Father calls racist comment at school meeting ‘a deep wound’ | ABC News

Adrian Iraola, who emigrated from Mexico in the ‘80s, was interrupted as he spoke about his son’s experience with racism by a parent who said, “why didn’t you stay in Mexico then?”

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29 thoughts on “Father calls racist comment at school meeting ‘a deep wound’ | ABC News

  1. The thing is, all white people who live in America are immigrants, the best example is the Trump family. but they don't understand that america is exactly what it is … a land of immigrants, founded by immigrants … that's so stupid

  2. I was reading an article in the Irish Times about an Irish girl attended a mostly diverse school in Maryland. One day, a pack of her "diverse" male classmates brutally raped and beat her. The assailants were let off with a slap on the wrist, and released back into the school with the victim. The judge blamed the victim, and the other students taunted and threatened her as a snitch. The father appealed to the feminist liberal governor for help. She ignored him. The father even tried to appeal to Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama ignored the rape because the victim was white. Mainstream media buried the story. This story made international news. Funny that…

  3. Leonies Eltern, an innocent white girl… she was just 13-years-old when she was kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered by a gang of asylum seekers. Her name will not appear all over the world in newspaper headlines, her name will not be heard on news reports and politicians around the globe will not make statements about her death. Her death will be swept under the carpet, another sacrifice on the alter of multiculturalism.

  4. This man's comments and ignorance made his own family turn their back on him. Distanced himself from his own father, that's gotta hurt more then that pathetic remark he made ignorance is real racism is real and pathetic people like this ignorant racist are the toxic waste of America, he's worthless after that hit the media no more employment opportunities no more friends he's going to feel the pain that poor Mexican father felt 10 fold, how does it feel to have your own son turn his back on you ?

  5. Everything to DOPEY weak minded leftists is considered "racist". Punctuality and having a "can do attitude" is racist to the left. The left are ALL brain damaged. It's like going to Disneyland and constantly complaining about the crowds, the noise and the lines the entire time there. Of course someone is going to ask the complainer…then why did you come here in the first place? And why not just go home then. LOL! Same thing, you fragile snowflake POS leftists. All leftists minorities "think" they've experienced racism. They are all paranoid due to the radical lefts constant lies about racist experiences, like Jussie Smollett's. The left are ADDICTED to victimhood. It's an illness. The left are made of glass. Dirty cracked glass to boot.

  6. But when Gwen Berry don't want to do the dog and pony show. Y'all want to call her all types of disrespectful names and basically say the same 💩💩 this 🤡🤡 said about that legal immigrant. Y'all FOS

  7. The biggest problem in the world right now is racim and it doesn't matter were you live its there. Racim in sports is something that needs to be stopped and if people can't behave in a peaceful way then they should be removed from society .

  8. I love that women who turned around and told him to leave. Racism has no place in this country. Let alone in this world. The alt right can try and justify all they want that this is their freedom of speech, but at the end of the day when it crosses over into hate speech, a line is crossed and it infringes on others freedoms. Wrong is wrong no matter how one tries to spin it.

  9. I think this is one moment in my life I won’t ever forget about. Because I heard as a child that people are racist and can be racist but I never saw it. As a young adult now I see it and it saddens me that this is still an attitude people have in America.

  10. The guy that was speaking wasn't complaining about being in the country. He was saying that is what his kid hears from others at the school. If you don't have anything good to say to someone. Then keep your trap shut. An maybe learn how to listen an know what the hell is going on before opening your trap

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