Elizabeth Warren on impeachment trial of President Trump | ABC News

The senator and presidential candidate said witnesses should be called because “American people have a right to know.” READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/2RMIuQD

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35 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren on impeachment trial of President Trump | ABC News

  1. your like a female version of Schiff. BS and more BS. Why should they give you anything to help your cause. You had the chance in the house to get those things but you chose not too, and now you want them to take care of your many short comings. What political world do you live in. They owe you nothing but a big fat middle finger.

  2. they tried to get rid of Hitler 3 or 4 times and then had numerous elections – he eliminated the competition and then those that opposed gave up rather then be eliminated and made him chancellor thinking he was too erratic to last —–, then LOW AND BEHOLD he declared himself the leader . its getting close people

  3. OIC….Trump was supposed to say: Do us a favor …clean up the corruption except when it comes to Burisma and Biden……don't investigate that. (The most corrupt company in Europe). Also Pocahontas…about the corruption; does that include getting in the front of the line in University and jobs?

  4. Look at the wrist of those against President Trump. Some of them most ..You have the watch on the wrong wrist.Watch go on Right Wrist, So you have the Right Time.You take the word of those against President Trump, when they can't or don't wear Time correct. Watch how those against him look, Watch on wrong wrist, clothes..etc.

  5. No need to feel too sorry for these senators who are still running for president. Each chose to run for re-election to the Senate in 2018. Staying in Washington and doing the job they asked for isn't a huge noble thing; it's what they signed up for. In fact, they need to honor the commitment they made to the people of their state (in particular the ones who voted for them) and their party and finish the Senate term he or she was privileged to be given. No great social legislation is going to pass if the GOP controls the Senate. I won't say each of them doesn't have a reason he or she wants to be president, but I think each doesn't quite understand what the president really does. Time to put the good of the country ahead of their personal ambition and join Cory Booker and the rest in the full-time and long-term pursuit of their humble Senate jobs. Voters should not reward them for trying to desert their posts as senators. Sanders doesn't even care this his replacement might be named by a Republican governor.

  6. I have never taking a class in law but I have slept in a Holiday Inn Express. Elizabeth Warren should try sleeping in one because she is dumber the bag of dirt. She is proof positive that there is such a thing as Pocahontas privilege.

  7. I dnt no why you stupid republicans voted for trump anyways. now yall wanna impeach him. every single person that voted for trump play a role in running America to the ground… just stupid to smart for your own good

  8. George, the dishonesty in they following applies to you too. You wouldnt' recognize the truth either, even if you tripped over it. Trying to cut off Trumps Lawyer the other day and getting caught. That was priceless. As for Elizabeth Warren, The Des Moines Register has become the laughing stock of the Country kind of like ABC News, after endorsing Elizabeth Warren. She wouldn't recognize the truth if she was sleeping next to it. She makes Tommy FlaNagan from the old Saturday Night Live skits look like a choir boy. Consider these by way of example. There are countless others but these will give you an idea as to her character:

    1. I'm a Cherokee Indian. We have a long history of being Native American in my family.
    Outright lie from the beginning. DNA results 1/1024th indian. Less than me.
    2. I was fired as a teacher for being pregnant. (She resigned as a Teacher to move on.)

    3. My father was a Janitor. (Her brother called her out on that one.)

    4. If reelected to the Senate in 2018, I will NOT be running for President.
    She's running for President.
    5. I feel your pain. My kids went to public school too. (Her kids went to private school).

    6. Her family's Native American Recipes that she published were plagiarized from other's recipe books.

    7. On her Texas Bar Registration she listed herself as a minority Native American.

    8. When she applied to Harvard to be a Professor she touted herself as the first woman of color in that program.

    Getting the drift here? When she started the lie about Bernie allegedly telling her that a woman couldn't get elected as President, she used CNN to get it out there and then walked away like she was the victim. One of her common tactics by the way. And then she claims the meeting where Sanders allegedly said what he said was in a room with only Bernie and her. She's learning because she gets caught lying so often that she made sure there were no witnesses. Pathetic !
    Those are just a few of the ongoing lies that this woman has told and continues to tell on a daily basis. And with all of that public knowledte, the DM Register endorses her? That in and of itself is a joke. The article said that "she" (Warren) believes that healthcare is a right. Well, we all believe healthcare is a right. No one is saying that you can't have healthcare. You just have to select what you can afford. Same with College tuition. Education is a right. Agreed. You have the right to go to whatever higher education institute you want to. Just be sure you can afford it. Healthcare, Tuition and a host of other things SHOULD NOT fall on the backs of taxpayers. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS have a path to citizenship if they want one. Leave the country and then apply to enter LEGALLY. We have a very generous immigration system in our country. Just follow the rules. Elizabeth Warren is a clown show and by default, the DM Register is now a clown show also.

  9. Warren is a professional liar. First she was a Native, than she was fired for being pregnant, and we’re suppose to believe her about Trump. Now she’s pretending to fight for underserved but won’t give them school choices, but sends her kids to private school?? She just wants power and know she cannot win Presidency without using underhanded tactics.

  10. Blah blah, nor Biden or Warren gets the spot for the fight with Trump. Sanders gets his day for the fight for which Trump will win the 15th round. No ties , knockout in the 15th by Trump. Anyways stop your blah blah…the House Managers failed , failed with Muller, failed with all other Investigations…. Not a Trump fan but have to say he has a wonderful habit on being in the winning side. I am tired of losing. Trump lawyers gets kicked ass of the Dems arguments. Who even sent these House Case Managers. Don't even know how to make a case or decent argument. Anyways looks like Trump won this game also.

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