FTC issues new warnings about engagement rings

The commission is mandating that retailers disclose when a diamond is lab-created, rather than natural, before customers make a purchase.


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  1. Let's be honest they should have known immediately on the price $$ that it was lab-made. Sounds to me that they didn't do the research and also they wouldn't have been able to afford a mined diamond of those specifications and ct size, come on…

  2. I wish everyone would do some research before commenting. Even the ABC story should have included the fact that lab created diamonds cost thousands to buy, but they have next to no resale value. You can buy a $5000 ring and not be able to resell it for $50. Can’t trade it in. No value.

    So, if you want to pass down to your kids someday to give them something of value, lab rings aren’t it.

    Lab rings are just to get the look of a Diamond..but not the value, so customers 100% need to know when buying that their stone isn’t mined.

    It’s like being told you bought a Louis Vuitton for $5000 but it was actually a fake made for $25. Yes they look the same but don’t you deserve to know if you’re buying a fake? Can’t resell it and it’s not what you paid for.

  3. She took it to a jeweler and they told her it wasn’t a natural diamond….? I call bs. Most jewelers have no way of telling a lab grown and natural diamond apart. They’re literally the same molecular structure

  4. Diamonds are intrinsically worthless.. they are also bloody irritating to cut. The thing with natural diamonds is they’re wrought with inclusions. It’s hard to get a perfect diamond. However, an Australian Zircon (no, not the same as cubic zirconia) has a higher light refraction (shinier) and is almost as hard as a diamond. Not many people know of Australian Zircons but I would highly recommend them for a diamond substitute. Natural, one of a kind, different colour options (brown, champagne, clear, blue, green, yellow)… my engagement ring is a natural mint aquamarine (modelled after Princess Diana’s). Don’t just settle if you don’t care for a diamond, make it special.

  5. The reason this is important to me honestly, is because you know damn well that there's companies out there that would try to charge you thousands for a diamond that only cost $50 to make in a lab, selling it under the pretense that it's a "natural" diamond. There are so many other gemstones out there that are naturally mined that are ACTUALLY worth their value, but diamonds ain't one of em sis.

  6. A diamond is a diamond is a diamond. There is NO difference between mined and lab, none whatsoever, except that the lab diamond involves no human exploitation or conflict, and no ecological damage. I wonder if Molly would reject her fiance if she found out he was conceived by artificial insemination? IT'S THE SAME THING! And that inclusion bit is crap – apparently that jeweler would call a perfect inclusion-free mined diamond a lab-grown diamond. Liz Taylor would resurrect to slap him upside the head.

  7. It’s not my lifestyle anymore —— but I have such beautiful jewelry that my deceased husband gave to me —decades ago— Harry Winston, Tiffany, Cartier, Oscar Heyman, Van Cleef and Arpels, Kurt Wayne, Turi, etc. I only wear 4 pieces. every day. All in all Probably worth a few hundred thousand. —— but I wore all these pieces out and about when I was young and beautiful — a social lifestyle that I don’t have anymore nor would I choose it — Now all I want is to be free from debilitating pain. So much suffering in this world and having all of this seems very ludicrous and shallow. —— but I still love looking at gorgeous pieces. The one I would never part with is an 18k Cartier Seashell —- Diamond encrusted with the most gorgeous diamonds and also the most gorgeous color of royal blue sapphires ——- I keep it not to wear but to look at. I have no idea how to unload some of this stuff. Having a serious surgery in a day — so it may be a moot point. Sorry for going on —- I just don’t have a good feeling about the surgery so I am taking a walk down memory lane and the good times that I had. I’m not into this getting old stuff.

  8. So much shaming. She thought she was getting a diamond. Maybe she would have preferred the lab made diamond IF she had known. I do not think the issue is she got a lab diamond and she complaining, it’s the fact that she wasn’t told and feels like her experience has been tainted. Lad diamonds do not have imperfections as mined diamonds. I get what she’s saying.

  9. Honestly, lab diamonds are diamonds. Calm your tits. I have a Canadian mined diamond ring, I would have preferred a lab diamond for the zero conflict and lower environmental impact, but the jeweler I bought it from wasn't part of a big chain [small town, local] and didn't have any lab created, only natural Canadian diamonds. I wasn't going to get my ring at the mall. But I don't know why anyone is shocked. Of course they're going to pull the wool over your eyes, they want your MONEY!

  10. Why is diamond alternative ambiguous? You would have to be simple not to understand. Also, moissonite is 9.5 on the hardness scale vs. 10 of a diamond. It is almost as durable. With all the people dying for mined diamonds why can't we all switch. I understand that you wouldn't want a cubic zirconia because it's not durable, but other alternatives, heck yeah!

  11. This must be a super old video. A few things I noticed that were off is that she said natural diamonds have inclusions and lab created ones don't. That's not 100% accurate cause a lab diamond can also have inclusions. Also another odd thing is that the woman in the video said the jeweler told her that her ring was lab created. A jeweler will not be able to tell if a diamond is lab created unless he has an expensive carbon dating machine to see the age of the diamond. Lab diamonds test as real diamonds when checked with a diamond checking device unless it's moissanite.

  12. The problem here is fraud. I don’t care if you like or don’t like mined diamonds or boycott them or not. Bottom line is a consumer is entitled to receive what they purchased. If I pay for a genuine, mined diamond and I receive a lab created one instead that is indeed legally speaking, fraud (as a judge, I’m fairly certain I know how to identify it). Given the price difference between the two I’d be super pissed if I paid for one and got the other at the same price. And so would anyone else. And if you’re saying you wouldn’t mind being defrauded with all of these nonsense “how dare people be pissed they didn’t get what they purchased” comments, then you’re lying or you’ve never completed a retail purchase using money you earned and saved to do so🙄

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