The women who brought down Harvey Weinstein l ABC News

Ashley Judd was one of the first to come forward with accusations against Weinstein to propel the #MeToo movement and prompt women in Hollywood to band together against sexual misconduct.

How the Harvey Weinstein verdict may impact sexual assault reporting:
President Trump hails Weinstein conviction as ‘victory’ for women:
Celebrities react to Harvey Weinstein verdict:

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50 thoughts on “The women who brought down Harvey Weinstein l ABC News

  1. I, Banjov Nazarali Kholnazarovich, from Russia
    from the city of Orenburg, ask the US courts to
    acquit the innocent Harvey Weinstein.

    Freedom to Harvey Weinstein,
    he is a good man and did not commit
    any crimes against women.
    The actresses invented everything
    and their charges are politically ordered
    and provocative.
    Harvey Weinstein did not commit
    any crimes,
    he must be released and rehabilitated.

    All charges against Harvey Weinstein
    are fabricated and put forward by
    the US authorities, they hired
    actresses to get rid of the producer.
    He criticized the US authorities for
    unleashing warriors in different parts
    of the world, because of this, they
    fabricated charges against nigo.

    Harvey Weinstein was and remains
    one of the best filmmakers, screenwriters
    and producers in the world.
    Weinstein was a true legend of world
    cinema and a wonderful citizen of the world.
    The entire charge against him was fabricated
    and orchestrated and politically ordered.

  2. women ??? who brought down harvey weinstein !! more like VAXXED a documentary showing the dangers of vaccines and how the CDC lied about rates of autism. .harvey thought he was the the sherriff of the town until he was going to show this doco at his film festival. the fbi would of kept this covered up if harvey didnt rock the boat.

  3. This guy was railroaded by a bunch of talentless people, who, if careers had gone in their favor, would never in a million years made an issue of any of this. Mean spirited souls who never made it big, and feel the need to lay blame. Full stop.

  4. Being pressured and abused by a big scary man is humiliating and terrifying. Its happened to me as a child teen and young woman. In neither situation was I seeking fame however these people were older stronger influential people in my life who threatened to harm me if I told anyone. As a young woman in a MANS world more often than not we are used, adused, and silenced. Because "MEN HAVE NEEDS" and a woman "should know her place" which is terrible. so not matter which way you look at it the woman will alway be blamed for enticing, being a prostitute, or asking for it. It disgusting and wrong.

  5. Absolute BS. Women's power move.What if the heroines have to get laid with a heroes to get paid no problem right. So wtf is wrong with sleeping with Harvey wienstien for the opportunity to become heroine .I still didn't get it

  6. I do believe some of the girls are telling the truth and he should be punished for them but he shouldn't be punished for the women who falsely accused him to cover up the fact that they willingly accepted the offers he made and repeatedly went back to him. If you were really assaulted, why didn't you come out as soon as it happened? Because you knew you wouldn't have a career without him and now that real victims have accused him, you want to cover up that fact

  7. Always get the man at the top but never the ones up the ladder shoe lickers in the whole industry I worked security for film and it's awful they treat everyone like royalty

  8. Next time share when you feed Weinstein coz now look see your other demonic family friends an't happy at you n are now hanging you dry up a tree . Those were beautiful ladies you shouldn't have just at it alone fill or hook others too at your trick.
    Who doesn't want to be a film star , Heey lady i can turn you to a famous star just come watch me jerk off or we can do it together n that's it waalaa you get a contract n you on your way to up top fame . And now when he moves to younger beauties n you an old rag then its ooooh hell He raped me n i was so weak n powerless n blablah , bullshit n nonsense man . You got what you wanted n that's stardom , I've heard many ladies say they'd do whatever it takes to be a movie star or famous , even if it meant sleeping with everybody on seat , like the whole crew even the camera men . And some ladies say " I want this , so just tell me what i have to do to get this , even killing someone I'd do it ok ". So buuuuh wuuuuh get over yourselves , aren't you up there in stardom n now drunk with celebritiness power life n just fed up n now its Looord help he forced me n i was so hurt n terrified n etc , come ooon you knew what would happen n you wanted what you wanted n was willing to do whatever right , now shut up

  9. Uuuuhh! I assume he pissed off his other demonic Elite friends which have a higher position than he, got angry at him for hogging all the innocent girls. Then they got even more angry because he missed a few rituals.
    ELITES We've had enough this guy is to much and he's about to get us flapped. Just throw him in prison.

  10. Please! Brave would have been calling 911 immediately after the as assault so other women were safe. Nope. It was consensual. A trade. An article published just today by a former Hollywood actress said women offer sex for roles routinely.

  11. He is a raspiest and should never be near any woman again ! He used his power to manipulate and also forced himself he is a gross pig should be in jail forever and let this be a lesson to everyone NO means NO

  12. He performed oral sex on her good enough she came back for more… Fast forward to today, that's called rape.
    At least these woman with the me too movement are warning men about their motives.

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