Pete Buttigieg sits in after the New Hampshire debate | ABC News

The former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, recaps his stance on criminal justice with the black community.

Democratic Debate in New Hampshire l ABC News l February 7, 2020

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40 thoughts on “Pete Buttigieg sits in after the New Hampshire debate | ABC News

  1. Pete Buttigieg & his husband are planning to have a baby soon
    "My husband, he is made for a lot of things. He is going to be an amazing father. I can't wait to see — I hope I will be good at it, too. I can't wait to see him have that chance."

  2. A simple twitter search of Pete and South Bend, I implore you to look at what his own people who have experience his governing. This is a first hand account and can’t be argued with any graphs or data since those are second hand accounts.

    Also, here’s multiple sources that’s he’s taken more money from corporate pacs than any other candidate by a large margin. Do you really believe he has your best interest in mind over the billionaires?

  3. He's another wolf in sheeps clothing just like Obama… No real policies, only ready to be there to bailout Wall Street again…..Nothing for the bottom 90&, nothing at all. If the DNC wants to make sure we are unified, then they should be OPEN TO SUNLIGHT instead of smoke filled rooms…. Buttigieg is spewing the Wall Street DNC Line, leave things just the way they are so that they can VIG US UNTIL WE STARVE or GO INTO FORECLOSURE….. He cannot handle the bad things at all….

  4. Amy reminds me so much of HRC in that she's using decades in politics, and her gender. And she had the nerve to use her current responsibility in Washington against Pete! Criticized Pete because he's been working hard, and he didn't stop while she had no choice but to do her job in Washington, she had no choice but to be away from Iowa. So she criticizes his job focus which is campaigning? And her criticizing him is what resulted in her "bump"? Ridiculous!!!
    20 PETE 20

  5. Death to corporate media I say!!!!
    Shame shame!
    Such corruption!
    News outlet of media companies was supposed to be a public service to the country and not be used for the company and it’s partners’ personal agenda!!! Now they’ve also made it a business leg to earn money for the company and it’s share holders!!! NEWS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A FREE ENTERPRISE FOR THE PEOPLE! Not for advertisers and the company board of members!!! Shame! Shame!

  6. Not even president and already telling Americans they are wrong! Over 70% of Americans want Medicare for all!!! Pete, your record with black officials in your own town are such that you are not getting the black vote! That's very telling!

  7. Andrew Yang giving everyone $1000 in there pocket like Dr. Martin Luther King wanted, if you had $1000 per person what would that do for you? Your situation, you family, your future per month ? That's an extra $250 per week. What could that do in your situation?
    Let's Move Forward Yangforward America 🇺🇲

  8. Mayor Pete is TOTALLY FULL OF IT in regards to his military service. A COMPLETE B.S.’er. The FACTS tell a WAAAAY different story than of his self-proclaimed “Courage”. (In fact, Mayor Pete has more in common with HUNTER BIDEN(!) than any courageous war hero!) Just remember this when you hear his slick answers to questions from the media or other candidates on any issue. He is an EXPERT liar and deceiver!! The following, from the Wall Street Journal, By Greg Kelly and Katie Horgan – January 6, 2020.

    When Mr. Buttigieg was asked if President Trump “deserves some credit” for the strike that killed Iranian Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani. “No,” he replied, “not until we know whether this was a good decision and how this decision was made.” He questioned whether “it was the right strategic move” and said his own judgment “is informed by the experience of having been on one of those planes headed into a war zone.” War Hero Pete??? NOT SO FAST!!!

    Mr. Buttigieg’s stint in the Navy isn’t a fraction as impressive as he makes it out to be. His 2019 memoir is called “Shortest Way Home,” an apt description of his military service. He entered the military through a little-used shortcut: direct commission in the reserves. The usual route to an officer’s commission includes four years at Annapolis or another military academy or months of intense training at Officer Candidate School. ROTC programs send prospective officers to far-flung summer training programs and require military drills during the academic year. Mr. Buttigieg skipped all that—no obstacle courses, no weapons training, no evaluation of his ability or willingness to lead. Paperwork, a health exam and a background check were all it took to make him a naval officer.

    Combat veterans have grumbled for decades about the direct-commission route. The politically connected and other luminaries who receive immediate commissions are disparaged as “pomeranian princes.”HUNTER BIDEN, son of the former vice president, accepted a direct commission (but was discharged after one month of service for failing a drug test.)

    In reality, Mr. Buttigieg was assigned to a comfortable corner of military life, the Naval Station in Great Lakes, Ill. Paperwork and light exercise were the order of the day. MAYOR PETE WAS A PENCIL & PAPER PUSHER/DESK JOCKEY – LOOKING FOR A SAFE, EASY.. YET ADVANTAGEOUS GIG TO FURTHER HIS POLITICAL AMBITIONS. PERIOD.

    During a recent November debate, Mr. Buttigieg proclaimed: “I have the experience of being commanded into a war zone by an American president.” The reality isn’t so grandiose. In 2013, Mayor Pete himself wrote that he “made sure my chain of command knew that I would rather go (on assignment) sooner than later, and would rather go to Afghanistan than anywhere else.” No doubt , Mayor Pete sensed that his pencil pushing skills were critically needed overseas.
    PENCIL-PUSHING, DESK JOCKEY WAR HERO PETE spent some five months in Afghanistan, where he writes that he remained less busy than he’d been at City Hall in South Bend, with “more time for reflection and reading than I was used to back home.” He writes that he would take “a laptop and a cigar up to the roof at midnight to pick up a Wi-Fi signal and patch via Skype into a staff meeting at home.” Yeah – REAL HARD….. SUCH DANGEROUS DUTY !!! In fact, the closest that PENCIL-PUSHING, DESK JOCKEY WAR HERO PETE came to combat was ferrying other admin pencil-pushing staffers around in an SUV!! In his campaign kickoff speech last April he referred to “119 trips I took outside the wire, driving or guarding a vehicle.” That’s a strange thing to count. Combat sorties in an F-18 are carefully logged. Driving a car isn’t – ESPECIALLY when they are between administrative posts that are NOWHERE NEAR any combat area.
    After the “grueling 5 months (LOLOL) in Afghanistan were up, a welcome-home rally, glowing press, a few more years of light service, PENCIL-PUSHING, DESK JOCKEY WAR HERO PETE left the reserves – much to the relief of his office chair and pencil-sharpener! But his bragging rights were assured. Candidate Buttigieg takes every opportunity to lean in on those BRUTAL, DANGEROUS (LOLOLOLOL – ROFL) 5 months in Afghanistan. Questions ranging from student debt to Colin Kaepernick to gun control prompt him to reference his military stint, sometimes indignantly!
    “I don’t need lessons from you on courage,” he lectured former Rep. Beto O’Rourke in an October debate, “political or personal.” Two months later he told Sen. Amy Klobuchar, “Let me tell you about my relationship to the First Amendment. It is part of the Constitution that I raised my right hand and swore to defend with my life. That is my experience, and it may not be the same as yours, but it counts, Senator, it counts.” (Dear God….can you just imagine PENCIL-PUSHING, DESK JOCKEY WAR HERO PETE/ Mayor Deceit’s campaign staff laughing at how STUPID the Media – and especially the other candidates are??)

    Debate moderators and other journalists—none of whom have bothered to investigate the truth—eagerly sell Mr. Buttigieg’s narrative. Debate moderators often point out that he served in Afghanistan and, if Tulsi Gabbard isn’t there, is the only veteran on the stage. When Ms. Gabbard is present, the moderators seldom mention her military experience, which dwarfs Mr. Buttigieg’s.

    Those who did the most in war talk about it the least, for VERY good reasons. Serving in a support or noncombat role is honorable, but NOT when it is held up as the basis of a presidential campaign – and ESPECIALLY NOT when it is USED to INTENTIONALLY DECEIVE and OUTRIGHT LIE in order to gain POLITICAL ADVANTAGE – in which case it is more akin to INSULTING the brave and courageous warriors that actually DO defend our way of life.

    PENCIL-PUSHING, DESK JOCKEY WAR HERO PETE the Mayor is a VERY skilled and slick politician. But he is rotten at the core and will do ANYTHING to gain political power. (Remember, he comes from a Marxist father that advocated the overthrow of the American government.)

  9. Under Peter's leadership, South Bend's crime rate has grown over 70%. He has been in charge for 7 years and South Bend has fallen to the bottom of the list as the place to live in Indiana. His policies are not good for average citizens of those living in poverty. He is a liar to say otherwise.

  10. Again Mayor Pete is the only one out of the top 6 Candidates this wanting to appoint 50% or more women as their cabinet pics for their Administration. and 50% or more Women for the life time Appointment for sitting bench Judges'

    at the current rate for an equal voice and Equal say at the legslative Table in Washington it is going to take another 200 years + for that Equality. Thats too long far too long to wait another year another Multiple Generations of womens voices before being at that Table of men being able to make all the decisions for You👉Key point "for you" instead of 👉You👈

    its been a boys only club for far too long. that stark picture of just Nancy Pelosi in a room full of men and pointing at Trump. and Trump surrounded by Yes men all making choices for Women and Womens healthcare only to Restrict financial and medical care for all women because of their so called Men know womens health issues better than women know womens health issues because their Bible tells them So.

    now is the time, not 200 years from now , its now!


    please watch this league of womens voters and agenda building and empowering women for women and Mayor Pete did not just demand his way. no he listened and help build with the many things that are needed for women from health care to job investment to Equal pay.


    🎩Pete Buttigieg unveils his new policy, Building Power: A Women's Agenda for the 21st Century

    its was not just a man trying to mansplain for women instead of Pete telling women, and only having a males perspective on womens healthcare , No mayor Pete listened not  only did Women help create this great piece of Legslative Agenda measure to be put forth in building what is not just needed but should have already been there already!

    I ask Every citizen to atleast listen to what Mayor pete and these women have to say.

  11. YANG is the only one who will END ABJECT POVERTY. Survival crimes of thefts are going up as the homeless/penniless become more and more desperate. Perhaps you don’t need $24K/year but others do! Vote for their relief! Vote YANG 2020🧢!!!

  12. I’m sorry to raise this question as it’s just a curiosity to remark how Pete Buttigieg is becoming so popularized and absolutely a contingent candidate for presidential election , If he becomes elected for Presidency , will the 1st lady title be changed to any new title for his gay partner ?

  13. I can’t put my finger on it, but I just don’t trust Mayor Pete. I know most politicians are are actors to a certain extent and they’re playing the part. That being said, there is something off about Pete that I unfortunately can’t articulate. Maybe it’s my instincts, but I don’t trust the guy.

  14. Mayor Pete Buttigier who practices Buggery i say, 1 Corinthians 6:9 .

    Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, …-John 4;20-21

    Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. … "If someone says, 'I love God,' and hates his brother, he is a liar; for the one who does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen." Amen.

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