Black, Latino New Yorkers Vaccinated At Lower Rates Than White Counterparts | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Ron Allen speaks to residents of the Highbridge section of the Bronx where Black and Latino residents are getting their vaccine program going nearly two months into the distribution campaign
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Black, Latino New Yorkers Vaccinated At Lower Rates Than White Counterparts | NBC News NOW


Author: phillyfinestnews


41 thoughts on “Black, Latino New Yorkers Vaccinated At Lower Rates Than White Counterparts | NBC News NOW

  1. Maybe a lot of folks are conditioned to have it brought to them instead of going after or ? State of New York more interested in Pontificating ( as normal) . Ask Cuomo or De Blasio 🤔

  2. lmao, MSM "news" become completely incompetent.
    1)Biden and Harris, along with other leftists were repeatedly encouraging people NOT to take vaccine. Now they wonder why their supporters don't take it
    2)Blacks don't want to take vaccine – somehow white's fault 🤔 (and i won't even ask where are the remaining 24% of vaccination)
    *yeah just as i suspected it's because they removed Asians from this chart (who are on the second place after whites) to push their agenda.
    3)They called people of color technologically stupid (without any study or proof). Nice, totally not racism

  3. When white people talk about media pushing racial divide as if it hasn't been there for years is beyond me. You "I'm not racist I have a black friend" idiots or "I've been poor how racism". You keep wearing your tinfoil hats and perpetuate your stereotype as we know it was your grand and great grand parents burning down black churches and towns. You probably still think the insurrection was undercover BLM and Antifa🤣🤣🤣

  4. Most of our cultures have been put into a position where we shouldn’t trust the government, shouldn’t trust medicine, and we are taught not to be gullible because we will fall victim to manipulation…. if you want to get black people to take the vaccine or trust you, then you have to treat us like we matter when WE need to feel as if we do—not when you need us to

  5. Just to be clear. Despite the challenges, keep up the good work on the vaccine distributions. Each day. Each week. Each Month moves the nation towards BETTER. Focus on the POSITIVE.

  6. "Sunshine vitamin" or NEW vaccine.
    VitaD reduced % patients to ICU from 50% to 2%

    For every 200 C19 patients admitted 100 now go to ICU …. with VitaD …down to just 4!! 

    Pandemic over. 
    (calcifediol is metabolized D3)

    Most people are D deficient in our modern world. Less sun.

    Even 600 IU/day low. 
    Need 4000 IU/day to boost levels (see paragraph before Conclusion).

    80% of C19 patients are deficient and higher vitaD better outcome.

    Populations match: 

    black/brown lower vitaD and higher C19 rate than white;

    age, obesity and type 2 diabetes low vitaD high C19 rate.

    VitaD regulates cytokines and numerous other immune system/inflammatory responses; the c19 "snowball" problems.,of%20many%20immune-related%20diseases.

    What are health agencies saying? 

    Nothing. They say papers are not proper clinical studies. 

    What? VitaD is cheap, easy, no side effects and it works. Most people are deficient … so just GIVE ALL PATIENTS VITAMIN D. It will lowers ICU population by 25x.

    VitaD better than flu shot.

    D has no side effects and every vaccine does. For example, a recent Pentagon study showed flu shot INCREASES chance of getting coronavirus by 36% (c19 not yet tested for …susceptible to other coronaviruses … worrisome that C19 would also)

    So .. getting a flu shot makes you much more likely to get a coronavirus .. for example .. as a side effect. (Conclusion states "Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus" (other than C19 which was not specifically tested).

  7. Race baiting, i guarantee this statement is off the top of their head with no investigation into the facts whatsoever, it’s automatic now. May be they pay one of their own for a ‘expert’ report to say what they want. Leftists believe in double think because they have become, Big Brother! Left is the wall street elite establishment and will do and say anything for wealth and power. Weakness is Strength!….

  8. For whatever reason, the same thing is happening in the Los Angeles area. I was able to get an appointment in a predominately Latino area very easily. No, I'm not white or black. All other areas were booked far out. I don't know what the reasons are.

  9. I dare you to go out on the street and ask black people if “they have access to the internet”. 🤪. Good luck with your agenda!!!! There isn’t a supply issue, hahahahha!!! But nice job

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