Blinken Says Iran Possibly Closer To Enough Material For Nuclear Bomb | NBC Nightly News

In his first television interview since he took office, Secretary of State Antony Blinken speaks with NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell about Iran’s nuclear program, China’s lack of transparency around the coronavirus pandemic, and condemns Russian President Putin’s crackdown on protesters.
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Blinken Says Iran Possibly Closer To Enough Material For Nuclear Bomb | NBC Nightly News


Author: phillyfinestnews


38 thoughts on “Blinken Says Iran Possibly Closer To Enough Material For Nuclear Bomb | NBC Nightly News

  1. Hey Guys are you ready for your hard earned tax dollars to be used and gone to waste again because apparently Iran Had weapons of mass destruction and some random rich old nuts order you to go to war ? 😃

    P.S Israel Has WMD.. Just a tip off that like 99.9% of the world knows 🥴

  2. Hamas along with the rest of the Palestinians said to Iran to do what you have to do. Even Palestinians in the West Bank gave Iran the thumbs up and said that we are the living dead and if you want to nuke racist apartheid israel do it because we are already dead, they said it many times. Racist apartheid israel is a cancer that will be taken out

  3. We now live in world where you have to fight a wolf with a wolf, America and its allies hide behind the safety of a nuclear threat on the less fortunate. If others like Iran and possible future African and South American Nations want the nukes as well, then so be it. Respect is only gained when you have a level playing field. We all have it or none of us have it.

  4. They need Biden help in final preparation for the return of 12th Imam. Nuclear war commander code name Mahdi. LOL
    In the meantime, they starving people and treating them as slave in the name of Mehdi and his arrival which by that time millions and generations of Iranian parishes by this wicked evil regime. They are like a venomous snake that you must cut the head off.

  5. The evil regime must stop spending national resources on nuclear, stop buying military junk from Russia and rocket technologies from North Korea. Their priority should be feeding their starving people, improving their living standard, providing housing to massive homeless children, free healthcare and free medication to massive poor people, as demanded by any religious duty. The Iranian regime does not represent Islam; but shamefully destroying it. Not just an evil regime, but also a wicked one. It is corrupt to the bone and this dictatorship regime must be massively, decisively, and suddenly destroyed.

  6. All the threats and fear mongering of North Korea possibly getting nukes suddenly died once they tested their nukes, and I bet the same will hold for Iran. Furthermore, the threat Iran posses is that it will challenge U.S. hegemony over that region just as a powerful China has shut off any imperialist wars in Asia. Vietnam being the last one when China was still relatively weak. Soon U.S. will be reduced to only bombing African villages, no where for the military industries to dump their weapons on.

    U.S. should consider what is unimaginable; dealing with nations diplomatically and be less arrogantly and thuggish. Multilateralism is here to stay.

  7. whoa whoa whoa have we all forgot the special VICE DID ON NUCLEAR WEAPONS? a few years back VICE did a special that showed anyone much less a government could purchase dirty bombs and nukes.

  8. As an Iranian, my opinion has been changed as time passed:

    6 years ago:
    We should try to deal with U.S. and talk about nuclear energy for peaceful activities, and after that maybe talk about the other issues

    After 6 years:
    We must not trust US & EU, I don't support JCPOA or any other probable agreements with U.S. anymore, We live in a world based on jungle rules, so we have to achieve NUCLEAR BOMB in this jungle!

    پاینده ایران و پاسداران راستینش ⁦🇮🇷⁩

  9. Mr. Blinktard is a man of Jewish faith and family. His family were Zionists. Nothing wrong with either of those. But to ask the man his fair and honest opinion on Iran? This is a great demonstration of why America is in decline. Iran is now firmly moving towards a strategic partnerships with China and helping China's expansion into the new global super power. Blinkwank and his friends in Tel Aviv can come in their usual playhouses of the US MSM and use the same old talking points previously used about Iraq and Libya. The world is more aware. Iran is significantly stronger than Libya and Iraq out together and Europe can't afford to support a war in the Mideast and start a refugee intake of 10 million people. Israel is the agitator and if Mr. BlinkTank wants to strike fair deal with Iran then Israel's nukes should be negotiated too. You can't let one country in the MidEast have hundreds of weapons and preach to others they aren't trustworthy enough to have one. I wouldn't even trust Netanyahu with a matchstick.

  10. It is always the same rhetoric, be it Democrats or trumperes … it's all flour from the same bag … So much hypocrisy … that the USA and Europe use to create the generalized fear against Persian nation.
    Why they don't condemn Israel on the genocide of the Palestinian people.
    Why they don't condemn, Israel's nuclear weapons.
    Why they don't condemn ..the successive air attacks q Israel makes in Syria.
    Why USA go on to steal the oil from the Syrian nation to deliver to Israe.
    Why they don't they condemn the Genocide that Saudi Arabia is doing to the nation Imen. It was the Americans, European vassals, who gave Saddam all the weapons, including chemical weapons, to commit the greatest atrocities to the Persian nation.
    Both the Republican and Democratic Administration are disgusting … with so much hypocrisy and greed for the natural resources of other countries. Long live Iran .

  11. We moving the calendar to 2015?
    Are we're going to send a trillion dollars to Iran now?
    NK going to start testing missiles again?
    Al Qaeda/Taliban/ISIS/ISIL are going to make a comeback?
    Assad going to "gas" his own citizens again?

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