Tensions rise in Hong Kong over fears of coronavirus outbreak

Hospital workers are threatening to go on strike if China does not close the border.




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  1. We are witnessing a biblical plagues. Ten plagues of Egypt were local to Egypt plagues in Book of Revelation are global "So I looked, and behold, a pale horse. And the name of him who sat on it was Death, and Hades followed with him. And power was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, with hunger, with death, and by the beasts (pandemics that originate from animals) of the earth."
    Revelation 6:8 NKJV

  2. Close borders. Lord please save us from this deadly virus 🦠 . News is spreading that this Virus was created in a lab in China 🇨🇳. Any stoners around Europe need some Good quality green🍁🍁🌿🌿🌿🍁? Check my channel.

  3. United states post office staff and people working with it steal our mask and medical supplies and helping the spread of the virus in Asian countries and WHO bureaucracy and slow reaction are boosting the spread of the corona virus! Hi guys, I'm Wilson from HK, this is a real story of US postal officer stealing medical parcels shipping to China and other Asian countries from individual. I have the tracking number " EZ142620665US " and you guys can check the parcel status at the united post office site https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction with the tracking code and tell I'm not bsing around and making fake story . I have forward this issue to Department of States of US already and hopefully some officers will read my case asap as they are telling the world they are gathering medical supplies so hard an d mail them to asian countries everyday while the post office of one of the great nations is stealing parcels or just make them gone missing and don’t care at all everyday when every people in the world are trying their very best to source affordable medical supplies and masks to help family, friends and people in need. Is’it a big joke ? My email is spcx@hotmail.com . Help me to forward this to US regulators and friend or people you know that have similar difficulties or parcels stolen by the post office or "' gone missing'' during the transit or shipment to raise the awareness. Feel free to write to me if you guys have any similar experience and we may consider a class action against united post offices and any potential third parties or people stealing masks and medical supplies from people in need . The bad guys should face punishment as they are helping the spread of the virus and it will hit all of us eventually and cause irreversible damage and death n.o in all the countries . Will appreciate if any departments or officers from US can help to resolve this issue as what I want is my medical supplies for my family and friends, I’ve paid a large amount to the united post office to do the job and they just mess up and tell you they don’t care and that’s really a sad and heartless thing for them to do so given the virus is hitting everyone and the death n.o and confirmed case are climbing up fast everyday , many people and businessman keep pushing up the price of medical supplies up /stock them without sharing and selling to those in need. Most governments and WHO are doing nothing anything. How hard to assemble extra mask production lines ( not talking about the state of the art fully automatic production lines likes those owned by 3M). It’s a mask without any chips , just need the raw material, labors and no germ factory and maybe some machines to make it I guess, we are not building a rocket that can take people to Mars so come on governments and WHO! My bad if the mask production is much harder than building a rocket as I’m not a scientist and professional in mask production.

    Me and my other friends living in Hong Kong have mailed multiple small parcels of masks containing masks and hand sanitizer from United states to Hong Kong for our family and friends nearly 14 days ago with United post office registered mail and priority international shipment. However, we have found out "all" the parcels are gone missing after it left the united states fort worth TX on the tracking history and when we ask our local friends to call the united post office, the post officer just tell us it's not their problem and it's Hong Kong post office who take and hold my parcels and don't deliver to me and my friends. One of the tracking code of a small parcel is " EZ142620665US "' and you guys can check it out . I don't understand how a registered parcel can gone missing and the US post officer can just claim that the parcel is received by the Hong Kong post office already even there are "' no tracking log or scanning log/code showing the parcels have entered HK airport warehouse or border since the parcel left TX airport in US' . So why we pay extra money for registered mail or use the united postal office at all, Mr Trump always make claims that United postal office is losing money to the postal union and people outside US is ripping off US post office and now we can see who are the victims. To me , it’s obviously that United postal office is making huge money by making parcels gone missing all the time and individual can't do anything at all. We call them and they will tell you it’s your local post office take your parcel and not deliver to you and we united post office don’t’care what the tracking code says and registered mail system can kiss my axx. With all due respect. The big guess is the parcels were took and stolen by some postal staff and they never left US, they just scan the code and tell the people waiting the parcels that the parcels have arrived the receipant's countries without any prove and tracking log showing the parcel have actually arrive the other countries. It left US on 2feb and no news at all afterwards while the estimated arrival time in Hong Kong is 5 feb ( TX flight to HK is around 20 hours only, so I'm sure the US postal plane was either captured by Alien and US military have to keep it a secret cause it’s a national security matter or the plane was shoot down by some other countries? I didn't see any news saying some planes from US carrying medical supplies were crashed in this month neither) .

    Similar news on the internet sayingDHL, Fedex …etc are stealing parcels containing medical supply mailed by individual from US to other countries ( need further fact check)So I'm wondering there are so many good hearted people and organization including many US citizens shipping masks and other medical supplies to people in China and other Asian countries but how many parcels were stolen and taken away by some disgusting and no empathy people working at united states post office and the logistic industries and why the post officer owned by US government was not regulated at all and can just make registered parcel gone missing while the US government are telling the world they are sending money and medical supplies to the world and people in need to fight the virus everyday which is a big joke as their post office is stealing every single mask they can from individuals and making big money . I've paid around USD 150 + for such a light weight parcel plus the costs and all efforts of countless friends in US to seek and buy the medical supply and mask and turn out the post officer staff and people working with the post office can just steal my parcel and make a resell of those masks for USD1000+ , maybe 1300usd this week+ as cost for each piece of mask is around 0.8 USD and retail price for each piece of mask in many asian countries and retail prices are around 2-4 for trust worthy brands. It's not a surprise postal officer and people working with them can just steal the parcel and the only payoff for them is they pay you the small insurance amount and postal fee if you think you can get those claims with the tedious claiming system of United post office who is backed by United government and bureaucracy. My email is spcx@hotmail.com . feel free to write to me if you guys have any similar experience and we shall stand together and fight the United post office and any people or organization working with it stealing our masks and medical supplies while every people and every nations are fighting the virus that grow strong and stronger everyday! Help spreading out this post guys.

    WHO is still thinking virus outbreak at the China 1.5 months ago is no big deal and considered the virus outbreak is a low threat and there’s no need for WHO and countries beside China to step in and help fighting the virus actively. Now they was slapped on their own face with the fact that the virus is highly lethal, saying they made a typo mistake at the report 1.5 months ago so the “high’risk becames a ‘l ow ‘; risk instead so they didn’t react to the virus on time , they are not doing much at this moment in terms of medical supplies logistic , their so called “expert”are still packing and not yet arrived at major cities with high n.o of confirmed cases and start working /research and testing for the virus according to my last check up on internet. So WHO is just likes Australian government that will not act on the bush fire and the PM still go on holiday and let firefighters have their vocation at early stage of the bush outbreak( virus outbreak). It’s 2020 , internet is so well developed but still many world organizations and governments just sit back and relax for one month at least when crisis show up . So all countries are funding WHO but I doubt anyone know where are the money is spent and how the WHO proceed with their daily job given the corona virus is one of the biggest global crisis in the past 10 years and they will not give a damn until confirmed case and death number reached a crazy n.o. So WHO job is not prevent virus and disease in my understanding. It’s just collecting funds from different countries and spend at something no one know . The only recent n ews showing WHO mask allocation to fight the corona virus is the 500k pieces of masks from saudi arabia after a “huge”effort. I mean many HK small firms can still release and source 10-30 k pieces of masks in the retail market from time to time. You are WHO and your huge effort is only 500k pieces after organizing all the global source u can ? Better start working and speed up the process. Not asking you to arrange 5billion pieces of masks but 500k for WHO is really a shame no offence!

  4. For centuries, western countries have invaded many countries and killed millions of people around the world. Yet China has never invaded any nations. Shame on the wester media. This must be a biological weapon conspiracy from the WEST. Selfish,Racist and EVIL western politicians.

  5. The Freemasons are working on their reduce of world population… a lot of humans will die this Year. People have to stay inside their rooms with doors and windows closed pls . The governments is doing something evil to their own citizens. Humans don’t listen so this is the way it may happen … no option than people Dieing more . By 2025 a lot of people have gone to Grave.🙉🙉🙉🙉

  6. Chinese Government testing for the military" BIOLOGICAL VIRUS releasing the virus to monitor virus symptoms for future " Biological Warfare". If this virus spreads throughout the world infecting millions of people the threat will be dealt with. The USA will drop a 40 Megaton Nuclear Bomb on China to end further worldwide contamination. Human testing "Biological warfare on Human. When will this END ?

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  8. China has to stop eating animals that are not food ,it’s unacceptable behavior and the world has to put a stop to this brutality against animals,it’s also the reason for this mess as it causes the viruses mutation to more vicious strains unknown to humans

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