Gone in a Flash l 20/20 l PART 4

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Jodi Arias, Travis Alexander have post-breakup hookups until a big fight
Jane Velez-Mitchell, who wrote a book about Arias, said the two were secretly having phone sex despite seeing other people, until an argument erupted over text and Gchat.

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    That's what I've learnt after briefly dating a girl with borderline personality disorder. We were intimate and I fell asleep soon after. Days later she told me I was snoring loudly and she pinched my nose and moved me around, unbeknownst to me. She then told me I was lucky she was feeling tired…if not I'll be featured on the news. 😳

    That, along with the thousands of other red flags, makes a Chinese military parade modest. I'm glad she dumped me in the end. I probably dodged a bullet, and 27 stab wounds.

  2. As Someone dedicated to Meditation 🧘‍♂️ & overall Spirituality. This case Proves 1 again that Attachments are Toxic & we should only attach ourselves to our Soul. We own nobody, everyone is Free. Only after a few yrs of 🧘‍♂️ i m tryna Integrate this Lesson in my Life. Had I done it sooner it would have saved me Decays of Emotional Pain.

  3. Hahahahah forget about Jodi Arias killing him people forgot to tell him and his friends that sharks kill people too, yuck I’d rather my girlfriend kill me then a freaking shark less embarrassing I’d say, I’m just joking

    I’d rather have neither one kill me especially my lover the person who’s supposed to love and protect me kills me like she killed him, definitely not the sharks doing Hahahahahah maybe the sharks gave her ideas get it because YouTube wasn’t around then so people just said” oh my friend asked me to do this so I just did it because he/she said it was ok”

    YouTube has become soooo popular that people see these anti bullying videos or anti shootings and think they can do it too they get these ideas from YouTube now Hahahahah that’s why you hear more bad things going around because of what’s online, you get these 17 years old person perfectly happy selfless but then the6 get in these YouTube videos and see these anti bullying things people show people to try to get people to stop bullying, people take it the wrong way they think “well no one would believe I would do this so I might try to bully someone just to see their reaction then it get carried away and they begin to like being nasty so 5hey becomes selfish and messing up their whole life over something they saw on YouTube that wasn’t meant for people to be the bully it was created to do the opposite to show people to make them stop being nasty, I will admit it does work it has died down the bullying lots in Ontario Canada people are aware of that now so they really really cracked don what on it now, we have school counseling for people that are victims of bullying abs they’d help the bullies become better people too so it is goof for both parties, the bullying learns to accept his or hers views and why they’re being narthex to others they learn to better themselves inside and out, lots of people bully other people because they might not have money for certain things and that really makes them feel angry inside, I feel bad for that bully if I knew he was bullying because of having no money I’d give him money to go buy clothes and stuff oh boy that person would call me his or hers hero, he’d never have to feel angry about having nothing to wear to school, that’ll make me day helping someone out like that that’s my dream I want to help the homeless people give them money for things they do not have, make the: food better and happy inside

  4. They wanted to get married, Travis started having an interest in another woman, that's when Jodi's obsession started, Jodi's dream of getting married and all the plans with a future with Travis was devastated.

  5. They should have allowed Jodi's torture of animals into the trial but they kept it out of the trial of how she took her anger out on her cat squeezing the cat to hard and other tortures. I believe Jodi Arias was the making of a serial killer and that if not caught after killing Travis Alexander that she would have gone on and killed other boyfriends that she felt did her wrong. Thank God that her love for taking pictures is what did her in, in the end, "God does work in mysterious ways." I dont feel that justice was done in the biblical sense, it should have been an eye for an eye "a life for a life!"

  6. I mean the comments going off like she's a monster, he's innocent just DOWNRIGHT SITS MEH. like look, you don't break up bc you want to marry a virgin while having phone sex w/ your ex who you know that still loves you but then still leading her on bc you can't have immoral things w/ the one you're dating. Like the man was never innocent. He has his religion but he ain't following it after the break up. Good thing Mimi doesn't wanna date him, guess my girl sense the liar in him

    It's sad that he was murdered and he didn't deserve it but you can't paint someone innocent after doing that

  7. Banda di malati mentali! Parlo dei fanatici religiosi di ogni genere e ogni origine. Hanno bisogno di regole per tenere a bada le loro pulsioni, negano la natura umana, si distruggono la vita da soli con tempistiche assurde (essere sposati entro una certa data e altre amenità). Conta di più il parere di perfetti sconosciuti che la propria felicità. Poi capita, fatalmente, che uno di questi poveri idioti incroci una donna che risveglia istinti repressi. Il gioco è fatto. Lei che pensava di avere trovato il "principe azzurro", lui che-una volta capito che lei era più libera di lui (di certo) inizia a fare la carogna. Paura! Molta paura. State alla larga dai fanatici. Scrivo in italiano, parlo 4 lingue, non ho boglia di perdere tempo. Liberi non significa " faccio quel che mi pare" liberi significa sapere scegliere.

  8. She recorded it to relive her conquest. My ex lover recorded us having sex, unbenounced to me. I caught him listening to the recordings.

    Psychos do this. They get off on reliving it over and over.

  9. Both were manipulative and obsessed people. Two very toxic people who have their own issues/problem in their lives. Maybe she did have serious feelings for him while he was over it, but wanted to keep her as booty call. Again.., Travis isn’t a saint either and he is also at fault here as well! While I understand both sides and how they’re both at fault for their toxic relationship. Murder wasn’t the answer at all.. Jodi didn’t have to go to that extreme, BUT SHE DID. Jodi is crazy af.. literally an obsessed narcissistic psychopath who SNAPPED.

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