Concerns grow as officials expect dangerous disease to spread

At least two U.S. cases of coronavirus have been confirmed, with dozens more possible cases over 22 states.


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47 thoughts on “Concerns grow as officials expect dangerous disease to spread

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  2. A DEADLY virus and that’s NOT enough to put a travel ban on any people going to or from from China until they get a handle on this virus? Remember Immigrants who came here in the turn of century would be quarantined if they had even a minor infection, etc!!!!
    This is what they should be debating in Congress!?!? 🤢🤢

  3. I wonder what I am gonna do because I live in the U.S. and I have never been to another country in three years but I have the worse case of it

  4. I dont understand as to why when they caught the first case from the person who has it who came back from china, why didnt they quarantine all the people on that plane for 2 weeks in hospital since it takes about 2 weeks to see if the virus is even in your system?

  5. Masks won't stop the virus.

    Hemp Seed CAN Hemagglutinate Bacteria and Virus-Hosting Bacteria then expelling it as waste – bypassing the Kidneys.

    Give it a try. (1-2 Ounces a day).

  6. 1st was Iran 2nd the fire in Australia then 100+ earthquakes in Puerto Rico now coronavirus Palm face its obvious world is dying and its ending.

  7. Well here we go with the main stream media trying to scare everybody there’s nothing to worry about if you are not a old sick person or a very young person who’s immune system has not kicked in yet you have nothing to worry about so stop fear mongering people.

  8. You have a major problem when a city of millions is locked down! The number of infected must be higher than the authorities in China are willing to share.

  9. OK, I do realize by now not everyone in the world is smart…BUT
    Now that the Chinese government has stated the virus is infectious before any systems are obvious / incubation period (up to 11 days). So what's the point in taking people's temperature?

    They could be a walking 'super-spreaders' with absolutely no external symptoms!!!
    OK, it may look like the CCP is doing something…But make no mistake…
    IT'S ABSOLUTELY POINTLESS in fact it's worse than pointless as people mistaking believe the virus is been actively managed.

  10. Masks don't prevent you from contracting the virus, but they may help prevent you from spreading the virus, if you're already infected because they block some of your snot and spittle from becoming airborne, but not all of it because there are gaps along the sides which let some of it out. Doctors wear respirator masks to prevent them from contracting a viral infection which are sealed on the sides, but they're expensive and custom made for the doctors' particular faces … and they're only 80% effective. But they can't be worn for long periods because they also reduce the amount of oxygen that you breathe. Anyway, doctors also wear goggles, and that's important because the viruses can enter your body through your eyeballs.
    So if you're sick, or you've been in contact with sick people, then do the "vampire cough/sneeze" (sneeze or cough into your elbow pit). And if you're not sick, then masks won't save you. You might as well buy a Teddy Bear and walk around with it because it's just as effective at preventing a viral infection.

  11. They didn't tell you the Virus had mutated and became more dangerous and more transferable. China won't stop it, the World Health Organization basically said all nations are on their own. Pray to GOD people

  12. "Oh my Man-like Animal God, i gotta try this Snake Soup! I found the Snake lying on the ground and i'm pretty sure it's okay!" *Nom*

    -Chinese person a few days ago

  13. What they don't tell you is something that was reported on line by the Medical Rep from the Chinese Government. What was reported is that this virus is APPARENTLY FULLY contagious from the get go. It is contagious before the carrier shows any sign of infection in themselves. So taking temperatures at the airport is locking the gate after the horse is out. By the time that person is sick and has a fever he/she has been contagious for 7-10 days. That's the really new thing about this virus…

  14. You sick fucks need to stay home if you’re sick. Point blank quit putting everyone at risk. Smh cut China off since the can’t control there shit

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