Jeff Bezos commits to forming $10 billion Earth Fund for climate change

The Amazon founder and CEO has been in the news for his recent divorce settlement, his latest real estate purchase, and the carbon emissions impact his company has on the environment.


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42 thoughts on “Jeff Bezos commits to forming $10 billion Earth Fund for climate change

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  2. You create more carbon emissions mining building wind power windmills and solar panels if you would have just burned the fossil fuels to make energy in the first place. Hell, even Michael More is as big a liberal as there is says that wind and solar are a joke. The exploitation of African children to mind the minerals and metals needed to create these batteries creates more carbon omissions and just burning fossil fuels for the energy rest up and storing it.

  3. ☃️ Amazon climate change, we just had the coldest winter in 50 years in Alaska so much for your global warming baloney. ☃️ shame on Amazon burning there forests but forests have been burning 🔥over the past million years.

  4. Pay people to get tied or snipped. Promote one child families. Change Amazon deliveries to once a week, a garbage truck schedule for example. Make bus passes free. Lower the price of electric bikes, scooters, and cars. Make owning a large truck expensive unless you own an appropriate sized trailer…. Cut me a small check Mr. Bezos and I'll keep writing.

  5. Is this a joke? While his businesses continue to make it too easy for people to buy millions of tons of junk that people don't really need, and use way too much excess packaging…he wants to create an illusion of trying to do what's good for our planet? Change how Amazon functions, instead of this misleading tokenism.

  6. More solar roadways should solve the problem, right??? Maybe we just haven't solved the problem of global warming yet because we haven't found a product that billionaires can sell in order to become trillionaires! So let's just keep aimlessly throwing money at nonsense, because that's worked so well in the past! /s

    Yeah… what was Einstein's definition of insanity, again?

    We already know what we need to do to tackle global warming, Mr. Bezos, we just need people like you to kindly GTFO of the way!

  7. What's the best way to control the conversation? FUND IT. How is it that c-suite employees have been pleading with Bezos 2 improve business practices that will help the environment/climate and he has said nothing. Now he commits 10 billion dollars towards the subject … interesting. Now he can control the narrative… it's genius. Also genius is committing 2 billion dollars to what he calls the day One Fund. It's to fund Inner City preschools. Sounds more like a land grab to me. What's the best way to get a strong foothold in all the inner cities of America with the master plan being gentrification? Set up preschools in every low-income area and begin your footprint there. This falls right in line with Amazon getting into real estate. He's playing chess while the rest of the world plays checkers.

  8. ROFLMAO! That's a bit like trying to bail out a sinking ship while drilling holes in the hull! Ten billion wouldn't even cover the environmental cost of shipping all of the garbage that he sells on Amazon from China to the doors the American people! Capitalism can't cope with global warming, PERIOD!

    Ten billion wouldn't even cover the cost of ONE nuclear power plant, we need DOZENS to power the US!

  9. People saying it's not enough when he doesn't even has to donate at all. Even if it was 25 billion yall still would bitch about it lol. This is one of many reasons why the rich don't help you…

  10. Climate blame believers are moronic prophets of doom & laughable failed fortune tellers in history & our effect on the powers of Nature & the Cosmos are like farting in a tornado, otherwise stopping a virus outbreak would be easy. What's next? Stopping volcanoes & earthquakes & tides with taxes? You fear mongers don't love the planet, you just all hate yourselves & all of Humanity & just want to drag the rest of us down with you in your miserably failed lives.

  11. $10 billion might poke a small hole in the amount of climate damage his company's activity has caused and continues to cause every day. But that would only be if at least the majority of the $10 billion actually goes to fixing the environment, which it almost definitely will not. The money is going to a super PAC ! Politicians, corruption, etc. He's merely paying off his cronies.

    Have we learned nothing from Jimmy Savile? Rich people make these donations only because the public is stupid enough to allow them to get away with all their corruption if they make a donation here and there… all is forgotten? It's a strategy the super wealthy has been using for many years and it seems to work because we are allowing it to work as a collective. People think "oh look, he made a donation, he must be a good person"… reality doesn't work that way. It's pure manipulation and the public needs to stop falling for it so easily. Pay attention to the overwhelming corruption that's going on behind the scenes and this donation doesn't mean a thing.

  12. Haven’t looked into it yet, but I’d bet this is just a tax write off. His corporation will make up for anything to help the environment by doing twice the damage.

  13. Maybe he could rake that 10 billion and spend it on Green or at least Eco friendly Amazon delivery vehicles and maybe retraining for employees on the wasteful packaging. I bought nail polish awhile back and it came in a huge box with brown paper. Another time my husband bought socks and again huge box w 6 feet of air packs. WTF? Amazon produces alit of waste. Doesnt he own Washington Post as well as being a Democrat? I expected better awareness from the left. Smh shame.

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