State of Union ‘stronger than ever before’: Trump l ABC News

President Donald Trump opened his third State of the Union address with remarks on jobs, the economy and crime.

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50 thoughts on “State of Union ‘stronger than ever before’: Trump l ABC News

  1. Look at the democrats all sitting on their fat behinds unable and unwilling to stand and applaud for even the most neutral of comments. Nice white costumes by the way – what a show of defiance. Lol – a big congratulations to the states in this country that elected these anti American, elitist hypocrites. Pathetic

  2. FELLOW DEMOCRATS, please read, watch and learn before coming to a decision. I'm sorry but liberal media will not help your case of coming to a decision. Since when did "real life news" turn into a reality TV show. Dont listen to these idiots. INFORMATION is meant to be available to the public. MISINFORMATION and MISDIRECTION is what CNN,NBC,CBC and ABC all specialize in. HOW can you make a decision when hearing two different stories. LEARN, READ AND BE A GOOD AMERICAN. We owe that atleast to all the men and women who have died for our country.

    (P.S. Listen for all the keywords they use to persuade the viewers)

  3. Well at least more lies than ever before. But then Trump is the proven Presidential world record serial liar in history. Another Trump pack of bald face lies and con's for his hapless Trump Snake Oil consumers to ignorantly gulp down. Study carefully today's economy is the now 11 year continuation of the Obama recovery economy Trump inherited. The only thing Trump and Republicans have raised is our annual debt to over $1trillion a year. $1trillion created by their massive tax cuts for the wealthy for average Joe and Jane to repay. $1trillion of stimulating deficit spending necessary to prop up their economy to almost maintain the Obama pace. And Trump and Republicans are in court this second trying to destroy healthcare and pre-existing conditions. FACTS not lies.

  4. This will be the last time Pelosi abuses and attacks President Trump.. she is hideous..ripping up valuable signed,important historic documents on air..
    in font of the world = Will-full damage!!.. She is out of control an embarrassment to America millions of People ,Witnessed it Senates etc ,
    Demanding attention as she does, tries to undermine, any importance of president Trumps, Brilliant Speeches ,in his state of the union delivery ..
    Pelosi intended to try and take over, the spotlight, Trying to cheapen and demean president Trump ..which she never will ..made a total fool of herself .. wanting the narrative, for her fake reporters and Media ..She will probably lie about something, twist things around like she does..this time she cant get out ,and undo her dirty cheap manipulation, is just not going to wash this Time ..she went passed the point of no return ..A.disgraceful out of control wicked woman !! .. deserves every thing she gets..she has no respect or regard for anyone else but herself.. .

  5. Anyone who is American and isnt happy about the progress is being brain washed by news media. Look at what the news is doing to Bernie Sanders, they are hiding the fact that he is doing good in the numbers and listing him as ‘Other’. Lets look at the facts, since Donald Trump has been elected there has been more progress in economy then ever before. If you are financially leterate you would take this opportunity and make some money in the stock market or starting a small business. The bills that have been passed is allowing you to progress more because of the tax deductions. I support free speech and am open to debating, but find that there is an impulsiveness to most of the democrats that I talk to that it gives the impression of being unaware of the greatness of growth. It kindof makes me feel like they are ungrateful for the opportunity to build something for themselves with the circumstances that Donald Trump gives us with the bills/laws he supports.

    America protects and ecourages the wierd-the artists and gives opportunities for business people to thrive. There are roughly 320 million people living in America.. the whole world’s population is 8 billion.. The United States has the identity of being a world leader. The world leader and if you live here you can really try to be one. If not- you can be anything you want. Even an ungrateful person. Hope this inspires you to be a lil more proud to be an American.. Much love. Im open for a debate-just dont spread negativity pls.

  6. Compared to Obama who had our economy second lowest to the Great Depression in the 1920's, President Trump lifted our economy to the highest levels in history. I will bet the Democrats will skew the statistics and undermine him every chance they get. Nancy Pelosi is the most pathetic excuse for a politician, she needs to step down.

  7. economy is booming for the 1% but what about the dwindling middle class? The disparity between the rich and poor has never been so great and its only going to get worse with trickle down theory deception

  8. a majority of Americans hate you trump. Your base has disproportionate power in the government because of the electoral college and the senate, effectively disenfranchising many of the people in America, and that's the only reason you're winning. It's racist and unacceptable, but of course you would support something like that. Of course you would. As long as you're winning right? You wouldn't be able to win any other way. but you're power is slipping. We're watching the special elections, midterms, the governor elections, and we can see the gradual loss of faith in the republicans. The time is coming soon.

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