‘The coalition of billionaires is not … going to carry us over the top’: Sen. Warren | ABC News

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is interviewed on “This Week.”

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34 thoughts on “‘The coalition of billionaires is not … going to carry us over the top’: Sen. Warren | ABC News

  1. If you fix money. To the point of equality you will fix everything else. Such as gun violence thieves drugs all is controlled by money, but what am I saying? We all know money rules the world. And money will never have equality.

  2. Funny how she stopped attacking millionaires when it was pointed out during a debate that she too was one. You would think she would change her tune after her performance in Iowa. How long can your campaign last before it runs out of funds?

  3. ok the wine cave i screamed at the tv…. s h u t u p ….elizabeth warren was my pic for president (oh well)…. and the fact you cannot post a comment on her pages of ads on utubbee(here):( people dont like that….

  4. Elizabeth is Tough , fair and very qualified to be a terrific president, but not what we need right now. She would be wonderful as part of the cabinet of advisers. She can stand up to trump but she can't take him down . That is what we need . The largest damage that rump's lies have caused is that when a successful person, who actually has earned his own wealth and has done so honestly is no longer recognizable to the populous. Trump is intelligent to someone who is ignorant. He is educated to someone who isn't . He is wealthy to someone who doesn't know what that is . Bloomberg is authentic and he is everything he says he is. Though he made a great mistake in some decisions while he was mayor. He brought the city of New York off its knees . Not just for the wealthy but for all of the city. While stop and search was definitely the wrong thing to do . He did significantly decreased jail population and also Black on Black crime . If he uses his own money he is beholding to no one. He again is the opposite of trump who owed everyone and succeeded at nothing his entire life

  5. God I wish she would change her clothes. She wears the same black leotard over and over and over again never changing anything but her jacket. Gross. How can she lead a country if she can't take care of herself. She looks like a lesbian that wears sensible shoes.

  6. Quick guide to 2020 candidates:

    Warren: "Look at me. I'm a female Bernie Sanders but one that's gonna play their game and eventually give all the policies we desperately need the old college try."

    Buttigieg: "Look at me. I'm 38 and haven't spent 40 years fighting for the poor and working class, so I have to convince billionaires to trust me–'cuz I really really want to be President and don't want to waste my years of rehearsing platitudes (bold new bumper sticker, fortune cookie, inspirational poster, bumper sticker, poster)."

    Biden: "Look at me. I'm Joe. If you don't like it, vote for someone else."

    Klobachar: "Look at me. I'm not gonna do anything, so as to piss off no one but everyone at once. "

    Yang: "Look at me. Let's throw the poor and working class a bone so we can continue hoarding all our wealth and destroying all of our resources in peace."

    Steyer: "Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. Bernie's right about everything."

    Bloomberg: "Look at me. I'm so awesome and rich my horrible policies simply won't matter."

    Trump: “Look at me. Ignore the fire, horns, tail, and fork. I am the Lord your God. Though shall….”

    Sanders: "Look at us. People are dying. Enough of the corporate and establishment bullshit. It's time we take care of the planet. It's time we take care of each other."

  7. In 2016, after the conspiracy of the DNC and Hillary Clinton succeeded in making her the nominee, Jill Stein offered to step aside and allow Bernie Sanders to run as the Green Party's candidate. Jill Stein cares about the country. She is not motivated by her own ego. Elizabeth Warren must examine her conscience. She should follow Jill Stein's example. She should withdraw and urge her followers to support Bernie.

  8. Elizabeth can't be president if she continues to play the victim in every interview. Because America isn't a victim of anything, we are the strongest country in the world… Mayor Pete and Senator Bernie are on the top for a reason. They're looking at pushing forward and not dwelling on the past.

  9. But can't a billionaire build a grass roots movement? Also if you are going to fund your programs on the back of the wealthy wouldn't it make since to ask for their input instead of treating them as enemies? There are a lot of young entrepreneurs who are socially conscious and older ones who are doing good work around the world. Make them your friends and you may be surprise how much you have in common

  10. The damn shame she doesn't have more conservative values. It sits with me as an independent or Republican. Because I like this woman. Even though she's a little crazy.

  11. I never understood the willingness to do anything that trump says. The man will turn around and stab you in the neck as soon as you are not benefiting him. No matter who you are. Haters and non-haters alike. We’ve watched it in real time. Be careful what you wish for.

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