Voters demand more transparency in Iowa caucuses | ABC News

DNC Communications Director Xochitl Hinojosa breaks down how votes are counted in the Iowa caucuses and how this year differs from past caucuses.

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45 thoughts on “Voters demand more transparency in Iowa caucuses | ABC News

  1. The only system that works is the independent system. These party systems destroy Nations that is why President Trump is so successful is because he is an independent with an independent mind even though he is Under the Umbrella of the Republican party.Now you are learning that the party system is garbage it must be destroyed both democrats for sure and including the Republicans no one should be committed to a party but to the country so that is why the independent system is the only system that works. what the hell does it take folks. f*** the party systems, look at the DNC how they are destroying America. President Trump came to save America you stupid people idiots you jerks, you donkeys you brain dead ass holes wake up America

  2. This DNC hag has the weirdest name and talks weird and is as weird as the DNC party she represents. She has a twisted mind she is a lost soul deranged and demented. We feel sorry for her. She has no clue what she is doing. What a sick woman.
    We will destroy the party system soon and the Democrat Party for sure.

  3. Xochitl wears her vagina on her head..cries about everything.. Trump2020 from Michigan ,WOMAN FOR TRUMP.. Pochahontis was not a good choice PERIOD.. It had nothing to do with our President Trump ! .. Im sick of woman crying about equality.. Facts dont care about feelings, if ya qualify you qualify if not well then TRY HARDER! 🇺🇸😍I Love our President Trump

  4. The DNC Communications Director Xochitl Hinojosa is an establishment puppet, the plutarchy she supports just changed the rules again regarding Tulsi winning a delegate qualifying her for the second to last debate. Yet the machinations of the DNC want to change the rules again like they did for Bloomberg. This is why we dont trust the DNC.

  5. "DNC communication director" = Clintonbot Tanden ass kissing utter fluff. Only an utter moron would george a word out of this fool's mouth.
    As you "aren't very good with math" let me spell this out for you. Your blathering donorshill spin bullshit rigging is the desktop of the Democratic Party. And your career as a spokesdipshit is now holistically over.

  6. Butigig has personal ties to the company Shadow Incorporated, that created the software used to count the votes. He's made payments to them fo over $42,000, the company and affiliates have made huge donations to Butigig campaign, he has connections that suggests NEPOTISM, cheating and DNC culpability.

  7. The Democrats are a disaster. Who wants to vote for this? Cointossing, glitches, abuse of power in The House, a made up Russia Hoax. no real ideas or candidates that can stand up against Trump. Just virtue signaling, corruption, powerplay and chaos. The Democrats have become a parody of themselves. The only talkingpoints they have is how mucht they hate Trump and how they want to get him out of office.

  8. Ha, transparency?? When more and more left leaning videos and media sources are turning off the comment section. They only want their side of the story told, in the way they want, with nobody to interject any messy facts.

  9. I don't care if you are a Republican, Democrat or independent everyone has got to see how crooked the DNC is, because it affects everyone in our Democracy. The DNC and leaders of the Democratic party have become a criminal cabal that influences everything from the Democratic candidate to the media and alphabet agencies that work with them for nefarious purposes.

  10. So the app is because people in Iowa can’t do math? That certainly can’t be a statement reflective of most of the population in Iowa.

    Being able to leave after connecting with a viable candidate is a good move.

  11. This is the crooked and unethical corporate media relentlessly trying to RIG the caucus election for the shameful establishment candidates Biden, Buttigieg and Bloomberg. These idiots can’t win an election on ideas, so they lie and cheat and desperately try to rig everything in favour of the 1 percent billionaire class. Go f- yourselves ABC. This is class warfare, and you and your cheaters are going to lose. We all know these elections are rigged for the ruling class, which is why tonight’s rigging attempt against Bernie’s campaign happened. Have you no shame?

    The voters ❤️ Bernie!!! #Bernie2020

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