Trump’s team gears up for rebuttal in Senate impeachment trial l ABC News

Democrats want Trump’s ex-national security advisor John Bolton to testify; he submitted a book manuscript for review to ensure he didn’t include classified information, the New York Times reported.


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20 thoughts on “Trump’s team gears up for rebuttal in Senate impeachment trial l ABC News

  1. Impeachment sale flying off the desks… Pelosi Pens, Bolton Books, ShumerShifters, 75% off senate shredders – the no qid pro quo sale ends soon!!

  2. I will subscribe to your news channel on a trial basis. I expect and demand to hear unbiased news. I should be hearing both political sides of the issues. My subscription with you is pending and I will leave comments and thumbs up or down based only on truth and fairness of reports.

  3. Senate Prayer: The reason we have been suffering with so many problems in USA is that we have made up a fake religion for our country which you would not find it in any religious Scripture. Those wicked preachers came up with a fake name "Jesus" which you would never ever find this false name in any scripture of the Almighty Creator in order to steal their money so they could purchase more mansions and airplanes. Yet, in the original Aramaic scripture he was called "Easoa" also he is called as "E-saw" son of Maryam in the Arabic Quran, the untouched message of our Creator, based on 1500 pages of mathematics, the exact science. The Almighty Creator gathered all of those people whom they came up with this fake name as 'Christians' which you would not find this name in any scripture, in around the Bible belt area. That is why He has been sending them more than a 1000 tornadoes every single year, plus hurricanes, floods, fires, church firing and shootings as the consequences of wrong doings. Yet, they do not take heed. The reason is that around 229 years ago they added this manmade religion to our Constitution and made us a Godless nation. The Law of the Almighty is, "Nothing happens to you if you follow from His rules on earth", and "Anything bad happens to you is from your own short coming". Unless we turn back to our Creator who created us from ejected semen, otherwise we would suffer much more.

  4. Oh…he "wanted to". Bolton doesn't deny that Trump told him that the aid to Ukraine was not tied to investigation of democrats. Bolton offers no proof that is was. Am I the only democrat that thinks there's a difference between wanting and doing? Also, let us not forget it's all just hearsay. Be sure to put your order in, today, for Bolton's new book "How I made a killing on a Presidential impeachment hearing". You can find it in the fiction section at your local book store.

  5. You're worried about impeaching a president when the dude that runs Australia was leaving them to burn and while we're focused on this a virus is going to spread and kill so many millions of people here very soon

  6. This is news media in a nut shell, agenda (make money off of issues), fabricate a story, make it look real, play stupid (when ppl question news media with hardcore questions, news reporter act like, they don't know what you talking about), get a group of male and female street theater actors to manipulate ppl opinions, then cause ppl to hate ppl and Trump for no reason, manipulate the results, in oder to accomplish a certain type of result, that's why you BEEN at the viewers and Donald Trump that's why you cut transmission often

  7. Why wasn't Bolton subpoenaed to testify in the house impeachment inquiry? He claims now he has 1st hand knowledge and dealings with Trump, not second and third hand hearsay testimony from government department heads, ambassadors and professors like we heard in the house inquiry? If you want truth and facts … you go to the source. Why is Bolton now coming forward wanting to testify? Why is Boltons "bombshell" book coming out now at the 11th hour? Speaking of the 11th hour, didn't Pelosi and the democrats drop many 11th hour "bombshell" statements that all proclaim Trump guilty of impeachable offenses?
    Russian collusion? Mueller report? Now Ukraine quid pro quo! Why have the Democrats called for and tried since Jan 2017 to oust or impeach Trump even before he got started? Remember Al Green, Auntie Maxine and others? Why did Democrats immediately begin ALL their focus on Trumps impeachment once they regained control of the house? Why oh why have the house Democrats scratched at every cheap ass excuse, lame ass nook and cranny and miniscule cracks of this man's Presidency to remove him from office including, lies, phony documents, mis direction, innuendo, false accusations and the like? Because of the HATRED of what he has accomplished for the American people, of which, the Democrat leftist Party could NOT!

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