American who contracted coronavirus on cruise ship speaks out | ABC News Live Prime

Rebecca Frazier, who was sickened on the Diamond Princess, joined ABC News from her hospital room in Tokyo.


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48 thoughts on “American who contracted coronavirus on cruise ship speaks out | ABC News Live Prime

  1. I dont call over 50 thousand DEAD AN OVER REACTION! Come on people. Perfectly healthy people are dying from corona and some with lits of underlying condition's are surviving it! Scientists cant tell us why yet and in the meantine, with that being said, over react! Because it may cause you to stay home and be smart about this. Dont take it lightly

  2. "I got a Pneumonia vaccine". … Um?!? What?? Lol ….wow, scary, but this person is representative of the average patient who doesn't have a clue. There are no Pneumonia vaccinations for coronavirus…

  3. This is awful misinformation. Why didn't the reporter consult with a doctor before asking questions like, "so, at some point you just get over it, and it's kind of like a cold or flu?" ….

    And this patient…. "I had a pneumonia vaccine?" …. What??!

    This is the worst.

  4. So she's isolated and locked down for something no worse than a common cold or minor flu? I mean according to the gov, the sky is falling ya know and nothing more important than wiping your a** if you get it. I been saying this the whole time because I already knew what it was and the agenda they had behind the push. I got lots of documents 😉

  5. If any of you believe that Covid-19 killed the doctor who announced it, I have a bridge to sell you. China obviously killed the guy for broadcasting it outside of their propaganda channels. Why is China blocking and arresting local and international journalists who cover the pandemic on the mainland without their permission?

  6. That’s all fine and dandy if you’re 30 something but that would not have been the case if she had some underlying health condition she would have gotten the covid19 pneumonia like 10-20% of the US population

  7. I've been watching videos on people's testimonies on there coronavirus and people don't seem to be getting as sick like the media is telling us. Could the media, the democrats, and China be teaming up to trash trump's economy?

  8. I’ve heard you get better before you get worse. A man in Britain who’s had the virus and is still in quarantine (40 days) says that he had a cold, got better, then got the flu, got better, then got pneumonia

  9. The amount of people on here who think their doctors is shocking . Many people diagnosed with this coronavirus (which is one of many coronaviruses to date ) experience mild symptoms and recover with little or no intervention . It’s not a ‘kind of pneumonia’ but as it damages your lungs and weakens your immune system You are more susceptible to pneumonia if You have covid-19 . Pneumonia and other lung infections are complications of the virus , that the elderly and immunocompromised are more likely to acquire . There is a pneumococcal vaccine and while yes it is bacterial pneumonia , it’s very very likely that the pneumonia developed while your immune system is weakened with a virus would be bacterial . There are woeful cases of corona virus , they probably did chose to allow an interview with someone experiencing a mild case but to say she doesn’t have it because You have an idea of what it looks like in your head is nothing if not pathetic .

  10. Haven’t heard the news say at one point how many people have been cured of the virus…… this is the news trying to make a big of deal as possible – more clicks = cash.

    As of fight now, there are only 10 reported cases of people in “serious condition” in the United States. Would be shocked if anyone of those 10 are under the age of 70

  11. The corona panic is so blown out. Yes it is quite infectious and has higher mortality than the flu. But calling her a shill because she didn't have a dramatic, near-death experience with the virus is a long shot. There's every reason to assume that for most otherwise healthy individuals, the body's own immune system will take care of it.

  12. It gets better before it gets worse. It starts as a common cold, then you heal and feel better and then bam you get the flu and that turns into pneumonia and if you cant beat pneumonia you die. Old and infants.

  13. Can have this virus for 4 days without showing any signs or symptoms it takes weeks according to a CDC doctor which I watch on Joe Rogan interview or podcast he had predicted this 3 years ago no one wanted to listen then I wonder if anyone's paying attention now this is just the beginning not trying to scare anyone but do some research it's not going anywhere

  14. Yeah that's what you do advertise flu shots and all these vaccinations 😵that's what she's getting paid to do she ain't doing her job very well cuz she's smiling and nobody believed in this BS😈😡😤😠 get the f*** out of here

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