Kinzinger: ‘It’s Very Difficult’ To Take A Stand In The Republican Party | Meet The Press | NBC News

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) discusses his decision to take a stand in the Republican Party during an exclusive interview with Meet the Press.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Kinzinger: ‘It’s Very Difficult’ To Take A Stand In The Republican Party | Meet The Press | NBC News


Author: phillyfinestnews


49 thoughts on “Kinzinger: ‘It’s Very Difficult’ To Take A Stand In The Republican Party | Meet The Press | NBC News

  1. Keep up the good work Congressman!! I'm a Democrat but would vote for you if you run for President someday! You have good morals, common sense, and excellent work ethic!!

  2. Wrong. The truth is that it's very difficult for a self-serving coward to take a stand in the republiKlan party.

    "Ignorance leads people into a political party, and shame keeps them from getting out again." – Benjamin Franklin

  3. Republican's used to condem a man like lindsey graham for checking the political winds before taking a stand, yes lindsey graham has always been that way, furthermore if someone is so crazy as to send a letter to disown you because in they're mind your possest by the devil, I'd say thank you, and you never owned me in the first place

  4. GOP plunging into the psyco swamp from Trump to Green encouraging impunity, well there is your cancer to democracy corruption and impunity! The charges on some people who stormp the Capitol are preposterous !! where is the "national security" on that?!

  5. Adam, you say you were at the Capitol 1/6/21, but your brain was not. People who have common sense and who do not want to be drenched in the filth of the swamp saw reality. You belong in the cesspool you so enjoy. Start a new party. No one cares. But, remember this, whatever we sow we WILL reep

  6. In my opinion. Representative Kinzinger is doing the hard thing but the right thing. It’s not a political issue. It’s a right or wrong question. I admire his HONOR and gives me some hope the Republican Party has people with some PRIDE and a sense of right and wrong.

  7. Nothing to do with this story just a tip and i loved this show until here lately.if you cover politics As a viewer I should have no ideal where you stand politically The more obvious it is which party or candidate you Support the worst you are at your job No matter which way you lean(like anyone can lean anymore)the audience shouldnt know.kind of like if i go out to eat i dont want the waiter going your getting thats i hate that its nasty .i just want them to take my order be friendly and do their job not tell me what they thing .just saying chuck

  8. Wow Adam Kinzinger you are a great leader, thank you for standing up for your country. I’m a liberal and I would vote for you . You’ll be president one day when history reflects these difficult times we are in. 🇱🇷🇨🇦 it feels soooo good having trump out of the White House.

  9. Real Repubs like Kinzinger, Romney, Chenney, Murkowski and a few others better get it together . . . and SOON. They could work with groups like Lincoln Project and a couple others to regroup true repubs b4 they all jump ship to become Independents or Dems. If the McCarthy/Greene/Cruz/Hawley faction wants to become a viable political party . . . make them start from scratch and NOT hijack the established GOP.

  10. Say goodbye to politics little boy. Time to get out in the real world and work a 40hr week with Obamacare, and where you don't get 3 months at a time off work while getting paid

  11. No republican should ever forget this man and others like him. Donald Trump did not incite any riots and this guy like others are jumping ship and forgetting the 72 million that voted for him and this Todd guy is a joke, feeding off this president for 4 years and does anyone remember the civil war.

  12. Kinzinger, should have voted to convict Trump when he was Impeached the first time.
    His ,and the GOP's behaviour ,
    at that time during the First Impeachment Trial in not wanting witnesses or evidence was disgraceful, and has helped lead to this Insurrection, with Trump continuing his criminal negligence neglect of his Oath of Office, and the Constitution.
    All this could have been prevented by the GOP/Kinzinger in the first Impeachment Trial if they upheld their Oath to the Constitution and the First Impeachment as its sworn Jurors…
    The After Report on all of Trump and the GOP's constant prioritising of its own craven political and personal interests over the Republic's dire need and interest in the last 4 years of the Trump Administration and the GOP , and their corrupt and undemocratic behaviour will be fully understood , and go down in history as an utter abject failure of the GOP to come to the Aid, and secure the Republic in one of its greatest times of dire need, as this time has been when dealing with Domestic Enemies Within, as the GOP and MAGA are showing themselves to be now.

    History will not hold back on the GOP and it's craven politics across the board during this now time of infamy and Insurrection, Esp under Mitch McConnell's Obstructionist Leadership of the Senate and, Kevin McCarthy's Craven Leadership of the House. All led to this threat to America and her Republic now

    The GOP has left the lion's share of saving America now in all its Crisis it faces now (Covid🥀💔) to the Democrates now….and still all they, the GOP, can do is cravenly vilify the Democratic Party and the heavy lift the Biden Administration has to do now.
    As we watch the GOP implode with such Fascists as Taylor Greene and Boebert etc now in their ranks…..what did they expect since the Birtherism of President Obama's time… That is where all the above currently started with the Tea Party….and it had just mushroomed in its racist vicious politics , only to land now on 'American Fascism' with this MAGA Nihilist Cult, oven baked by the GOP, but now it can't control their Frankenstein, and now it's threatening them !
    Now they know how the rest of America feels threaten by these Domestic Fascist Terrorist as Enemies Within.

  13. You do realize there are 2 sides to this story right? Democrats aren't your gods neither are the Republicans. Most of them are intertwined with one another. They arent for the people. They have deals that make them rich. Look at these politicians and how they live. The system is broken. They work for us yet they control what we do? Go back to the constitution. What they are doing is infringing. Everyone needs to see that. Stop bickering over whos party is better when we the people are our own party. There's gonna come a point where we will all need to stand together. It always happens. Go look at our history and other nations history. Back to the basics we need to go

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  15. Seems the guest and panel are missing the point. Trump (in the highest government position) left the stage at an attempts to suppress, shutdown and throwout votes from his political opposition, The (law & order) Republican party (handlers) have to decide whether they wants to play the bipartisanship game behind that or talk about the elephant in the room.
    There can't be no unity without impeachment .

  16. Donald Trump can be charged with obstruction of justice now that he is OUT OF OFFICE from the Mueller Investigation that he was charged with before by Robert Mueller. If I was the democrats, I would go after him on that as well. He no longer has the protections he had as president.

  17. yea, problem for republican representatives like adam is that they dont represent republicans the way that their institutional egos and their political dishonesty offer. the actual republican party representation was elected in president trump, and adam spent most his time with the intern impeached emotions trying to make invalid excuses for federally funded abuses. the republican party spans 75 million votes for president trump, not adams ceaseless inabilities to try and lecture about institutional integrity that he abandoned when it came to russia coups, whistleblower scams, and six dimensions of democrat election fraud. when it comes down to it, adam is a little lapdog for pelosi that wants to go back to the days where he was an image of republican responsibility on fox news. back to when he could criticize democrats with cliches and his home town popularity would pat him on the back. the republican party is with the political honesty and constitutional attention and respect for democracy and ability to listen to the people that president trump advanced. adam is still stubbornly with his belief that jeb bush is the answer and prefers to lecture at the folks from the fake news platform.

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