Biggest moments from impeachment trial’s opening arguments l ABC News

During Wednesday’s eight-hour session, Democratic prosecutors went over all of the president’s phone calls and emails related to the Ukraine affair.


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32 thoughts on “Biggest moments from impeachment trial’s opening arguments l ABC News

  1. I would personally like to thank the Libs and the Media to guarantee four more year and I didn’t even vote for him the first time,. I won’t make this mistake again….

  2. I'd like to know why corporate media, despite the overwhelming evidence of Trump's guilt (even as the Trump administration and senate Republican majority continue withholding further documentation and witnesses in ordinary discovery) endorse the notion that they "know" the senate will acquit. And then this same corporate media wonders why the American people are "cynical" about our justice system. ABC, are you all such hypocrites you really wonder why?

  3. 0:21 "meticulously making their case"? No, they are not! They are asking the senate to continue the investigation that THEY should have finished, before bringing those "articles of impeachments". The Senate cautioned them to not rush and do THEIRS due diligence.
    0:56 Conjecture!
    1:26 what is wrong with "starting an investigation" (more like finish an investigation thwarted by the suspected guilty party) of corruption, committed by an ex-vice president of the USA? And the evidence of THAT is not hiding anywhere, Joe Biden bragged about it openly, and it's been recorded..
    2:31 Thank you Mr President for keeping us informed!
    3:26 The time for "witnesses" was when the House was conducting their investigation, which they obviously declared as enough and solid by voting yes on their articles of impeachment. So, which is it?
    The Dems only goal, since they know they DO NOT have real cause for impeachement, is to taint Trump's image in hopes of him not getting re-elected. Some of them have already admitted that.

  4. George is still working for the Clintons. make no mistake he is another traitor of America. He even help finance the Clintons foundation. You are a traitor runt. I hope we can put you in prison one day. America will not forget your treachery.I guess you think america has forgotten about you.

  5. Seeking right requires to accept the facts. Read bible. How can they (GOP and Trump) will be blessed if they keep telling lies and not accepting the facts. Stain in the history is a small matter. Not getting into the heaven is a huge matter.

  6. THE WORST REPS AND LEADERS of Congress and Senate. Nancy PELOSI, Adam SCHIFF, Jerrold NADLER and Chuck SCHUMER. Those four (4) will be remembered has the darkest minds to have been seated in Office. Soon, we will learned about more interesting figures that put the country in JEOPARDY, Bill CLINTON, Hillary CLINTON, Barack OBAMA, Joe BIDEN, John KERRY, COMEY, STROZ, PAGE and the like. THE TRIBE OF DECEPTIONS. Gerry

  7. Lol is it sad that the ABC comments are full of the truth about how this is stupid. I mean usually if you go to a left wing or right wing medium it has like minded people. I dont dignify ABC the credibility of news source that goes to youtube channels

  8. Some people are just stupid as dirt. Biden was not even in the running when all of this happened. Instead Democrats needing any bit of life they could dig up, threw him into the running to prop up their lame duck circus act that has been going on since prior to Trump's election. Are not all these people sworn under oath and penalty? They are caught in their own lies this time and grossly embellishing the Truth.

    Just remember the Democrats have so much evidence that they refuse to take legal action and instead resort to hearings that are grossly partial and biased thus far. Maybe the Senate will right their wrongs for them.

    Democrats are great story tellers and that is it. This is the same story telling they do every election period. Stories draw their audience in and lead them where the author or story teller wishes to take them, usually away from the Truth in their case. Look who they had at their table. People like Obama that ordered drone hits like they were on a limited time special, only to stir up unrest. Trump on the other hand takes out a terrorist leader and Democrats blow a gasket. Hillary Clinton was all wrapped in a child pedophilia operations among many other unfavorable acts as well. Then there is the Biden's who are actively working abroad in capacities they have no place being in office for just because of the ability to threaten based on position in the US. That is an outright breach of office for personal gain, the exact same accusation they hurl at Trump. There is an old saying, "show me your friends and I will show you your future". Guess where the Democrats are headed.

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