Biden Looks To Begin Climate Policy With Executive Orders | NBC News NOW

NBC’s Cal Perry reviews how President Biden is shifting away from the Trump administration’s climate approach with a more hardline method.
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Biden Looks To Begin Climate Policy With Executive Orders | NBC News NOW


Author: phillyfinestnews


34 thoughts on “Biden Looks To Begin Climate Policy With Executive Orders | NBC News NOW

  1. Okay… Guy in video says people won't loose jobs with these Climate executive orders… Well these new climate change executive orders have caused people to loose there jobs just like Trump said would happen… This particular group of people that lost there jobs are union workers that worked on the keystone XL pipeline… These people Biden fired after he promised them a new job after he shut down the pipe line STILL DON'T HAVE A JOB 4 month later these people are struggling to make ends meet… And this news report isn't Accurate… These new green energy jobs Biden promised the keystone XL pipeline union workers… Don't exist.. I believe the union workers that used to work on the keystone XL Pipeline when they say they feel like they was lied too since most of them still don't have a green energy job that doesn't exist… Trump was right people will loose there jobs and have a hard time finding new green energy jobs… Just one of the many reasons why Trump was against these Climate change policies that Biden reversed with his executive order…. Biden just makes me and millions of other Americans mad…

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  3. Yup screw the little guy. It’s not like China, India, and the entire continents of Africa, Asia, and South America will ever do the same. So what does it matter that we ruin our economies for this if it’s not going to matter?

  4. This is TOTAL BS. There is NO scientific consensus that we are close to a climate crisis. Man cannot control the Earth's temp – there are natural forces that have WAY more influence over global temps than anything that Man can ever cause. Plus, the lunatic Left consistently conflate the environment with Climate. On the environment, there is consensus: yes, we ALL want clean air and clean water – and US already does a great job at that. EXISTENTIAL THREAT – MY AS*

  5. Bank stocks are down over 10% in "JUST ONE WEEK" since Mr Biden's Inauguration… Seems President Trump was right..! Cannot see any good news ahead either… Ohh, What have the people done??

  6. I am in favor of cleaning up our world, but with these actions Biden is taking so fast makes me wonder if they did a thorough enough cost/benefit analysis. Guessing probably not because from Washington’s track record over the past 12 years, it’s not likely. But hopefully I am mistaken.

  7. Nothing wrong with going green. All modern technologies are based on the non-renewable fossil fuels and fossil energy that made them possible. Solar photovoltaic (solar PV)
    technology is no exception.For example, every step in the production of solar PV power systems requires an input of fossil fuels – as the carbon reductants needed for
    smelting silicon from ore, to provide manufacturing process heat and power, for the intercontinental transport of materials, and for on-site deployment.
    The only "renewable" materials consumed in PV production are obtained by deforestation – by burning vast areas of tropical rainforest for charcoal (another carbon reductant) and
    to provide the wood chips that are necessary for all silicon smelters to function. Additional mineral resources and fossil energy are needed for constructing factories, process equipment, and maintaining the PV manufacturing infrastructure itself. Silicon smelters, polysilicon refineries, and crystal growers all require uninterrupted, 24/7 power that comes mostly from coal and uranium. claims that solar PV can somehow "replace" fossil fuels for power have not addressed the “non-renewable reality” of the global manufacturing supply chains necessary for the mining, manufacturing, and distribution of PV power systems. Some previous accounts of solar PV production have omitted the raw materials and silicon smelters from the PV “supply chain” picture, which obscures the profoundly non-sustainable, fossil-powered basis of PV technology.

  8. Biden is doing so many great and positive things for our Country, and so early in his presidency, which is badly needed from the last 4 years. God bless him and God bless America. Just watching this briefing on climate crisis and the changes he is making. Signing more executive orders. Getting it done.

  9. Thank obiden,or is it joebama.i have been waiting for 10,273,419 years for someone to save us from burning up in the flood or is it freezing to death in the fire.oh well we will all be saved,while we starve to death in the street

  10. Here's a theory I have pushed for years that maybe you psycho environmentalist should consider, no matter what we do its cyclical and Mars surface will become the same for this planet. I remember as a kid in the 70's we were told the planet was cooling.

  11. Welcome back to the world America. Thank God for Joe Biden. Once you sort out your partisan politics and learn to work together for your country's own good, come join the party and let's all work together to make the world a better place for everyone regardless of our backgrounds, race, beliefs or political persuasion

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