If GOP wants ‘complete truth,’ they should want to hear from witnesses: Rep. Demings | ABC News

House impeachment manager Rep. Val Demings is interviewed on “This Week.”

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44 thoughts on “If GOP wants ‘complete truth,’ they should want to hear from witnesses: Rep. Demings | ABC News

  1. Democrats are desperately stupid. Just another pathetic attempt to undermine the 2016 election because they lost a huge opportunity to dictate policies and legislation for the next 30 years.. They can only hope to hurt his chances at reelection but they won't.. Most the critics are too stupid to vote and those who are not have seen how monumentally pathetic the democrats have conducted themselves since..

  2. Candace Owens is going to pump up Orange County Florida to vote out the Democratic Party here in Orange County Florida
    ( Jerry L. Demings and his wife Val Demings ) yall need to go ,,, go go go… you are not doing enough about crime and they hate our President.

  3. "They kept saying Ambassador Sondland only presumed that link". That's because Sondland himself said that, you asshole. Did you not watch the hearings. And Val Demings only answer was, "let me just say this". Answer the question Val. Oh no you can't, so you talk some shit that had nothing to do with the question. What a swamp creature she is.

  4. So if the truth still matters, then why did you and the rest of your team lie about the javelin missiles being withheld. So, Victoria Sculptures, Val Demings may be a well spoken woman, but she is also a liar.

  5. All of Adam shift stories and lies got debunked by the presidents lawyers showing it was all cherry picked and chef left out many comments that showed the truth about what was going on so why did shift leave out that evidence and only include biased information

  6. If your evidence is so overwhelming in the house then why are you wanting more witnesses? The Democrats know they have a weak case with no witnesses from the house stating the president broke any laws

  7. The House completes an investigation, builds a case, then presents it to the Senate for review and judgment. The Senate is not to continue to investigate. The US Constitution names human rights, governing positions with rules and limits, to ensure "We The People" remain in control of our "Representative Republic". "Domestic Enemies" of our Constitution transfer political power away from "We The People" and over to the government through taxation, regulation, and social policy to create dependents. Through tax cuts, deregulation, fewer Americans on welfare, border security, addressing unfair world trade, President Trump has been more effective at defending the Constitution than any other in my lifetime. When given power, Trump's enemies do the opposite.

  8. and then she says that trump didnt cooperate at all and didnt want to release some witnesses…. Didnt house democrats house say that their case was overwhelming? so what other proof would you need? Didnt house trial call their own witnesses already? why would you need more of them if you closed house investigation claiming there is already all the evidence to impeach him? couldnt you call for all of ur wanted witnesses previously?and none of the called witnesses testified anything that would indicate that Trump did anything wrong(how is it even possible it went through to Senat is mindblowing)the same was with Mawler report(doesnt it ring a bell that they are willing to do anything and say anything to get anything on Trump) and btw Trump released the transcript of the call to cooperate

  9. Democrats pls listen to what she says : " I need you to do us a favour… now lets just imagine" is this a phrase that you would use to present a fact? or is it just what she thinks would be nice for democrats if president really thought or said quid quo pro

  10. Sworn under oath witnesses must be produced to oppose the statements ALREADY produced by witnesses presented in the HOUSE INQUIRY. Without such opposing WITNESSES, the president cannot be constitutionally found to be guilty, innocent or aquitted. Lawyers' opposing arguments WITHOUT legitimate witnesses to support their arguments, is a waste of time and empty words.

  11. She is saying President Trump DANGLED the invitation to the White House. Her analyses is incomplete.
    A meeting between the two at some time in the future was finalized for Sept. 1, 2019. Only when Trump
    didn't make that date, due to the hurricane here in America that required presidential attention. He did in
    fact send Vice-President Pence never ignoring the appointment, as the Left would have us believe.
    This gal is doing her job, hammering on the Republicans. There can be no witnesses for a crime that had
    never happened. She should be mentioning those that accuse are the ones whose responsibility is to
    prove guilt. This the Democrats did not do. The Leader of the Ukraine did not know about the money to
    be sent was not only sent but sent EARLY. The two men were in harmony and this is not recognized by
    Trump's accusers. It is absolutely clear Ms. Demings pauses when George approaches her about her
    competitor Lisa Murkowski's doubts regarding the Democrats move to speed up the impeachment by
    not going through the courts, now after the fact are saying it should be that way. Demings puts a spin
    on her answer actually not answering the question but going back to her accusations against the GOP.
    Notice too, she uses the repeated phrase referring to implications that President Trump talks in code.
    The two + two phrase was used so much by the Dems. it too is another boring vocal that is useless.
    She is not going to give up on the Senate and is not going to draw conclusions, well it is obvious that
    this person has already drawn conclusions. She keeps asking for witnesses for a no crime scenario.

  12. The lady is right. The Truth Still Matters. So why doesn't she live by her words?
    How could anyone appreciate Shifty Schiff's words.   We all know he's an expert liar and with this pre-written speech he's
    putting all heart and flowers on the table.   The kind of seeds 'they've been planting' is the worse sham in American history.
    They are doing the right thing though, hoping enough people believe their propaganda.  Why can't all Americans figure out
    this is the key talent Schiff and cohorts have in common, gifting the world propaganda.  Why can't they be pointing out all
    the hard work they've done for the betterment of our country?  Okay I'll tell you.  Because they haven't done anything.  
    Still they cash their paychecks.  Then too they are really good savers.  They don't spend those paychecks, they use certain
    alternatives instead.  It's called TAXES people, your money and mine and any other dollars they can get their hands on….
    here in America or across the great waters on the other side of the pond.    Five Stars for Schiff's performance.  This
    could be why Pelosi chose him to run the charade, he put real emotion into this.  Could it be he fears the outcome of
    Trump winning the next election more than most?   Perhaps as much as Schumer himself.    
    By-the-way if the Dems. had any evidence of any kind against President Trump, even so much as a drop in their bucket, 
    Chucky Schumer would already be in front of media-cameras boasting his well written speeches.  So, who are the deplorables?

  13. Democrats had their witnesses already, while the Republicans were denied in Congress.
    The simple reason new witnesses are required, is because the witnesses so far have been so ineffectual.
    They have nothing, so, lets muddy the waters, talk bafflegab.
    If the new witnesses were primary to prosecution they would have been there.
    This is a stalling procedure, meant to bog down the process, dragging the impeachment process out.
    Something the dems have become very good at…..

  14. Ms. Val,
    You are NUT!
    You lied the whole time they gave you time on the air. You can’t guess what somebody is thinking and it’s a dangerous president you and the Dems will be setting if you follow through with this sham impeachment.
    How dare you try and take away our vote!
    Californians who stand with Trump!

  15. Notice: this report did NOT show the hearing clips that the Republicans showed that refuted the Democrats –> fake news!! I listened to All of the 3 days of Democrat arguments. This woman congressperson was a terrible speaker! Why she was chosen to be a "manager", I have no idea –it sure was not for her speaking skills!!

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