Growing Outrage Over Video Of Maskless People At Florida Grocery Store | NBC Nightly News

A video that shows unmasked customers and employees at a grocery store has put Naples, Florida at the center of the nation’s mask debate.
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Growing Outrage Over Video Of Maskless People At Florida Grocery Store | NBC Nightly News


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26 thoughts on “Growing Outrage Over Video Of Maskless People At Florida Grocery Store | NBC Nightly News

  1. Lemme share this “science” quoted by Shemp (the least noteworthy of the Ex-Fox Stooges who flip their scripts for $$$) now that we have Doctor Pandemic’s emails where he clearly states… he doesn’t have a friggin’ clue if “masks work” but knows the Democrat Party LOVES sticking schmattas on people’s faces 😷 like making party members wear “donkey ears” to prove PARTY LOYALTY! Pravda!😅🤣😂

  2. They say “masks do slow down the spread.” All that means is more time for people to get infected. Quite hypocritical to have masks that also on the mask box itself say “does not protect from virus.” Sad that these nonsensical gremlins believe that masks “slowing the spread” will help. Whoever is susceptible was bound to get it sooner or later, no matter the safety “precautions” in place. Slowing the spread is just a subtle sign telling you that you’ll not die sooner, but later, because that’s a huge difference lol. Sad that people are appalled these days seeing people live life like they should without masks. Sad that we didn’t understand how if you’re scared of something, to stay home. Sad that people who don’t feel are affected by the virus, are affected worse by other people’s reactions to them not wearing masks. Sad that people who are claiming their rights are taken away (which they are, like individual freedoms) are deemed careless of society because they aren’t respecting others’ lives. Sad that we don’t look back in history and learn from what people have done before in past “pandemics,” which was absolutely nothing, and there wasn’t any media blowing it out of proportion like they do now. Sad that disabled people claim they can’t go outside because there’s many heartless people going about their life (no ones forcing you to stay home honey, that’s your individual choice just like it’s people’s individual choice to go outside). Sad that these power hungry politicians grapple a hook to show off their ego while looking as if they’re doing something for the people, while there are millions of people losing jobs and suffering due to them feeling the need to determine what they should do with their life.

    Here’s an awful comparison to the lack of individual choices we have. Still gets a point across.

    Person 1: “I don’t like going on rollercoasters”
    Person 2: goes on roller coaster
    Person 1: “no I don’t like going on rollercoasters, so you can’t go on rollercoasters either”

    I wear masks as least as possible. It’s a mandate, not a law.

  3. I love seeing people be people.

    Covid hasn’t killed anyone I know but people I know have lost loved ones to the experimental vaccine or they lost control of some limbs or parts. I’m not scared of covid, tyranny is something to fear. A dumb society is just as scary…

  4. All it would take to end this mask bs is enough people to go against them. There are also plenty of experts that say masks do nothing preventative and the common cloth ones are typically worse than no mask. Any RCT study on masks has found no signifigant difference with influenza. So following the Science would suggest not wearing them. The ones embracing the fear are the ones contributing to ruining life as we know it. This was never about health and this will not change until people have had enough.

  5. This is great. I never wear my mask. I walk into stores and restaurants all the time. I've got stopped a few times and was asked to put on a mask, I said no thanks and walked out. It's simple, dont support businesses that force you to put on a mask. It's a personal choice.

  6. Good for them. Not listening to the BS propagated by the media and Big Tech. This is just people enjoying their civil liberties. Nobody has the right to force others to wear a cover over their face.

  7. This is not a news story. There is no significant statistical difference in deaths per 100,000 in Florida than states in the northeast (i.e., NY, NJ, PA, CT) which have had Draconian, almost fascistic restrictions throughout the pandemic. Wish I lived in Florida!

  8. The comments on this are stupid, wearing a mask is so you can protect those around you and yourself and your family. Everyone wishes they could go out without a mask but we wear one for the safety of our community and homes.

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