Candidates converge on Nevada as caucus could alter the trajectory of the race | ABC News

Nevada’s racial diversity and strong union presence will play a critical role in how the nation’s third contest plays out.

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27 thoughts on “Candidates converge on Nevada as caucus could alter the trajectory of the race | ABC News

  1. By chance I watch this news clip and they are predictably bias. It is the very reason why many are switching to alternative news media. More and more cannot stand these so called reporters as their framing of the news favours the establishment. Eventually people will tune out for sources that are more genuine.

  2. “Seems like Bernie is the man to stop.” – NO! Bernie is the man to WIN!!!
    Point #1. In over 26 polls, Bernie Sanders defeats Trump by the highest margin of points compared to other candidates running. The points (depending on the poll) range from 7 to 10 points HIGHER than trump. All polls, generally speaking, can have a margin of error of up to 4 points that can swing either way (+/-)
    So to test that possible error on the 26 polls, lets take away 4 points from that. He still leads by 3 to 6 points and beats Trump.
    After a town hall was done for Bernie on Fox, even Fox who loves Trump did a poll. And it showed 46% of viewers that week, from watching it, would vote for Bernie over Trump. So Bernie can weaken Trump's support even in a place like Fox.

    Point #2. In some cases back in 2016 people either stayed home not voting, because they hated both options. Or they voted 3rd party. Or they voted trump (in small extreme cases). Those people felt fucked over and cheated. Those people would now be willing to come out and vote for Bernie! Which I literally just said some small extreme cases were voting for trump. So Bernie has the power to take back those votes and weaken Trump.

    Point #3. Bernie should have the support of so many that chant, "Vote Blue No Matter Who" which was not a thing in 2016.

    So many people assumed Trump would lose. That it didnt matter who voted cuz Hillary would win it. Now after 4 years of Trump, Dems are willing to vote for just about anyone, to get Trump out. With a fevered passion! So 2020 will be a different story!

    Point #4. You have two main parties. Dems & Repubs. Niether party can win unless they have the support and votes of those in swing states and those registered as independent.

    The fact that Bernie is a progressive liberal INDEPENDENT… means he can sway the left wing of Dems, and the support of those registered as an independent. Which by the way, of registered voters the vast majority of Americans register as an independent. They make up almost as many as the Dem & Repub parties COMBINED.

    Registered Dems = 27% of voter population

    Registered Repubs = 27% of voter population

    Registered Indeps = 42% of voter population

    Point #5 Bernie has inspired young people to register for voting and to get involved for the first time. First time voters! We have record breaking numbers of young voters now, with Bernie in the race. You also have the fact he marched with Martin Luther King Jr. & was arrested in his youth for being at a sit-in protest to help end segregation. Women's marches supporting a woman's choice and equality. Supporting Native Americans being against the oil pipeline to protect their land & water in 2016 (#NoDAPL) The list goes on & on… point is Bernie has the best support of our viable choices in terms of minorities and youth!

  3. Lmao you guys boiled an entire Sanders rally into "were gonna win Texas."

    I'm sure every candidate said something along those lines.

    What else did he say? Was his entire rally about how they're gonna win Texas?

    Come on. Have a little integrity at least

  4. The dnc will never let Sanders win and the majority of the country doesn’t want socialism or someone who’s as far left as him in charge, Biden is a creep and his son is corrupt drug addict, Warren is a massive liar, Bloomberg is a sellout, Pete is a horrible mayor, Amy has no chance of winning at all. The Democrats are practically handing Trump the 2020 election on a gold platter.

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