Trump’s defense team makes case for just 2 hours

The House impeachment managers filed more than 28,000 pages of trial records with the secretary of the Senate.




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34 thoughts on “Trump’s defense team makes case for just 2 hours

  1. The Democrats are bound to follow the plan. FIVE senior members have stated their plan.
    1. Impeach the President and remove him office. And in the process drag the case out to as close as the election as possible!
    2. If we fail to remove him from office we will beat him in the election with all the negativity from the Impeachment.
    3. If he wins reelection we will Impeach him a second time for stealing the election with the power of Putin behind him! This is so he may continue to serve his great leader, Putin!!

    Yes, of course we realize the third step will force Civil War!! That's what we want! That damn constitution has been nothing but a giant pain in the ass and a Civil War will finally give us the power to throw it out and write a new government! All of you Americans who choose to keep being stupid about the Second Amendment are now USELESS!!!! We are deleting the Second Amendment on DAY ONE of the New American Government!!!

  2. Democrats are angry because Trump has made it harder for them to kill babies and buy drugs and all other sorts of degeneracy . Don't worry Democrats …. You'll get your King Saul and you'll get him soon

  3. These lawyers ware great ' great people ' they made a great statement no one can fool these people ' jane raskin beautyfull ' strong woman ' Jay sekulow ' I saw by there bodylanguage that is was geniune ' great speakers ' pat cipolonne white house cousel he said the same thing about what I have said on the net even before the chief of justice had decide ' THEY DID NOT BELIEVE ' that's what I thought about the inpeachment (insufficiently substantiated ) that they did not believed that it has any use too inpeach trump .

  4. The trial Presentation on 1/27 of Dershowitz knocked it out of the park, the Presidents defense- tonight's(1/27) last speaker. If ya watch him & listen and still believe the lie of Obstruction of Congress & Abuse of Power, you're deaf & blind!

  5. Go watch the defense arguments rather than relying on news anchors sound bites designed to sway your conclusion. Watch for yourself. It’s incredible the way the house was exposed to violate their own rules and constitutional laws just to bring this case forward. And how their own witness testimony actually defends trump case that they neglected to show the public. You won’t hear any of it in liberal news. So if you want to know the truth first hand, go watch the trial from both sides.

  6. Trump defense destroyed the Dems impeachment case in only a few hours. If you actually watched it so far, honestly you have seen how the Schiff and company have deliberately withheld information that proves they are lying. From their very own sources and witnesses. This is laughable at best. It’s pure rabid hatred for the president and a complete disdain for the average voter to suggest they are impeaching the president I. Order to preserve the American vote. Are you freaking kidding me? It’s all about power and fear that Trump will win again in Nov. the Dems don’t trust the American people to vote our choice. They are not protecting my vote or anyone’s, rather they are trying to take my vote away. Dems are trying to take away the American vote of who they want as president. Shut up, and leave the president alone and let the American people decide in November!

  7. "Discredited the evidence"… Aren't you a journalist? What evidence? It's not there, be a jouranlist. Not a pig following after a group of nasty fellow pigs. What we actually have here is REAL evidence, shown by the Trump team, using the dems owns words of corruption against themselves to prove over and over that Pelosi, Biden, Schiff, all worked together knowingly–which is treasonous. Death by guillotine?

  8. Imagine a Trial where evidence and documents are openly suppressed / disallowed – direct eye witnesses and participants in the crimes are NOT allowed to testify – and the jurors are literally making up all the rules and procedures of the Trial under the DIRECT instructions of the person ON trial. Well – no – you don't have to imagine. Because that is EXACTLY what is happening.

  9. EVEN Defense Attorneys can only obfuscate – deflect – project and flat out lie just so much before it's plainly ridiculous.
    Which of course – in even attempting to defend Don the CON and his obvious felonies – is "baked in" from word one.
    It's like rambling on and on ( for 2 hours ) that Jeffrey Dahmer was just hungry and was really a malnourished "good guy".

  10. Trump has no ACTUAL defense as the facts in this case are undisputed. I DO agree that the presidents lawyers are doing their best to trivialize the charges and to block witnesses such as Bolton or Mulvaney.

  11. At least the video above got one thing right. The President's lawyers, in only two hours, destroyed the Democrat's case. Anybody who actually watched Saturday's presentation with an open mind can see that the Democrats are hiding any information that doesn't fit with their narrative. I was convinced of Trump's guilt after hearing just the Democrat's side. However, there is a lot of information that shows that the entire Democrat case is based on someone's assumptions that have so far not been shown to be correct. The House transcripts show that there was valid concern and historical action by Trump on tying of foreign aid to efforts on investigating corruption. They show that the House subpoenas for evidence were not valid at the time they were issued. Unfortunately, most of the media is ignoring what the President's counsel has shown. Impeachment wasn't even in the "Top Headlines" section of Google News on Sunday because there weren't any articles from the media (except Fox) covering what was actually said in the trial on Saturday. If you rush to judgement and simply think that Trump is guilty, without listening critically to both sides of the trial, you're no better than what you think he is. I fully expect the same adolescent one-liner responses to this, because there are few people on the internet anymore that want to have reasonable, measured and nuanced discussion on politics or anything else.

  12. F Mitt Romney. RINO!!! They could have called them!!! They’re still trying to control the treason against the President. The “grand jury” doesn’t get to redo their case during their he trial. Such a hurry and it’s bs. Messing with the election period. I hate these people. They know their case is lies and a joke. Trying to garner public pressure from idiots who don’t understand that they’ve already had their witnesses. Their voters are morons if they don’t know this. Unreal but not.a shock. Schiff is the biggest pos Wiesel!!! Throw him under the bus!!! Today!!! GTFOH !!!!!

  13. The Trump defense team is making the argument that none of the evidence we have is from people who were in the room at the time that the crime was committed and therefore we have no evidence of a crime. But the witnesses who WERE in the room are readily available to us and only being withheld as a result of partisanship. If this is the argument that actually succeeds in protecting Trump, we should all collectively be ashamed of ourselves.

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