Will senators vote to acquit President Trump?

The Senate blocking the call for witnesses to testify creates an historic precedent and clears the way for the president to be acquitted.


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  1. Geez, I wonder how DEVIOUS PELOSI and the rest of the IDIOTIC representatives who voted for Trump's impeachment would be able to
    still hold-up their heads and still have those smirk in their faces now that it turns out that IT WAS BLACK LIVES MATTER WHO INSTIGATED THE VIOLENCE NAD THE RIOTING IN THE US CAPITOL – definitely to SABOTAGE THE ELECTORAL PROTEST that was underway there during that time. It's a good thing that there are MORE ETHICAL & RATIONAL THINKING PEOPLE IN THE US SENATE in contrast to the IMBECILES that dominate the US lower house.
    Let's see how the HYPOCRITE & VERY BIASED CNN and the rest of the mainstream US media would report this
    latest developments. AMERICAN PEOPLE, BE WARY & SEEK THE TRUTH!

  2. The Democrats have clearly exposed that the biggest criminals and frauds in the country are the Republicans. They are the real winners of this impeachment trial and they have shown how corrupt and dishonest the GOP Senate majority happens to be and they would go to any lengths to protect Trump. The Republicans will feel the backlash in November 2020 when they lose badly to the Democrats as a result of the Republicans betraying their oath of office and the constitution of the United States.

    No verdict rendered by a compromised GOP Senate majority which has been purchased with Trump's impeachment fund cash for re election can be considered valid. No trial cannot be considered valid if there are no witnesses allowed to testify and with Trump blocking all Congressional subpoenas and blocking all members of the White House from speaking. Those are not actions of a innocent man but a man who committed high crimes and misdemeanors. There is no question Trump committed massive amount of crimes and is massively corrupt as he has been for the past 4 years. Your lies for Trump just shows how pathetic Trump supporters happen to be, to proud too stupid and ignorant to accept the real truth that Trump is an impeached criminal who will desperately compete in 2020 to keep him out of jail along with his family.

    The majority of Americans 55% all stated that Trump committed high crimes and misdemeanors along with Pence and should be removed from office. If it was based on the voice of majority of American's both Trump and Pence would be fired and removed from office now and Nancy Pelosi would be the president. Instead you insist in defending a man who positioned himself as King of USA and King of Israel and the chosen one and messiah. You say Trump did nothing wrong but your full of shit. No other president in history has been more corrupt, abusive as Trump.

    Trump robs the tax payers with his golf trips totaling 243 of presidential salary. Trump robs from charity of cancer along with his family. Trump stole US $150 million dollars from victims of his bogus Trump University Real estate course which he was forced to settle and pay a fine of US $25 million in the process. Trump illegally shut down the government in order to illegally build his wall with no authority or approval from Congress and illegally declared a fake emergency to appropriate funds to build his obsolete wall. Trump's actions to separate families in the borders constitute of war crimes and human right violations by keeping kids in cages. Trump's actions to illegally cooperate with a murdering Saudi Prince who murdered Kashoghii in order to get benefit for his billions in weapons deals is corruption to the core. His actions to illegally accept foreign interference in relation to the Quid Pro Quo to illegally investigate the Bidens is high crimes and misdemeanors. Trump is not the only guilty party but the whole party of Trump now who enabled and protected him are also criminals who deserve to be criminally prosecuted for corruption.

    Trump committed high crimes and misdemeanors when he obstructed justice in 10 instances in the Mueller investigation. Besides what he did in the Russia probe and Ukraiine he committed various crimes ranging from witness tampering and threatening witnesses. He committed federal crimes along with the Republicans by trying to reveal the whistleblower when he or she is protected by law. Never has America had a more corrupt, dishonest liar, racist, crook in power. Trump holds the record for the most lies committed by a sitting president with 15,000 lies topping.

    Trump committed war crimes by illegally trying to start a war with Iran,. He provoked Iran in the process and 176 people got killed in the process thanks to Iran's retaliation when an airline went down. So don't feed me that bullshit that Trump did nothing wrong, because it is fucking bullshit and your too fucking stupid to realize that.Trump and Pence are 1000% guilty and they should be convicted and removed from office and they are going to lose badly come November 2020.

  3. Of course they’re going to acquit him. They said they were before the trial started. They never cared about the truth. They never cared about all the evidence and witnesses. They never cared about what is right or what is law or the constitution.

    That’s why they refused to let witnesses speak. One of the republicans even admitted they won’t allow witnesses because it would make it too hard to acquit Trump… aka, witnesses know too much and if they speak too much dirt will be found and we won’t be able to con people into believing he did nothing wrong…

  4. In no way will anyone trust the administraton of America anymore blocking witnessing is sheer sandbagging stonewalling effort by teh republicvans corrpted ones, where are he moral ones anyway, the law abiding adhereing republicans, the militarism and monetaristic ones seemingly operates congress and senate. Teh rinciples of lawand judiciary processes the orgaized criminal workings of Trumpian enterpirses like minds a=re laughing all teh way to give emboeemnt to intin=midate witnesses more so thatn previously before becasue of now the seemingly lack of need to have witnessing, and also the senatate was not designed to declare a trial anyway it was to assess government constitution change and addtional regulations that they not be in foul of the first laws preserving democracy and that they operated for he people not the adminsitration cover up nor trialling for which the jduciary is solely precedent of constituion and thererfore firstly teh trialing processes existing..the sham is trialing a vote to decleaare a innocent or guilty is not the case with inmpeachment reasonable doubt as to the risks that no one should be if their is even a risk of betrayal or surriulous behavior, and that is all congress hads the righ tot vote him out shuold they deem so, without further attendences to any judisicairy as it is a peoples civillian matter, though the mlilitary recent rewquest that the president aporve a kiling of antional d=leader general is alarming that not even that is impeachmeable that he should do so without repirsal of seperceding congressinal powers well another obstruction for which he can be removed immediately too..a grave processes breach…what has America become eh framing of others out side comonwealth nations BBC attacks have come true as it prevarications roivocations and their attendnaecnes blame falsely is now a fate a compli…through Trumpian culitavtion mirthfully to those whom factuall hate America its foundings …

  5. Schiff has been saying they made their case without the witnesses, so apparently they weren't needed. Guess Peloki really screwed the pooch by not calling another hundred people who weren't there. Maybe next hoax.

  6. Of course he will. No one thinks he won't, just like if it was the other way around, the Dems would acquit too. What a waste of time this whole thing was. Now the Dems will continue to carry on. I never saw such persistent hatred for any one human being, as I do as to how much they despise the President. Its unnatural. Just let the people vote in Nov. What happens, happens.

  7. I love hearing ignorant democrats cry. Wake up democrats because your party wants the economy bad with no jobs. Why you ask? The Democrats can't pass socialism when everyone is successful, in other words they need the American people to be down and out and desperate in order to pass their socialist agenda. I have a couple questions, what is the difference between communism and democratic communism? Now what is the difference between socialism and democratic socialism? What is the difference between communism and socialism? If you don't know the answers to my questions maybe you should find the answers before you vote for a socialist society or maybe a communist society. Knowledge is power.

  8. If those deceitful Republicans had allowed credible witnesses to testify, Trump would've been removed from office. Not only that, but a lot of those Republican Congressmen would've been implicated in Trump's underhanded activities. We're going to come out in droves (like we did when Obama was campaigning) and make sure that Joe Biden wins the next election. Trump has grown on us like an oily rash.

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