Prince Harry, Meghan could lose ‘Sussex Royal’ brand

The couple will “likely” have to remove the word royal from their Sussex Royal brand but discussions are “still ongoing,” a royal source told ABC News. READ MORE:

Being royalty is usually a lifetime role, not one that comes with start and end dates. However, an end date as working members of Britain’s royal family is set forPrince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Harry and Meghan’s last day as working members of Britain’s royal family will be March 31, a spokesperson for the Sussexes confirmed Wednesday.

The couple’s office at Buckingham Palace, their headquarters for the past year, will be closed the next day, April 1. Going forward, Harry and Meghan will be represented through their charity, according to the spokesperson.

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44 thoughts on “Prince Harry, Meghan could lose ‘Sussex Royal’ brand

  1. They didn’t think the Queen would take that away. I’m very sure the book is revenge. Even though I think Meghan did suffer tabloid takedowns I feel she was very naive. The courtiers keep the royals under control through the press. I really have great interest seeing how they will move on without royal titles. I fear the worst.

  2. Harry is blind side by Meghan, a good actress put on act to be a caring princess. She tries to copy Diana's charity work, manipulate that into producing $$ Cheap act!
    Poor Harry..

  3. I have a lot of respect for English people, but sometimes looking from the outside it just makes me laugh that they are making a big deal out of them trying to get a life away from the Royal family. I think that as adults they should have the right to do so. Harry will never be king so I don't see what the big "stinko" is. He will always be a Prince but not a King and he knows it and he is very okay with it. This is why he is doing what he is doing. I don't see this as scandalous.

    If you want to talk about stuff that is scandalous how about Edward VIII renouncing the throne to marry a twice divorcee, how about Prince Charles marrying a very young Diana fully knowing that he was in love with another woman, how about Prince Charles then being unfaithful to Diana with said woman, how about Prince Charles then marrying said woman and then have all of the British people that probably criticized him to begin with for that affair now have them all bow to said woman, how about the fact that Harry's Uncle, Prince Andrew, is now under investigation for possible being a pedofile?, really Harry and Meghan is what have you all with you underthings in a bunch?

    Even though I'm an American, I really don't know much about Meghan other that what I've seeing since she hooked up with Harry but the news that I've seeing since they are together and then after they got married are just disgusting. If I were Harry I will be doing the same thing. I will pack my bags and move my family as far away from that toxic environment as possible. I will not want any of my children growing in a place that every day they will see when they get older the kind of treatment that their mother is receiving. And kudos to them for wanting to become independent. I think that they are both very brave and I wish them the best.

    Also if you "listen" Harry said that he will continue to honor and do as much as he can for the Monarchy.

    Harry, I think you mother will be very proud of the man that you have become.

  4. Do you realize that One of Megan's coats could buy 30 children's books plus Internet tablets and school lunches ask yourself how many children are going hungry daily occurrence , ask yourself is defending Harry and Meghan Worth them keeping their lavish and luxury lifestyle that they have come accustomed to or have we become accustomed to being in second rate clothes for better or not we don't complain because we are used to it and we have integrity and honestly we're happy to live like this because we don't expect anything however we expect more from our Queen than what she has delivered no longer do we want to stand behind the line and wave flags at these royals who don't give two flying figs about us and go on their merry way taxing us to death while they go on their luxurious holidays and most likely laughing the whole time to the bank as we are waving our flags to the back of their automobiles driving away with us saying God save the queen our voices as our image fads away as the queen drives off for one of her palaces.

  5. Do you realize just One of Megan's ear ring just , One could feed a family for 5 months can you wrap your head around that!!! Now put just One pair of her shoes costing between One thousand Nine hundred and Two thousand dollars, if you can even fantom that unbelievableextravagance and arrogance and self-importance and self-centered these two people are just to throw some numbers that you so you can think about the next time you feel sorry for these to take a pair of shoes and one earring and ask yourself how long could this feed a family for then tell me how bad you feel for them

  6. She's no diff than Wallis Simpson with King Esdward, both devorsees & both appear to have a hold over the two princely men, keeping that Royal Suxess title is out of the question, you don't get payed when you've just walked out of a job!l

  7. I get so sick and tired of Harry looking hateful at the press then turning around and want them to cover his causes got of them only want positive press even if it's a lie sorry Harry can't have it both ways next time you get the smear campaign on the press I hope someone drop kick you into a month of sundays

  8. becky san
    Nutmegs bots are working overtime. The queen should just strip her of her duchess title. Her only memorable acting which she always does in real life is doing fellatio on a guy in the car. She is a fake a user and had a bad reputation

  9. The queen is not loving to them, she is doing everything she can to stop Meghan and Harry succeeding. So many times she closed her eyes in the past, now she want to put her foot down? As for this idiot saying Meghan and Harry are catty and cruel and not loving because they made a statement regarding not to use the word Royal. Twist what they say, make up stories as you go along it won't change anything accept it show how much bigotry you have. The queen has ruined so many of what she calls her loving family, Princess Margaret was hounded by the queen to give up the love of her life, she made Margaret's life hell. The queen sat back and watched the marriage of prince Charles and Diana fall apart. Diana was killed because of the queen not intervening in the first place. The after all said and done the queen then allows Camilla to become a Royal. Why? after such terrible behaviour. Nothing is said to Charles or Camilla. The queen has a son who is associates with a paedophile, then has a bash for his 60th birthday. Double standards is what I call it. What on earth is the queen thinking? No wonder this couple Meghan and Harry want to get away. This is a disgraceful, they are a disfunctional family. what a joke our Monarchy has turned out to be. And you all pick on Meghan and Harry, what did they do that is so bad that you hound them and make up stories. how sad. Anyone would thing they had committed murder.

  10. I think it was shortsighted on the part of the royal family. Megan and Harry sought to be financially independent. They aren’t even in to the month of March yet and the crack down has been so rushed. It takes time to shift gears to financial independence. And by using the Sussex royal brand they remain tethered and therefore subject to Royal auditors. It would be easy then to ensure that the bulk of the monies they earn using that brand went to support the charities they said they wanted to continue their patronages of minus an allowance to buy a home and pay security costs…. but they didn’t even let the plane get off the ground… And Palace insiders have been allowed to leak the royal families hope that Harry and Meghan will return and I think arm twisting is only going to push them further away. Now, if they have to create a different brand for bringing in funds, I really don’t think the royal family will have any say-so over that… They will ultimately lose control of what they do with their own money. And then if the royal family comes in and takes away, fully takes away their royal titles, that will amount to sheer pettiness and that it was about pure control all along. Sadly, I think that even with a separate brand for making money to live on, security, and to support their patronages… The palace will ultimately do the worst because they couldn’t scare them back into the fold… We’ll see… I just hope that Harry controls that famous temper of his when he goes back to the UK to finish out their obligations. This is just my own personal view of things just like anyone else here on this forum.

  11. As a mixed race woman who has lived in England my whole life I can say from my point of view its nothing to do with megan race the British as a whole can't understand how he left the monarchy the way he did as his always been one of the nations favourites plain and simple. I wish them both well for the future

  12. Why are older folks so insensitive these days?Why would a 70+year-old Tom Bower be so mad with himself because he didn't have the opportunity to write lies about Mehgan? People are so

  13. If they wanted to leave the royal family why are they always looking for attention? Why are they trying to keep the parts they like from the royals? Why not lay low and enjoy life? Its a real mixed message.

    And it’s been vetted that their instagram has had hundreds of thousands of comments deleted if they are at all critical, in addition to some webbot influence. I don’t care as I dont do instagram but it’s dishonest certainly. I think they should just step back and be happy with their lot in life. Or keep vying for attention. Seems like the later is what their wish is.

  14. 😂😂😂 sorry folks, but I can't help it. Justice, ethics and morals won.
    Im convinced Harry knows better. Deep down he knows better. Or so I thought till i read he cheerfully puppeted at some events. (That is new low this vendor attitude where he pimped himself for the attendance for events of questionable corporations). Deeply disappointing. Where is your standards now Harry???
    Why I have the nagging idea this was Meghans "well thought and executed" plan (well not that well). (As I understand, they aren't royal, (at least one of them isn't by any means – like none, the Kate is more royal even if she would not marry William), the other by being born but basically giving it up, and even the title of Sussex was basically borrowed to them by queen).
    I mean, I understand. They don't want to attend this or that in respecting etiquette. Not give disrespectful political stands, do whatever they please, having privilege, and have privacy at the same time but don't give up the privilege, they don't want that part of life where they would be paying for the privilege either.. decisions decisions. They want just the privilege. What I don't understand is that damn hypocrisy – "I want privacy, but then I go to highly public to attend this or that ? 💵 😜, and anger and sourness in comments about giving up the "royal". He could just do what is great-uncle did for W. Simpson…. and be done with it. Live their lives privately as they claimed they wished…

    This all just stinks and is getting smeared around by those tamtrums so it will stink even more. And I don't think there is any chance for real change. Not with the usa genius in charge.

    Queen should take even the Sussex title back. Its shameful how its street vendored.

    Long live the queen!

  15. There are 775 million companies with the word "royal" as part of their company title, the Cambridges (William and Kate) also market their products using Kensington Royals, so why stop Meghan and Harry who's trying to not live off the public funds? The Queen never has the last word; God always has the last word. If God said it then I believe it; God is still speaking and it ain't over until God says is done ";"
    Privacy Policy Copyright © 2019 Meghanpedia By Zanye Linda

    "For many who follow HRH the Duchess of Sussex, it has been clear as day that there is a coordinated smear campaign being run by the British Media supported by palace insiders. The attacks began soon after she and her husband Prince Harry completed the Oceania Tour in the autumn of 2018. Following the successful tour, there is increased concern among members of the Royal Family, their staff and the media of the growing popularity of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex that is eclipsing that of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. So much was the concern that the palace was working on a plan to send Harry and Meghan to Africa
    as revealed by Tim Shipman. It was further revealed in the article that senior figures in the media were siding with the palace and peddling the most negative
    coverage of the Duchess."

    "The motivation behind the attack is to undermine the work and personalities of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex presenting them as hypocritical elites who are shunning their Royal duties and do not care for the everyday person in the hope that they will become less popular than the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The other reason is the media wants to create a perception/PR problem for the Royal Family and force the palace to intervene by firing the current communication team for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in favour of consulting or even better hiring someone familiar to the media to give them unfettered access to the most high profile couple within the Royal Family."


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