Americans Struggle As Pandemic Highlights Challenges And Limits Of Snap | NBC Nightly News

NBC News’ Cynthia McFadden meets a family struggling to apply for SNAP assistance — a program used by 43 million Americans — and talks to a Biden administration official about aims to improve the program’s access and benefits.
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Americans Struggle As Pandemic Highlights Challenges And Limits Of Snap | NBC Nightly News


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34 thoughts on “Americans Struggle As Pandemic Highlights Challenges And Limits Of Snap | NBC Nightly News


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  2. I will not complain, l have one child at home and was denied twice for food stamps. I have been out of work since March 17th 2020. I believe if you are unemployed you should be entitled to food stamps and Medicaid coverage. Especially with the food prices sky rocking at this time. Keep praying, keep living your family and remain safe.

  3. When my dad told me about Ronald Reagan's "a rising tide lifts all boats" tax reform, even AS A CHILD I knew we'd be here. I knew that people love their money and love love LOVE the idea of amassing millions…and sure enough, they did. Nowadays it's so hard for 99% of Americans to have enough money in the bank to GET US BY in an emergency. And so this story is sadly common. Let's call on congress to CRACK THE CODE, so we all can enjoy the American dream of financial stability with less pain and suffering.

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  6. It's not that hard to get snap. You only have to go back 6 months on your employment history. They don't want anything more than a year old. They want to know your income now and what your bills are.

  7. What is the name of the federal program to help feed kids at home? Mine have been at home all year and if they were at school they would have free lunch. Six kids (3 teenagers) and now they eat all meals at home instead of breakfast and lunch at school. If you know the name please reply with it.

  8. Did anybody think that and it might have been caused by the Senate and the house not passing a stimulus gifts for people who are in need of losing their cars don't have tags on them because they haven't been money to get them you know a lot of that had to do with them not that not just a president not just a president them not doing their job at helping the people when we were most in need of the sick and not feeling well can't get to getting to work car don't have any tags no gas you know come on give me a break just

  9. Snap needs to snap out of it and use common sense. People are hungry AND hurting to feed themselves, let alone families of 3 or more. This beautiful family has 5 growing children to support and earning under a single person's income. They should not have even had to apply once in a global pandemic much less 4 times denied. This is a disgusting display of inhumanity. Thank God for their local food banks so that though their physical hunger will only be partially satisfied perhaps that can stave off a miniscule amount of the psychological hunger poverty inflicts. Thank you for this story.

  10. They can write a self attessment letter that their employment ended to verify or sign off that the agency has permission to verify. If all fails appeal the snap denial and the state will more than likely approve benefits. Use to write benefits

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