Emotional AOC Explains Fear, Lasting Trauma Of Capitol Riot | NBC News NOW

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez revealed in an emotional online broadcast Monday that she is a survivor of sexual assault and called for Republican politicians to be held accountable for the storming on the Capitol last month.
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Emotional AOC Explains Fear, Lasting Trauma Of Capitol Riot | NBC News NOW


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27 thoughts on “Emotional AOC Explains Fear, Lasting Trauma Of Capitol Riot | NBC News NOW

  1. Isn’t this what the Democrats are advocating for.? They want to get rid of the electoral collage and do 1 person 1 vote. Had the Democrats had it there way everyone of those political leaders would have been executed because in a democracy the government doesn’t prosecute the people prosecute the government. If the Democrats want mob rule, they will get mob rule.

  2. I just had to write you today to introduce something of interest to you. I know you will find this fascinating because I know you are not aware of the accomplishments of the human species. I watch a series on TV every Sunday called "How Its Made," which airs on the Science Channel from 8:am to 5:pm. So, if on Sunday mornings you wake up, do your morning coffee and whatever as we all do, go to the TV and watch a couple of episodes. I guarantee you will fall in love with this program. I am always amazed at what it takes to manufacture things that make our lives so easy and convenient. I really believe you will have a different attitude about the people who create our modern marvels. Thank You

  3. What.A.Joke. We should have a holiday in honor of her, like an AOC Memorial Day, so we all can remember the time when she was almost attacked at a place that she was never even close to.

    'Murica, 'nuff said 🇺🇸 🤦‍♂️

  4. AOC …..”….tactics of abusers, creating safety…… will to endanger the lives of others……. what is the craven extent of your own political ambition?……”
    for a moment there I thought she was calling out Netanyahu and the Israeli state……
    Hands down, AOC literally the biggest bull****er of the century ….
    At least with Trump we knew he wasn’t gaslighting….🤬

  5. AOC thinks no one should regain control of their lives and instead should curl up into a ball and cry for the rest of their lives constantly attributing every bad thing in life to one event and becoming paralyzed with fear so that the Dem govt can then come and save you. BS to that! If you wallow in an experience and never process it with a professional and move forward with your life, then the abuser wins and is victimizing you again and again on a daily basis when in fact he has completely forgotten about you. Moving forward is SURVIVING, and THRIVING. It is disempowering to tell victims they are permanently and irrevocably damaged and must then be like AOC and look for trauma around every corner. 'Oh that guy walking his dog traumatizes me!' 'The person who smiled at me walking down the street is sexualizing me!' 'The valet handing me my keys left his bodily warmth in the car seat and it was a sexual assault when I sat down in my car!' Enough is enough with this BS!

  6. You aren’t even old enough to know who you are. Allow me to help you with that. You’re not a survivor. You’re a disgrace to those who are. You’re not a leader. You are weak and you are ignorant. You don’t have the slightest understanding of basic economics. Zero regard for our constitution or respect for those who wrote it and those who have been defending it ever since. You’re just a little girl with a big mouth who has no business holding any position of public office. Here’s a tip for you…”It is better to be silent and them think you are ignorant than to speak and remove all doubts”. TERM LIMITS EVERYONE!! We can not have people like this representing us!! WAKE UP!!!

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