Full Osterholm: ‘We Need To Get As Many One-Doses … As We Possibly Can” | Meet The Press | NBC News

In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, Michael Osterholm, Director, Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota and a member of the Biden Transition Covid-19 Advisory Board, talks about vaccine distribution challenges and the threat of virus variants.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Full Osterholm: ‘We Need To Get As Many One-Doses … As We Possibly Can” | Meet The Press | NBC News


Author: phillyfinestnews


41 thoughts on “Full Osterholm: ‘We Need To Get As Many One-Doses … As We Possibly Can” | Meet The Press | NBC News

  1. Why so many dislikes? This man was screaming at the top of his lungs in 2006 for everyone to take action – See his interview with Orpah below
    And we did not listen, the government did not listen and here we are. WHEN are we going to grow the fk up and take action? Forget your stupid political beliefs for a second and think about this from a human perspective.


  2. This is an organized world conspiracy. The testing is a DNA Collection ruse. The Vaccine probably doesn't work, but it changes your DNA (unknown reason). The cure is well known – Ivarmectin+Z-pac & Zinc. Corona is a large virus, easily manipulated. This is why the elite don't get ill.

  3. They need to drop the age of eligibility for the vaccine to age 60 unless they are planning to give those of us that age Medicare and Social Security benefits early bc plenty of people in their 50's and 60's have DIED FROM COVID. Why are they prioritizing people who are retired and don't have to leave their house?? People who are in their late 50's and early 60's are still in the work force and we cannot hide at home, we are exposed. Not sure why they designated the age for priority of getting the vaccine for age 65 and up.

  4. I just got my second shot, so it's easy for me to say – but giving a first dose to as many people as possible is optimal. Given the strong reaction to the second shot that I experienced, I can attest that there was a lot of immunity built already from the first shot.

  5. Doctors and "medical specialists" are nothing more than unhealthy criminals pushing ineffective synthetic drugs for corrupt pharmaceutical companies. And they get they're validation through propaganda pushed onto the public via mainstream/ corporate media such as this one. Just looking at this guys face I can tell he isn't healthy and has no business telling other people how to be healthy. He probably ate at IHOP before this interview and has high blood pressure.

  6. My thought is masks are spreading the virus. We can wash our hands hourly or after using the bathroom, but we are wearing the same mask all day or longer. How many times are you touching your mask daily? Hundreds or thousands.

  7. This is not a vaccine…read an article in my local paper that it’s gene therapy! Ha! Interesting that my son (a first responder). Had his first dose, two weeks later, had clots in his lung and now has to have genetic testing to see if he is genetically prone to have more clots. No shot for me!

  8. We need as many people vaccinated as possible but you can't sue the vaccine companies if you are injured by this rushed untested vaccine that skipped the animal trials which killed all the ferrets and cats and its now also killing old people in nursing homes but remember you need to take this because msm news said you should!

  9. Not happening, bro. Not taking it – never will. I haven't worn a mask for more than 2 hours total since March 2020. I haven't had COVID – bunch of liberal lies about COVID, just like the deceased individuals who died of "COVID-19" with bullet holes in them.

  10. ➗ where was all the concern in the summer of 2020 when Democratic funded,back and defended paid rioters were burning cities, places of employment, tax revenue generating businesses? Did The Democrats who refused the help of national guardsmen or military think the citizens were enjoying the kaotic situation? Why were the politicians calling for help from the military when it was the Capital? Why was this allowed to go on in the cities? To Destroy the United States intentionally! Think about it disarmed citizens, armed criminals, less places of employment for people to provide for themselves and their families, less businesses generating tax revenue, higher unemployment, more people on government subsidies, free and legal drugs, open borders with more and more people burdening the financial infrastructure of the United States, equal income for all. All this to be funded by the WORKING Citizens which could only be done with much higher taxes (less people working). The WORKING class United States citizens trying to pay back TRILLIONS of dollars of debt and pay for illegal immigrants to have income, health care, welfare, foodstamps, thousands dollar cell phone for everyone in the house.. They are trying to bankrupt the United States 🇺🇸

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