the norm for the Norwegian media also. And the idiot politicians here put more trust in the hysteric people that demands action and the misinformation in the media instead of what the actual experts say. They are actually bankrupting Norway that a few weeks ago was considered a rich country bringing the whole country into a deep economical crisis that will take decades to recover from because they put the whole country into lock down not allowing people to work .

    Media here is spreading the lie that 8 to 6% of those infected by corona die and people here believe them and even think media lie and is under reporting it. Experts say 0,1% to 0,4% die when you adjust for the fact that most places they only test those that already deadly ill and do not test those who has no or mild symptoms and other factors (Like that China has horrible pollution that makes it hard to breath even for healthy people and many Chinese has lung problems because of the pollution has ruined their lungs making death number much much higher ther. Similar with Italy but there it is higher because of multi resistant bacteria and a large sick and elderly population) .

    Media in Norway also lie and claim wrongly that several young healthy people are in respirator because of corona here. When the hospital was asked what happened and how they was doing the hospital said they never had any young people at all in respirator from corona …

  2. The big fear hysteria. The coronavirus fear moved from west to East. The numbers are a joke. Flu .01 of every 100 die therefore 1 in 1000. Of coronavirus I estimate 1 in 1000 die.

    Basis report of 3.5 of every hundred sick from coronavirus die. However those exposed are likely 3500 to 1 who gets ill and reports ill. Therefore .01 Of 1 percent Derived From 3.5/3500
    Kurt Brown Saintrambone Mobile Audit Club. Media and government do not report all things such as mass murders homicides billion dollar robberies et cetera. Lost your memory? New weapons from long ago I forgot or never endured. Induced delusional psychoses is right next to amnesia. Why remember if you can’t forget it’s not real. If it cuts you at birth it cuts you at? Fill in the blank

  3. CORONA VIRUS AND BRAZIL'S IDEOLOGICAL, ANARCHICAL AND POLITICAL CATCH-22 SITUATION/ CHECKMATE: My city is on a very important road aorta receiving vehicle traffic from both the North and South of Brazil. We have cars and trucks from the most affluent states. Trade transportation critically interact with our city of about 500 thousand inhabitants. Montes Claros is the main or the second largest road junction for transport and tourism through vehicles. We have an airport too. They have anticipated the schools closedown even before the official virus report for 15 days. The commerce has greatly reduced. We see panic, apprehension, fear, doubts and freneticism creating an epidemics of ideological curses anti-government. People are being motivated to the extreme mockery, slandering, cursing and backsliding of the government.

    If the president Jair Bolsonaro shuts down our city because it is the heart of Brazil commercial road junction, they will charge impeachment against him. He doesn't react perfectly, they will charge impeachment for him the same way.

    15 days of anticipation before virus official notifications might be too much despair. There is darkness over the throne of the beast. What can you do? They are blaming the government for the virus in the news media related to a media that hates Bolsonaro because he cut off budget for them.

    He appeared on tv with a mask. They mock him now. Every minor attitude that he makes make them hyper-critical and anarchic.

    I was getting carried away by the idea that China created and loosed this virus. But then I regained good sense. I know Chinese leaders are antichrist. But how do I affirm something that simply I can't prove?

    As the Bible says in the unread letter of the holy apostle Judah: ( Biblehub on internet ):

    God's Judgment on the Ungodly

    …9 But even the archangel Michael, when he disputed with the devil over the body of Moses, did not presume to bring a slanderous charge against him, but said, “The Lord rebuke you!” 10 These men, however, slander what they do not understand, and like irrational animals, they will be destroyed by the things they do instinctively. 11 Woe to them! They have traveled the path of Cain; they have rushed headlong into the error of Balaam; they have perished in Korah’s rebellion.…

    If you read 2 Peter 2, you will see the same idea of God's punishment for this type of anarchic opportunism and collective anarchic, frenetic, neurotic and hate transmediatic and sociomediatic ideology.

    They are blaming governements to an extent that it is simply irrational and hyper-neurotic and hyper-hysterical and hyper-projective.

    I am not against such measures. But São Paulo and Rio are cities of tens of millions of inhabitants. The virus spread very slowly. We get vehicles and passangers from there coming and going not only for critical or terminal health treatment. We get vehicles from Belo Horizonte, Salvador and Brasília. If they lockdown our city, they will have to do that for months. But people simply judge things imaginatively and irrationally as they think they are wiser than God and the political leaders.

    The ten kings represents totality and ubiquity of governments and commercial chiefs giving power to the beast. People are being carried away by erratic, idic, instinctive, impulsive, and cathartic animal/bestial ideas of reality in any transmediatic euphoria and hysteria.

    In China, the leaders are acting just like 2 Thessalonias 2 speak about. I have example from this from internet. They are tampering with the Sacred Book. They are repressing free expression of religion. As the wise prophet Daniel said: They are going to fight off anything related to God, to the natural, spontaneous quest for God. Even the Muslims, the Catholics, not only evangelical christians are in target of spiritual repression.

    Both the governent and the transmediatic masses are following ideas of the beast.

    The antichrist, the beast ( the neurotic, cathartic, hysterical, frenetic, idical, instinctive, impulsive, compulsive ideas, desires and erratic ideas of the masses and this New World Order thereof ), the new generation called the son of lawlessness ( anarchy, chaos, cathartic destruction and chronic endogenous spiritual disatisfaction ), and the abomination of desolation, etc, are facets of the same culltural and poltical global reality.

    If the government does something critically necessary, they will curse him. If he is cautious, prudent and not impulsive, they willo curse him. If he is not a god to prevent this virus, they will curse him.

    Unconsciously, they are projecting their anti-authority ungodly rebellion against God, but cannot see it. The black horse was sent by God.

    More horses of the Apocalypse will come. This is only the beginning of an unimaginable great tribulation. We are being trained. This is only one global test.

    people freak out differently, I have noticed. Some react oversensually when hear bad news. Others get rude and hyper-cathartic.

    Please, DON'T go along the neurotic, cathartic, anarchic mass transmediatic ideological mobbings!

  4. I explain from Ukraine: the local authorities and villagers were not warned. From the hotel where they want to have patients from Wuhan, vacationers were kicked out. All other cities refused to accept patients, because the Ukrainian government is hiding the truth, the virus is already in Ukraine. Corruption destroyed medicine in Ukraine and people do not believe in power – they only steal our money. In the hotel, where they brought the infected from Wuhan, they also placed 50 citizens of other countries! All other cities in Ukraine refused to let the infected in – because the measures of the cities knew that there was an infection and did not want to turn their city into second Wuhan. The plane with the patients flew for a whole day over Ukraine – they were driven out of all the cities. People in power warned – there are infected people who had information. The hotel in which they were infected is not a hospital, there is nothing there, the slop flows into the river, there is no ventilation or anything. There are residential buildings right next to the hotel for infected people. This is not a regime object in the distance – it is right in the center of the village! Hotel staff was kicked out 2 hours before the arrival of the infected. Therefore, people realized that they all lie to us and want to make us not only fools for the sake of international image but also to kill, just because all the other countries have medicine and special institutions, and Ukraine doesn’t, only the ruins of hospitals:

  5. Take it from someone who has lived on this planet for almost 60 years – things are getting worse, not better. And if you can't take my word for it, then research the insurance information Institute for catastrophic events that have occurred between 1980 and 2018 – and you will see a steady increase of catastrophe's around the world.

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