The ‘House didn’t do their homework’ in impeachment inquiry: Sen. James Lankford | ABC News

Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., is interviewed on “This Week.”

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43 thoughts on “The ‘House didn’t do their homework’ in impeachment inquiry: Sen. James Lankford | ABC News

  1. VOTE LANKFORD OUT! This FAKE conservative is trying to get rid of Columbus day! Let him run as a radical democrat next time! He clearly hates America as much as he hates Oklahoma citizens!

  2. I have no idea WHY wouldn't Trump be able to investigate his political opponents with foreign aid. I mean seriously WHY. What is the reason that this is inappropriate? If Bidens didn't do anything wrong, they have nothing to hide, and the investigation will not harm them or Joe's campaign. If they are corrupt, why wouldn't they be treated like every other citizen and be punished for it? Do you now get to get away with anything simply because you run for an office? Are you guys crazy? And how does asking a foreign government inappropriate? The supposed corruption has to do with their companies, and their nation. Obviously they will be more effective than American's trying to investigate from around the freakin world. I have no idea what the whole fuss is about. How is any of this impeachable? Obama did things 10 times as controversial around the world, bombed a dozen different countries without asking permission, even investigated Trump when he was being elected, and he never had to answer for any of that, he's the guy with a freakin peace nobel prize. I don't particularly like neither republicans nor democrats, but this impeachment is freakin crazy. Democrats lost an election and went absolutely insane. And normal people like me can obviously see it through this circus drapes.

  3. Trump can't get anyone in our country to touch Bidens, so Trump said lets get China to do it insinuating at least maybe they would take it seriously (since usa won't)

  4. Liberalism is causing insanity. Democrats Impeach Trump for Biden's corruption. George and his media elites are a joke. If the media did their job properly they would be investigating Biden.

  5. im not even close to being a Trump person. If you cant see the sham and BS thats going on here you are painfully limiting yourself to letting the media spin you and you should be ashamed of yourself for not getting your information eclectically. Sad time in our country

  6. LAnkford is wrong here! There is a new deal, the cards are givennewly in the Senate trial. He can find out the truth, or he can "obstruct" and keep on covering up Trumps mean spirit. It is his choice.
    In case of cover up better pray in the senate chapel (at wednesdays?) for his own soul

  7. Running for office against the party in office does not mean you get to claim that any investigating into you is political. Heck, if it where than what are we doing asking for criminal investigations against Trump?

  8. Senator Lankford is a fine senator and spokesperson, but he's too polite. The ABC presenter keeps speaking over him, aggressively countering each point, stretching the truth (Interfering with elections! Really?), and doing just what an impartial presenter shouldn't do.

  9. they did more than you assholes did going after Hillary. Trump got impeached. You assholes couldn't find Hillary guilty of anything and her case is closed.
    And you still can't show That Biden was doing the same thing trump did.

  10. For some reason he doesn't mention the fact that schiff didn't go for those witnesses because it would take longer than the next election to impeach said president.

    Basically, if trump doesn't get impeached and removed by next election, he could cheat again in 2020 and by then it would already be too late because republican majority in the senate will never remove him from office.

    This was a needed move so that the general public can get informed on how corrupt the president is before the next election.

  11. So he's saying because Trump refused to let anyone close to the matter testify at the hearings or release any documents it's somehow the democrats fault. All the Goons Of Putin know Trump is guilty and the evidence already obtained proves that. They are just putting a show by acting differently.

  12. What a shyster Lankford is. If he talked any faster about all those debunked Russian Talking points Lankford would disappear up his own Oval orifice. Answer the question Lankford. Is it okay for the POTUS to invite foreign interference in American elections? As Bolton corroborated.

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