‘Putin and Trump are picking their opponent’: Rahm Emanuel on Sanders | ABC News

The Powerhouse Roundtable breaks down the results from the Nevada caucuses and discusses implications for the 2020 race on “This Week.”

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38 thoughts on “‘Putin and Trump are picking their opponent’: Rahm Emanuel on Sanders | ABC News

  1. Where are the children separated from their parents? Have they been killed by the USA government? Is Trump administration making sausage with these children? Or he the President just fucking their lives upside-down. Don't answer my question. Trump's goons are comming after me.

  2. Sanders isn't loyal to the Democratic Party, he's a proven spoiler and should have been banned from running as a Democrat again. Go form your own party and take your base with you. We don't need someone who's not going to play ball when he gets behind, and he will. This country is not going to elect a socialist. Not in this environment. His best chance was after the financial meltdown, just as FDR was able to get elected and pass socialist programs practically by fiat. The economy will go bust but not in time for the election and if Sanders is the nominee America is lost because Trump will become a tyrant when he controls Congress and Roberts in charge of the Supreme Court. We're done if Sanders is not stopped in the next month. Write it down now and remember where you heard it first. The man is already getting support from Russian trolls for Christ's sake. Just look at the comments any where Sanders is criticized. Even on shows that don't feature Sanders his supporters troll the comments because he didn't get mentioned. Who attacked Democrats throughout the impeachment? Trolls. Where are they now? Working for Sanders. Why? Because Russia knows Trump can beat him.

  3. That was disgusting. Establishment insiders wringing their hands about how to screw the most popular candidate (the first to win the popular vote in all 3 early states in any party in the history of American primaries) so they can install a bootlicker.
    Listen to Yvette Simpson and (gag) Chris Christie. If the DNC ratfucks Sanders (or any candidate with the clear plurality of delegates), they will lose the general in a massive landslide.

  4. Chrystie and Rahm Emanuel same team speaks in tandem. This shows where the democratic leadership is.

    Sister handled Rahm Emanuel rhetoric Bs. Sarah speaking from a shook and scared Republican that Trump can lose against Bernie.

    RAHM IS A JOKE in Chicago. RAHM saying that Bernie Sanders cant get independents, saying that Bernie will cause the Dems to lose seats. Scare tactics talking points for sure.

  5. Pure analysis says – Trump will be in office for the next 4 years. Sanders cant beat Trump cause the majority of Americans are still for capitalism and any other candidate is not a match for Trump, plus many Bernie's supporters would not vote for them (and their numbers will be crucial in Trump's victory). So another 4 ears will pass and guess what – nothing dramatic would happen.

  6. Hey lady. Guess whose also not a democrat. Bloomberg , clinton or biden . you cant win with a centrist republican because republicans will rather vote for trump than a hack . bernie is what democrat party used to be. Party of f.d.r style politics . republicans will rather vote that than moderate .

  7. I thought tulsi gabbard was russia candidate . clinton said so. But she aint doing well . i though stein was a russian puppet . she was even seen with putin but she got demolished in 2016. Now trump is a russian asset ? And now bernie ? Which is it!

  8. The guy on the end is gorgeous! But my opinion I really think it should be Joe that wins. It's not that I don't like Bernie, it's just that he promises quite a bit that I'm not sure will happen or can happen. He's old, he's very mean and angry, I want a president that can be a people person and be kind, relate to families. Also I think he's weaker than all the other candidates and Donnie knows that and Donnie and Putin wants Bernie to win because they know they can take him down. They need someone stronger like Joe!

  9. The last time there was this much of a divide between rich and poor French aristocrats lost their heads. The 1% is terrified Bernie is really going to lead a Revolution and they will all lose their mansions. I think it's about time that actually happened.

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