Senate impeachment trial of President Trump: Day 1

Republicans and Democrats debated the proposed rules on the first day of the Senate impeachment trial.


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44 thoughts on “Senate impeachment trial of President Trump: Day 1

  1. Look at all the prunes! Now we know how they've been growing old in their congressional seats! Now we know why they fought so hard! They have been cheating the vote for years and didn't want their covers pulled! GET RID OF THE CHEATING MACHINES, AND GET RID OF THE PRUNES IN OUR CONGRESS!!!

  2. The leftist holy Inquisition is a joke, they lost their memory how they supported BLM and Antifa during the peak of the pandemic to kill, loot and trash neighborhoods and cities all over the country in total impunity. Disgraceful!

  3. Why is that up to them we are the people we should have the right to vote if we want him in office or not it's all over the media everyday it's up to us not them if we can vote the president in we should be able to vote him out and not rich people and take her money they all look like stuck-up snobs

  4. I'd like to know why corporate media, despite the overwhelming evidence of Trump's guilt (even as the Trump administration and senate Republican majority continue withholding further documentation and witnesses in ordinary discovery) endorse the notion that they "know" the senate will acquit. And then this same corporate media wonders why the American people are "cynical" about our justice system. ABC, are you all such hypocrites you really wonder why?

  5. Nobody should be surprised that Trump will still be President after this impeachment trial. In my opinion he should be removed from Office but that's just my view, we all have different views.

  6. DEMOCRATS have wasted so much "AMERICAN" money for nothing and all "THOSE MILLIONS spent could have got most of the homeless americans, get a place to sleep, also paid for all the american kids lunches in all the usa schools! "" WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY"" and they have done "NOTHING CONSTRUCTIVE FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" except try stimming "AMERICA STRONG AGAIN"! TRUMP HAS FIXED WHAT OBAMA tried to destroy . HE MADE AMERICA STRONG AGAIN MORE THAN EVER!!! what have the DEMOCRATS done for the people "NOTHING"!

  7. Is There Anyone, Who Thinks Trump is Not Guilty, Personally They Should have Charged Him With Emauluments, And the 10 Counts that Mueller said: "Was Up to Congress to Decide", I think the Truth is, It's all Fixed but can We Catch Them? They have Burned the Constitution! As a Vet, I am Very Disappointed in all this Partisan Political Bullshit! Trump has abandoned all values that were in Play before His Appointment! I Say Appointment because He wasn't Elected! Neither was Bush His First Term! I Fear if Naive America Re-Elects this Dip-Shit Excuse for a Leader. We will be Allied with Russia and Bully the World till Someone Stops Us like Nazi Germany! It won't be Conventional this Time. We Nuked Japan but Americans don't even Relate to what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki!85% of Germans didn't know that Death Camps Existed but they sure knew When there was a Bomb Raid on Their City. I Lost My Grandfather a Prisoner in Dachau. He went there for Helping Jews to Escape! With Steven Miller in the Cabinet and No objection about His Idealology from Trump! Trump is Complicate in Trying to Unite us with Russia, Dissolve NATO, And Share the Land and Oil from Weaker Countries! Sound Familiar Historians?

  8. This situation happened because America keeps choosing righteousness over peace.

    Power instead of Justice And Profit over People.     

    This Country .. The United States we don't learn from our mistakes  historically
    We repackage them
    Repeat them over and over… and over..
    Nothing Changes but the time the date the month.
    Republicans right now are showing there hypocrisy there is know one there with any honor for America. 🇺🇸
    Trump Must Go I say This Not A Republican or a Democrat as A American Citizens..

    The Republican Party seems to be connected with the lowest common denominator hate groups white nationalist and a bunch of children on Best Buy laptops creating lie Memes…
    For Trump..

  9. Okay, even if he did what they claim:

    Bidens are clean = Orange Man Bad
    Bidens are dirty = Trump had every right.

    And, creepy uncle Joe confessed on video, so… shouldn't we investigate the Bidens first?

  10. Wtf? A fast trial will make it difficult to produce evidence? Aren't you meant to have the evidence organised before attempting to impeach?

  11. Wtf? A fast trial will make it difficult to produce evidence? Aren't you meant to have the evidence organised before attempting to impeach?

  12. So trump pressured Ukraine into announcing a (sham) investigation into his political rival in exchange for 400 million dollars in military aid that were already pre conditioned by congress. Trump claimed his "favor" was an attempt to fight corruption although Ukraine already met all requirements regarding that matter.. President Z feeling pressured, informs his ambassadors he doesnt want to be a pawn in an american election. Trump insists his phone call with Ukraine was perfect (however that's quickly proven otherwise). In addition to this, the president withheld a crucial meeting to the oval office of a European ally in an ongoing war with an authoritarian regime. "Assuming President Z announces the investigation, we'll nail down a date for the meeting"- 30 minutes before phone call

  13. The so-called "democrats" who don't know the meaning of the word if one observes their implementation of democracy are professional politicians – i.e., the worst scumbags who waste taxpayer money by sitting around and talking and not moving ahead with business.

  14. I am from India I don't understand why Dems complaining so much on trial
    When they intentionaly delay articles to pass thru senate house ?

  15. The GOP proved how cowardly and craven they are in one day. If no witnesses or evidence can be used, then why even have lawyers? Why are they even using the word 'Trial'? If Trump, has nothing to hide, then he'd be happy for a real trail to take place. If this charade sets precedence, this country may as well throw in the towel on any notion of what we're supposed to be.

  16. Honest journalists! Tell us about the war crimes that Russia is creating in Syria. Radio Liberty 01/22/2020: As a result of air strikes by the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria, 40 people died in a day. Bombing continues, tens of thousands of civilians flee to the border with Turkey, wanting to escape from Russian bombs.

  17. First they spied on Trumps campaign using fake evidence and then started a special council to investigate a hoax against him, then they tried to make fake rape allegations against Kavanaugh and now they are pulling this circus stunt. Is there anyone left who is willing to believe and vote for these Dem frauds

  18. Fools and snakes. Swamp fighting back. Did you hear about the Puerto Rico aid package found in a warehouse while people died. Trump told the truth on that…. People died and the people want justice. Do your job and tell the truth

  19. America should seek direct vote without those delegates then democracy will be complete. Until then, Trump will not be removed from office, and will win the election by bribing all the delegates. Good luck American people.

  20. I hope Schiff, Nadler, and Schumer all go to jail for corruption.. We all heard the phone calls, you've got nothing. Democrats are trying to seize power by any means necessary.

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