The Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy amidst sexual harassment allegations

The organization plans to create a victims compensation fund for payouts that could reach more than $1 billion.


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49 thoughts on “The Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy amidst sexual harassment allegations

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  2. The Jehovah witness organization has a serious sex abuse problem as well, and refuses to apologize to the victims. The organization protects the pedephilers rather than the victims! Sick money hungry CULT!

  3. Good they need to get rid of these pedo’s make if you want your kids to go out take them yourself or with someone who you trust not strangers

  4. Don't believe anything you hear on ABC. They're just telling you what they want you to believe. I'm sure there were other overriding factors in their decision to file for bankruptcy. ABC only wants you to believe it's over molestation.

  5. Gee, when men who are attracted to the male sex insist on sleeping with adolescent boys once a month in a tent out in the woods, and the BSA accedes to their demands, who could have ever seen this coming???? (Yes, I know this had been going on for decades, but at least the BSA was fighting against it and trying to prevent it.) Funny that not once have you ever heard a heterosexual male insist that he should sleep with twelve-year-old girls in a tent once a month in the woods. And not once have you ever heard one voice of dissent from the entire "gay" community or from liberals. But Levi Strauss and Wells Fargo Bank, among others, refused to donate to the Boy Scouts because they wouldn't let homosexual men be scout leaders, which is why I refused to do business with them for decades and I still refuse to. And so should you. A lot of good my lonely vigil did. Too bad there's no one else with principles or a sense of honor in this country.

  6. There are sexual predators in every organization and religious group. Just because many were not abused, does not it did not happen to many others. I know for a fact this has been going on for decades. Just one example: a guy was a leader and left his wife and sons to live with another guy he was having sex with in his troop. His newly ex wife told me that it goes on a lot. I really did not want my sons to join to Boy Scouts when I found this out. But either my husband or myself went to every event and camp out when my older son was in. I made sure to get to know the leaders well before he went to camp. I even slept outside with them in a damn tent in November and December in Michigan. He did not continue after 6th grade and his brother had no interest.

  7. 1910 Boy Scouts of America founded for boys and male leaders

    1980s sued to include women as Scoutmasters

    2013 ended its ban on homosexual Scouts

    2015 ended it ban on homosexual Scoutmasters

    2016 welcomed transgender Scouts

    2020 filed for bankruptcy over sex abuse lawsuits

  8. is everyone not putting two and two together? remember a year or two ago when the Boy Scouts of America changed their name to Scouting BSA and policies to allow girls into the organization? i am an eagle scout and former member of a few years ago and i loved the program it shaped me to who i am today but that doesn't hide the fact that this 'move' wasn't done without any ulterior motive i.e. trying to sidestep and throw the attention off the pending scandals and sweep it under the covers, sadly I do think the current organization should disband maybe for a few months to even a couple of years and either rebrand or reopen as a 'rebirth' process to revive the old good and safe traditions the program was founded upon and get things right for once because the younger generations will really benefit from the ethics, comradery, and leadership skills taught in the BSA

  9. Boy Scouts have helped me become a better person all because of these words

    On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country. To obey the scout law and keep myself physically straight, mentally awake, and morally straight.

    Boy Scout oath btw. 1 like =one less victim

  10. Why didn't the kids who were abused come forward right away? No really it may have been the ones who they confided in that wouldn't report the abuse as legal council nowadays is expensive in suits involving special interest has been a grey area until the SHTF. In addition shame unfortunately caused by a predator certainly would play a part.

  11. And the top perpetrator of abuse in the land remains in the White House giving out his personal badges of total exoneration:

    Trump has freed from their just deserts shysters that are just as self-centered and opportunistically abusive of God’s most vulnerable children as is totally dishonest Trump. His needy effort is to make such a foul mess of law and order and so warp civility among us that he can cover-up his nefarious doings.

    Breathes there a man with soul so dead? Yes he has wormed his way into the nation’s highest seat of trust and has made a stinking toilet of it.

  12. Well the timing is interesting isnt It? Only a few years ago they allowed the alphabet community and the left to take over, then a mere few years later an organization thats been around for 100 years sinks like a rock…..coincidence??? I think not

  13. It's a damned shame. I remember my Boy Scout outings with such joy and the skills I learned have lasted me a lifetime. It's just really sad.

  14. unfortunately organizations like boy scouts and the church which put people in positions of trust and authority over children tend to attract abusers looking for just that kind of situation. these institutions need to do more to protect kids from these predators, or they shouldn't be allowed to to work with kids at all.

  15. Just shut them down already and force them under a new name like "Scouts of America" or something. They are no longer a BOYscout organization. They flopped over and let women chop their balls off and take control.

  16. ACLU where are you? You protected the perverts who wanted to be a scout leader, now look what these sick F ers have done. Bless all those young boys who are victims. Your a discriminatory sicko ACLU to normal people !

  17. Sooo their filing for bankruptcy so they don’t have to give money to the victims! They have a moral and financial responsibility to give back to the victims!🧐

  18. You and the church's can rape all the children some of the time you can rape some of the children all the time but you can't rape all of the children all of the time

  19. Serves them right it’s what they deserve for allowing girls these days since idiots clearly didn’t understand that Boy Scouts means boys only and for allowing LGBT people in this as well.

  20. Forced to let openly gay people into scouts.
    This is what happens. It was the plan all along.
    Destroy all Christian organizations.
    Destroy the family.
    Corrupt the children.

  21. Look what the organization is called. They might as well sell everything. Its because of the internet that these things get exposed alot of times. Nobody is dropping their kids off at boy scouts after this.

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