Captured ISIS members speak to ABC’s James Longman after the fall of the caliphate

Thousands from around the world wait to be tried by their countries of origin.


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48 thoughts on “Captured ISIS members speak to ABC’s James Longman after the fall of the caliphate

  1. the eyes of the white ISIS wife are so vacant. the tone she has is so manipulative, she deserves to rot in jail forever, if she is allowed to live outside of the jail no civil society will prosper…

  2. If they really condemn violence and renounce ISIS ideology then they would have been apostates. But in this case its not. ISIS ideology is derived from ISLAM

  3. Those loser terrorists didnt give there victims food and clothes and a bed so they should be happy that they are alive …. screw those LOSERS….. they deserve to be stoned to death give them that punishment…… terrorists dont deserve rights they are no longer people they are demons monsters …. bye evil low lifes

  4. They all deserve death, not talking about their man only but all of them women and their green grass that’s growing next to them. Cut that grass short it never grows again. Women and man first Tortured and then mowed down. I volunteer send me a message or like so we can do this business together.

  5. Doesn't make any sense, the women moved from Canada to live in war torn Iraq because of her husband? She obviously had as choice, US doesn't even accept some normal people trying to escape poverty. I think that they will be a threat just having a mind like that.

  6. “I didn’t know ISIS was that bad because I’m from North America and when I went to click on the links of the beheading videos they were all taken down where I’m from!” Im sorry…. WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL ARE YOU ON ABOUT RIGHT NOW. THATS LITERALLY THE DUMBEST ARGUMENT IVE EVER HEARD LMAOO.

  7. everyone who joined isis should be killed. All of them were well informed what ISIS was all about. They were all aware that they were going to join the TERROR group that was the reason why they travelled to Syria or Iraq via different routes to escape detection. Those women who let themselves be married to isis terrorist can not use "inocence" as defense. They were ALL aware of where they are going and what purpose they were going there.



    I left Islam after noticing that it was not the religion of God, but it is a satanic religion.


    Islam is the source of terrorism, the source of hatred, racism, superstition, decadence and slavery.


    Many people in the world do not know that Surah (At-Tawbah) (REPENTANCE), quoted in the satanic Quran,

    is a brutal surah par excellence,

    because it imposes and orders and authorizes the murder

    of non-Muslims and the rape of his wives and daughters and it is permissible to kill his children even if they are young.


    all Islamic societies suffer from deprivation, oppression, fear, tyranny, poverty and all kinds of restrictions.


    All kinds of freedom and thought are strictly prohibited in Islamic societies


    and the proof is what happened and what is happening in terms of devastation, destruction and massacres in Islamic and Arab countries because of the satanic Islamic religion.


    Some questions for the quack sheikhs of Islam who hide the reality of criminal Islam and their aim is to polish the image of Islam after its demonic and criminal teachings have been exposed.


    Why don't you tell people that in Islam prostitution is allowed,

    that is, (temporary marriage) ?


    Why don't you tell people the truth that homosexuality is allowed in Islam,that is, the marriage of a young girl who has not yet reached puberty?


    Why don't you tell people the truth that Islam allows kidnapping and rape,that is, the capture of women?


    Why don't you tell people the truth that Islam allows the slave trade?


    Why don't you tell people the truth that Islam allows the murder of non-Muslims and the murder of a Muslim if he wants to leave Islam and the murder of all those who criticize Islam?


    Why don't you tell people the truth that Islam has called women unclean and classified them below the rank of feces?


    Moral duty, and national duty, and historical duty and human duty, impose on good people and righteous people and true believers and people of peace in the world and on Western and American governments and on all civilized countries to end immigration, and prevent muslims entering in their countries, and prevent the spread of destructive Islamic ideology, and ban satanic clothing, (JILBAB, NIQAB-BOURQA),

    and ban Koranic schools that educate future terrorists,and close mosques that have become a breeding ground and a nest for terrorism.


    The first objective of Islamists in migrating to Western countries is to escape injustice, poverty, deprivation and slavery imposed by their Muslim rulers and because of the satanic Islamist religion, which imposes and allows Muslims to enslave Muslims,

    even though they are of the same religion, because the Islamic religion is a brutal religion, and even the Muslim did not escape murder, beheading and stoning, as happened in all Islamic countries.


    The second objective is to obtain a certificate of residence and to benefit from the scholarships offered by these believing and benevolent Western countries, to benefit from the bonuses allocated by these Western countries and to enjoy the freedom guaranteed also by these Western countries.


    and Once their situation is regularized, they will start to implement their evil plans, which are as follows:


    infiltrate Western societies and change their civilized way of life little by little until it becomes a chaotic way of life, spreading their criminal and immoral Islamic ideologies, and when they become strong, once their community become more numerous and large

    they will infiltrate companies and administrations to occupy positions, in order to fight the laws as a priority secular ,

    who protect society, Then they block and ban the freedoms enjoyed by Western peoples and all civilized peoples, then they will ask Western governments to enforce wild and inhuman Islamic laws, which will allow them to act as they wish ,

    and who arrange the affairs of the entire satanic Muslim community.


    the third and last step, is to make western countries,


    as well as all the civilized countries that opened its doors

    for the satanic Islamic religion and its psychopathic followers who call themselves the fools of God,

    yes indeed they are really mad they embody evil on earth and they are the loyal servants of satan

  9. First kill innocents or help in killing & when you fail the battle then be victims
    Bravo 👏👏👏👏
    They chossed themselves & flew to Syria then now what happened live there. What is the guarantee that they will not do like this again & not kill the people in the country in which they will live????

  10. From India also some girls were brain washed and taken tibAfghanistan to serve in sex jihad. Now since ISIS has been defeated,vand their Jihadi husbands have have been perished, they are in Afghan prisons. No country wants them back… The may again fall inbtibthe hands of some other terrorist groups and will suffer the rest of their life along with their children.

  11. They don't serve alcohol ladies goood thing I guess their depression can't get worse. We have progressed We owe Kurds so lets tell Turkey to solve this . I'm glad Biden hasn't showed weakness and let thesew woman back because by law their husband will be legally a citizen

  12. this people went for Haven ……… enjoy but reached in Hell ………….they should dye there ….that will be chapter for others …………. also for this few people laks of others should suffer ………….. and the money will be spend for this PIGS will go from others tax .

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