Jury deliberations continue for day 2 in Harvey Weinstein trial l ABC News

Jurors adjourned Tuesday without a verdict but asked several questions of the judge, who slapped the disgraced movie mogul’s defense attorney with a gag order.

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45 thoughts on “Jury deliberations continue for day 2 in Harvey Weinstein trial l ABC News

  1. “If you don’t want to be the victim, don’t go to the hotel”.
    Wooooow, the victims are to blame; they should’ve known better they were dealing with a sexual predator!!!!!

  2. Watched another video on cbc how assistants signed a non disclosure agreement, which comments are shut off??..get paid off?.. how much? then they now come out 20 yrs later telling whole story? There are several things wrong here. Non disclosure means forever, give the money back.
    Next: the women could have ended the abuse 20 yrs ago. Question here how much have all these women been paid or benefited from Harv.
    Not by any way saying Harv wasn’t dead wrong, but it sounds like these women would do anything to advance their careers, or want money at any cost.
    If a man asks a woman for sex, simple answer is no thank you. Move on…
    Again Harv was not right, and got away with it too often, money and power corrupts.

  3. if he isn't found guilty then clearly the left was able to install their own jury members or the jury is full of braindead idiots with massive low iq's which is why they were selected in the 1st place cause no doubt this sick bastard is guilty and should be in jail for the rest of his miserable life like the rest of them! and that's taking it REALLY easy on him too!

  4. Reading some of the comments, this trial is waste of time and money. Everyone seems to agree he is guilty, why do we have justice system at all is the real question.

  5. Don't believe anything without evidence. I could tell you that I saw an alien in my backyard yesterday, you probably wouldn't buy it unless I showed you footage. I was on a jury trial just like this, the judge told us that believing the testimony of the witness(es) is all that's required to convict. For me personally, proving someone guilty beyond a reasonable doubt requires a bit more than that, and I hope some of you would agree.

  6. "If you don't want to be a victim, don't go to the hotel". That is saying they were victims, and not willing. If there are victims, that means there is also a perpetrator. What a lawyer, basically saying her client Weinstein is guilty.

  7. That lawyer should be disbarred! Her logic is "If you don't want to be rape or molested then don't go to the hotel". Ask the many actors and actresses that was called to meet up at hotel so so. It doesn't mean you're signing up for a rape or molestation when you conduct call back, interview or meetings at a hotel. WHY STILL HAS COMMUNICATION WITH THE MOLESTER AFTER THE INCIDENT?? 👀 It's because that's where work is, that's where your next paycheck that keep you alive is. These victims are in communication with anyone who could give them the break that they needed in this industry. Weinstein knows darn well the power he held in the industry! If any of his victim squeal on him it's the end of her career! He will destroyed her! Ask Ashley Judd! You don't want to be a target and on his "blacklisted" actors.
    Just as the Gazelles, why do they come back to the same water hole when they get picked one by one every time they grazed there? Because water keeps them alive! They know it! They have to return! These women can't afford to walk away or show that they've burned the bridge! Why do you think they went silent for so long 😒

  8. This dude is a creep but he is not guilty. He should be fired, but those women were not raped. They made a choice to engage in inappropriate acts to stay in fake ass Hollywood. There are plenty of other victims who are still making millions in Hollywood from him. Sad thing is, women who were really raped are not getting the attention they deserve.

  9. there is not enough evidence to convict Harvey Weinstein. Like his defense attorney stated, “sins are different than crimes. If you don’t want to feel uncomfortable don’t go to a hotel room.” I have to agree with the defense. The MeToo movement is less about justice and more about ruining people’s lives using insufficient accusations.

  10. "If you don't want to be a victim, don't go to the hotel." – Donna Rotunno. I would agree to an extent. However, lacking common sense isn't a crime. Lying under false pretenses in order to lure women for sex by promising gifts of influence and promotion IS a crime.

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