Kent County Republicans Fear For The Future Of The GOP In Post-Trump Era | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Dasha Burns speaks to Republican voters in Kent County, Mich., about their concerns on the future of the party after the Trump administration.
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Kent County Republicans Fear For The Future Of The GOP In Post-Trump Era | NBC News NOW


Author: phillyfinestnews


45 thoughts on “Kent County Republicans Fear For The Future Of The GOP In Post-Trump Era | NBC News NOW

  1. Remind these people that THIS IS THE LEGISLATIVE BRANCH'S job. Checks and balances. They check the executive branch and this is they way they have to do it. They can't help it if the Republicans are more interested in the next election than doing their job.

  2. They're not worried about the future of the country, they're just worried about DJT (their god) and their stupid cult party. Democrats have to quit trying to reach across the aisle with people who are programmed to hate you and want to murder you. Quit being nice to these cultist maniacs.

  3. It’s factually evident that the majority of GOP elected officials are for themselves and not for the people and constitution. Time to consider the other party and give them a chance to better us and our family’s lives.

  4. When the citizens of a nation are SO concerned only with their own self interest….and ONLY their self indulgence…there will NEVER be a society that is balanced and cohesive…there will ALWAYS be problems of a grand scale…

  5. It's amazing that they spent years yelling lock up Hillary and/or Obama on fake or bogus charges. But when it comes to one of there's on serious factual charges, they just want to move on, there's nothing to see. Their values that they hold so dearly are BS and lies. They have NO values. The values they hold they want to oppress to others but not themselves.

  6. Enemies of the State:
    John Barrasso (WY)Not Guilty
    Marsha Blackburn (TN)Not Guilty
    Roy Blunt (MO)Not Guilty
    John Boozman (AR)Not Guilty
    Mike Braun (IN)Not Guilty
    Shelley Capito (WV)Not Guilty
    John Cornyn (TX)Not Guilty
    Tom Cotton (AR)Not Guilty
    Kevin Cramer (ND)Not Guilty
    Mike Crapo (ID)Not Guilty
    Ted Cruz (TX)Not Guilty
    Steve Daines (MT)Not Guilty
    Joni Ernst (IA)Not Guilty
    Deb Fischer (NE)Not Guilty
    Lindsey Graham (SC)Not Guilty
    Charles Grassley (IA)Not Guilty
    Bill Hagerty (TN)Not Guilty
    Josh Hawley (MO)Not Guilty
    John Hoeven (ND)Not Guilty
    Cindy Hyde-Smith (MS)Not Guilty
    Jim Inhofe (OK)Not Guilty
    Ron Johnson (WI)Not Guilty
    John Kennedy (LA)Not Guilty
    James Lankford (OK)Not Guilty
    Mike Lee (UT)Not Guilty
    Cynthia Lummis (WY)Not Guilty
    Roger Marshall (KS)Not Guilty
    Mitch McConnell (KY)Not Guilty
    Jerry Moran (KS)Not Guilty
    Rand Paul (KY)Not Guilty
    Rob Portman (OH)Not Guilty
    James Risch (ID)Not Guilty
    Mike Rounds (SD)Not Guilty
    Marco Rubio (FL)Not Guilty
    Rick Scott (FL)Not Guilty
    Tim Scott (SC)Not Guilty
    Richard Shelby (AL)Not Guilty
    Dan Sullivan (AK)Not Guilty
    John Thune (SD)Not Guilty
    Thomas Tillis (NC)Not Guilty
    Tommy Tuberville (AL)Not Guilty
    Roger Wicker (MS)Not Guilty
    ToddYoung (IN)Not Guilty

  7. The reason that they won't convict Trump is because they would also be convicting themselves. They play a roll in what happened by continuing the big lie. History will not look favorably on the USA. What happens when law makers don't uphold the law,we become a lawless society.

  8. If the Republican had any kind of sense if they could only open up their eyes they're blinded eyes their manipulated minds by Donald John Trump to get rid of Donald Trump they would have a chance but to continue to hold on to a cancer will eat them alive they know what he represent they know the world see how devious they are. the people of the United States does not represent hatred and division. We have more people in America that's for United and for truth then Trump's Bass have for lies and deception and division and until the Republicans wake up and get rid of this cancer Donald John Trump and cut the cancer away from them they will go down in flames cuz you'll never get anything by lying because eventually the truth shall prevail wake up Republicans. Get rid of Donald John Trump he's going to destroy you you'll see that he has no control over your lives and things will be a whole lot better and different because you taking that step of wisdom only a fool will continue to go down the path of destruction with their eyes wide open. Republicans are about to self destruct . May God have mercy on their souls.

  9. Truth is it’s AMERICA versus WHITE SUPREMACY and SYSTEMATIC RACISM…. and
    IF Mr. Trump and his Constituents don’t face harsh punishment… THERE’S NO MORE AMERICA 🇺🇸 in the eyes of the NATIONS CITIZENRY or THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY….
    MB •2021-™️®️©️

  10. Open your eyes Republicans, trump and his grifters sold out America. It's hard to fathom what damage has been done to the USA. Just put a Russian flag above your trump flag. Put the American at half mast

  11. Senator Bill Hagerty – TN responded to my email telling him based on the evidence he needs to convict. He stated Dems are shameless to pursue impeachment and conviction. Obviously, this POS from my state is not doing his job of being impartial. Shameful and disgraceful!

  12. The Kent county GOP should pick a new candidate and send that rep. home.hes added to the chaos by making the party seem weaker then it really is.the trial would've gone on without his vote but he helped cause a split in order to retain his own personal power.

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