‘After Parkland’ chronicles life of families in wake of deadly school shooting | Nightline

The ABC Documentaries film shows how families affected by the 2018 shooting that killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School coped in the aftermath and began working to end gun violence.


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49 thoughts on “‘After Parkland’ chronicles life of families in wake of deadly school shooting | Nightline

  1. I have a significant other and listening to someone else talking about losing theirs at such a young age and so unexpectedly through something so preventable breaks my heart. I cried the first time I heard about Joaquin and Victoria's story. I hope Victoria can find peace and I hope that the love and confidence that Joaquin gave her stays with her for the rest of her life.

  2. Yesterday marks 3 years this happen but all I see in the comments is what has changed? What do y’all guys want to change? It’s sad it happened yes it’s very sad but what can we do to change this? Ban guns? I don’t think so.

  3. who is here after biden won gun control here we come bbys almost three years since we lost these kids remember to always stand up for what u believe in if your reading this i hope you have a great day and in case no one else has told you today im proud of you

  4. My friends and I organized a walkout/memorial service for the victims at our school in SoCal. We were so heartbroken over the lives lost at Parkland. We were seniors in high school ourselves back then, also as close to graduation day as Joaquin was. We didn't want to believe in a false immunity where we were "safe" because it happened on the other end of the country, especially when a couple of months later, a student was arrested at my school for possessing a firearm. It can happen anywhere. It can happen anytime. It could happen to you. And back then, it could have happened to me and the friends I cared for so much, and the friends they cared for, and the families who love them.
    My love forever and always to victims of gun violence and school shootings everywhere, and especially the students and families who live with the pain left behind. Please don't stop fighting until things truly change.

  5. I cant believe a country would treat people like this after school shootings, happening time and time again. Such a waste of lives multiplied over and over. No gun reform, nothing. The despicable way America treats its people young and old is truly shocking.

  6. I'm not sorry. Prayer but no action, no more??? you think you are bigger than God but you're not. Gun reform will not help mentally ill people kill not guns.

  7. I would say some things have did changed I was sophomore in Miami when this happened and the next year the school district made us wear IDs at all times and they keep all the doors locked and security in every entrance they also patrol the school in golf cars more often they’re made it harder to skip class and school I would say. we also aren’t allowed to go into the building during lunch you have to stay in the main courtyard

  8. Columbine High School, 1999
    Sandy Hook Elementary School, 2012
    Charleston Church, 2015
    Pulse nightclub, 2016
    Las Vegas Music Festival, 2017
    Mary Stoneman Douglas High School, 2018
    Santa Fe High School, 2018
    Rest In Peace all the people that died in at these places
    Also let me know what I missed

  9. this is the reason why I think we NEED gun control. Before you republican trump supports get all heated, wait till this happens to you and one of your friends die or you even die because this dude 18 or younger that shouldn’t have a gun shot up your school.

  10. they say if a bad guy has guns we need good guys with guns, that'll just mean the bad guys will get BETTER and MORE EFFECTIVE guns, you cant give that argument when other countries with gun control don't have school shootings, the last school shooting in my country was a duel in like 1800l, these guys know it would work, the know these deaths where preventable, and choose to not do anything. shameful

  11. TRUMP you have so much talking but never did anything. you can atleast do gun control but obviously you wouldn't do that just to get taxes or money from selling guns. how many students? teachers? people? need to be dead. hopefully not those people who closed to you just to make an action.

  12. I remember Joaquin was trending on twitter because he was believed to be missing. I hoped and prayed for some ray of hope that THAT young man made it home safely to his family. The next day i found out he unfortunately passed. This shouldn't have happened and I hope that one day the gun laws in this country change for the protection and wellbeing of our students just trying to live normal lives.

  13. Is only a matter of time before it happens again because as usual, the democrat party real intention was to unarm the law abiding citizens, nothing to do with protecting our kids. Thus, because they were not getting what they wanted, they stopped fighting or more like pretending they were fighting to pass laws that would prevent this from happening again.
    If they really wanted to fix the problem, they would have worked with the Republicans in creating laws that would arm teachers who wanted to be prepare to stop the shooter before he could claim numerous lives. Not unarm law abiding citizens! Ask yourself; do you really think a kid or kids with gun would attempt this? No, they would be less likely because they know they would get killed before they can claim more than 2 or 3 lives if any.
    These democrats use and take advantage of victims by using their emotions to fight for policies that benefits them not the people. They do not use statistical facts and study the problem so they can come up with real solutions!

  14. I remember being in my graphic design class. Just checking the snap maps and seeing the red spot of stories in the area i remember being curious and clicking on them. My speakers was on and everyone gathered around as we watched the snap of a kid yelling "oh my god!" As you hear the shots.

    I may never know how it feels to be in that time or place. But for a snippet of time that day i saw and heard and felt the fear those kids had

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