Harvey Weinstein found guilty of 2 out of 5 charges in monumental trial | Nightline

A jury convicted the movie producer of third-degree rape and first-degree criminal sex act but acquitted him of three other charges, including the most serious, predatory sexual assault.


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49 thoughts on “Harvey Weinstein found guilty of 2 out of 5 charges in monumental trial | Nightline

  1. Did she get to keep the one million from Weinstein? Since she broke the silence and the deal was to stay quiet in exchange for money. So what happens to the money when you break the deal? Just curious.

  2. Those women are acting up, after so many years of knowing him , they have to be over it. I was rape and have never act like this fake women , you just move on, and make best decisions, be more careful ,besides there is not evidence. They continue the relationship with him and them they accuse him, how can this happen this jurors and lawyers must be left wing liberals with no conscience

  3. They don't have any physical evidence, I don't believe he is guilty I believe the women want retribution for not been able to make themselves famous. We have such a poor lawyers in the USA.

  4. Thanks to this Filipina woman Ambra, who started it all, where no one ever belueve and instead made ugly manipulative fake stories about Ambra. If not fir thus woman this jew weinstein will never be Expose.

  5. He was a psycho and a lot of those womem really were victims but some of them were just as predatory as he was. He uses fame and fortune to get sex, they used sex to get fame and fortune and now that they got it, they want to play the victim even though they sent other aspiring actresses to him and praised him many times publicly. They acted like they didnt know better… You thought he wanted to talk about a movie in his hotel room in the middle of the night? Yeah… sure you did. You thought it was the only way to make it as an actress? Then why didnt you go get a normal job like the rest of us?? Now your rich and famous so dont act like you had no choice. You consensually used eachother. I only feel bad for the ones who truly didnt put themselves in that situation and really did get abused.

  6. I saw Cypress College Campus Safety Officer Douglas Smith get arrested for raping a child. Orange County Superior Court covered it up with no preliminary hearing or Court case. After Ralph Webb extorted me from my job. Smith was still working at Cypress College phone number 714 484 7387 or 714 484 7455

  7. Why do all celebrities suddenly become so handicapped when they get in trouble with the law? It was the same thing with Bill Cosby suddenly going blind when he faced trial. Neither of them are fooling anyone.

  8. Could it be the greasing of the palm$ could not save him anymore, I guess Harvey Weinstein didn’t realize he was burning bridges of deception behind him and their was no other bridge but truth to stand on. And yet there’s more claims by celebrities of casting couches in Hollywood. Could this be just a drop in the bucket?

  9. Watching her cry when the powers that be were forced to deal with this predator and found him guilty, made me grieve for her. The person she was before meeting him is gone. Even with him locked up right now, she is still changed forever! She can never believe that just living without stepping on toes, and trying to be a good person, that trouble can’t find you. Being able to trust people, gone. Knowing that at any moment, she may come across a person that is judging her, or even commiserating with Weinstein for whatever reason. She’s crying because she’s still hurt. Her character was put on trial against a person with so much power.

  10. … and!……No "Accomplice (s)"?!…. whatsoever?!…..I read that,…"Something leads to Another"!…..Nyet?!….I don't know!…..I wasn't a "Born- Intellect"!….In the sense!….(N. O.)!….?!…👌📕😐📖📚☕📄

  11. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😀😀😀 Mr Pigstein congratulations…. Your lack of control over your desires have landed you in jail most likely for the the remainder of your life. Let this be a example for those who think that way is the way to go about your dealings. You will end up in the same condition if not worse

  12. Actress after casting couch if they become famous they praise him as Godfather and if they fail they blackmail him with sexual harrassment… although Harvey is the culprit but the same blame goes to the victims too….

  13. These women were the classic casting couch participators, Weinstein is NOT guilty. The women new exactly what they were doing. They were NOT held against their will. They did NOT have a gun to their heads. They could have walked our the room and reported the rape right away!

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