Life with Bundy l 20/20 l PART 1


Ted Bundy’s former girlfriend remembers how she was charmed by him

Elizabeth Kendall said he was a gentleman she really wanted to marry. “I still have a sense of disbelief that this man that I loved… could go out and do such horrific things,” she said.

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  1. reasons that should have clued Liz in to Bundy's true nature:

    1. He touched Molly inappropriately and was photographed doing it. Liz probably took the photos with Ted's hands close to Molly's chest and genitals. These photos were taken on Christmas, 1974, AFTER Liz had started to have doubts about him.
    2. He burst into where she was taking a bath and photographed Molly naked. This happened at Molly's grandparents house when they were home. So, witnesses.
    3. Liz had caught him retrieving a crowbar hidden behind the apartment radiator. He was sneaking around to get it. He looked sheepish when she caught him. Lots of people have crowbars but HIDDEN in the house?
    4. Liz would sometimes hold Molly in a "crotch hold." Liz saw it and rebuked him but still allowed him near her daughter. This manner of touching occurred before Liz suspected him of murder.

    Reading the first edition of the book, I was dismayed at the way Molly was treated. She was left with a babysitter her mother did not know. She was drunk so often that other people had to take care of the daughter. Most of the references to Molly in the book seemed negative: she chattered, she required patience, she was in the way…. All parents feel that at times but there were so many negative comments and so few positive ones. Her mother ignored signs of possible abuse–see above.

    Reading the second edition, I learned it was worse as described in 1, 2, and 4.

    Poor Molly.

  2. A minor but chilling detail from the book: he told Liz his car was out of gas. He asked to take hers. He also handed her his credit card to get gas for HIS car.

    Think of the alibi: his credit card was being used to fill his car. In those days, there were few security cameras, so he established a pretty good alibi and used his girlfriend to do it.

    I wonder if he was out killing someone that day. Or was at least planning to.

  3. i did a tarot card reading, i asked did TED killed little Ann Marie Burr who went missing around 3- 5 am in 1961, first tarot card was DEATH card, yes i would say, he lived 2 miles from her house, delivered newspapers, some say in her neighborhood, his uncle also lived near ANN MARIE, a size 6 ked kids shoe print was found inside the window, a bench had been propped up against the window to get in, the front door was open in the morning, there was construction going on nearby her house, theory is ted buried her in a ditch that was paved over with cement, by the time police got around to investigating the construction site ( poor police work )___a witness later that morning said he saw a teenage boy kicking dirt into one of the ditches. Later Ted using 3rd party narrative described a similiar scenerio to his lawyer or a homicide detective, he took her to a nearby orchard, raped, beat and murdered his victim, at the time ANN MARIE had an orchard near her house. He denied kililng ANN MARIE and even wrote to her mother that he did not kill her, but i think he did kill her___read about it on wikipedia

  4. Ted Bundy was a notorious serial killer I believe he killed over 500 women going to 8 different states with his yellow Volkswagen beetle his first victim I believe was the 8 year old girl that lived next door to him she was with him that day and ended up coming up missing and guess what they never found her I read the autobiography about him and watched all the movies about ted Bundy he was a good looking handsome man and guess what he fooled everyone he was a monster 💀.

  5. I do think Ted loved them very much. But when he started to pursue those feelings of wanting to hurt and abuse women, he found a way to shut off his emotions. I mean if you look at the tapes you see that he was able to kill and then go back to normal. There was something seriously wrong with him and I feel as though if he had seeked help instead of giving in to those horrible feelings, he may have gotten better. Too bad that wasn’t the case. R.I.P to those who were killed by him. Rest in hell Ted

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