Shannen Doherty reveals stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis | ABC News

After nearly five years since the famed “90210” and “Charmed” actress’ initial breast cancer diagnosis, she told ABC News “I’m stage four – my cancer came back,” and has kept it private for a year. READ MORE:

Shannen Doherty has always been transparent about the struggles she has faced. Now, the actress has revealed a new struggle that she’s kept out of the public eye.

“It’s going to come out in a matter of days or a week that — I’m stage four. So my cancer came back. And that’s why I’m here,” Doherty told ABC News’ Amy Robach in an interview that aired Tuesday on “Good Morning America.” “I don’t think I’ve processed it. It’s a bitter pill to swallow in a lot of ways.”

In the interview, the 48-year-old opened up about her breast cancer’s recurrence and how she coping with it.

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35 thoughts on “Shannen Doherty reveals stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis | ABC News

  1. I feel so bad for her, I absolutely loved her in Charmed as a kid ans seeing her like this is heartbreaking. But I hope she will beat this illness and fully recover. My prayers are with her and her family. Everything is possible, never lose hope 💫💫💫

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  3. read the court documents state farm is going to eat her lunch. i cant begin to understand why she would sue. what was she expecting a new house when everyone else's burned to the ground

  4. I give all the love and prayers that I can offer Shannen. I just recently discovered her work on Heathers and I love her acting. She did amazing with portraying Heather Duke’s awkwardness and jealousy. I hope she gets well soon. Stay strong girl! Heather Duke love 💚

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  8. It’s amazing how fast time flies. I remember watching the first episodes 30 years ago. This was the “IT” show. 30 years later with 4 kids, 2 dogs and a cat, still feel like a kid when I see little clips here and there

  9. Everyone is different and reacts differently to the treatments, it also depends on what type of breast cancer you have. I am a stage two breast cancer,, invasive carcinoma I had to have a masectomy, a few lymph nodes removed, chemo and radiotherapy. Now it is wait and see. Some stage one and twos breast cancer patients also die depending on the type of breast cancer you have. It is a horrible disease and the treatment is unpleasant.and affects you mentally as well as physically with many side effects that make life difficult too.

  10. I’m so sorry to hear about this so sad, but I totally understand that feeling of someone you know dying first! The worry about telling loved ones etc and I too wouldn’t wish it a pond anyone else, it’s a living night mare!

  11. It’s so weird to see these narcissists age. These were the people that thought anyone with problems was a loser, and worthless, and not worth knowing, or at least they played them on tv, and “their crowd,” in every suburban school in America, followed lockstep. And now when they lose their health and insurance companies run over them, it’s like “this is terrible!” Sure, the rest of us have said that, this whole time. And you know what else is terrible? Modeling for the masses that it’s cool to be a heartless bitch. It’s not cool when people are heartless, is it Heather/Brenda? And if you really want to “make a difference,” you can start by renouncing the awful, heartless, characters you played as staples, that glorified heartless behavior, and make sure that everyone knows that there is nothing cool about how those characters acted and how terrible they treated people. Shannen seems glib to the fact that millions of girls, after they saw her Heather character tell Winona Ryder “I treat people awful cause I can get away with it,” felt justified in their awful behavior, and went out and emulated that, for all of middle school, high school and college, and the harm it caused to millions of people around them, anyone that was unfortunate. She’s should make sure, before she leaves this earth, that she makes it clear that being a heartless bitch, sure doesn’t work out well in the long run, especially if you lose your health and your insurance company decides they crush you like the rest of the average people, they crush like bugs, cause you have terminal cancer and will probably be dead before you can get justice. Please Shannen, renounce the awful characters you played, and make sure women and girls realize there is nothing cool about living like that, because you never know when you’re going to die, or have your life ruined by a company, or have some other calamity happen to you, and that’s why being shallow and heartless, is evil and no one should do that , much less think it’s cool, or portray it to the masses as cool.

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