Watch LIVE: Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump day six – ABC News Live Coverage

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42 thoughts on “Watch LIVE: Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump day six – ABC News Live Coverage

  1. I hope the military steps in on this bullshit…
    What kinda country is this anymore .lawlessness election , burning citys .riots .ect . . Infact if the military wont straighteen this b,s, out

    Then the coutry is corupt to fullesst extent in every way ……

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  3. GOD show mercy for those against the chosen ones. Yes president trump GODS chose hem to be. A best president in America.years pass to years to come.that is for good.democratics will not win a election for many years to come .in fact .president trump is trying to be true on his words wen speech’s so his heart ❤️ are the best interest for the America finish the corruption from Democratic Party for years to coming.GOD bless trump and America should follow the president I’m convinced .he will…. be all ways the best in all times nothing can stop 🛑 hem to do so. Bible speaking about it.2020 will be trump again…no buddy can change that

  4. The GOP Senate is corrupt. The proof will be when the GOP Senate acquits trump. The un-American gop says calling up witness will take to long. So what. You get paid tax dollars to do your job. It should take as much time as needed. We have a un-American Benedict Donald. Vote the GOP Senators out!!

    You already have un-American gop Senators pushing Russian propaganda by lying about Biden. Then last night the un-American GOP lawyers pushed for Russian type election government in the USA. Saying that America is basically run by a King. Say that to the soldiers/Americans that fought in past wars. That fought in the Revolutionary War against having a King.

  5. You know, Biden is not on trial here. This is so low and defamatory. I hope he sues.
    Shogun was a Russian backed corrupt prosecutor. He was removed by consensus and under pressure from the international community. The full picture requires knowledge of Ukrainian history, not the Bidens.
    Why did you not pursue this question at the time, in your Congress? Because Trump wasn't running against Biden in an election.

  6. Bolton. Bolton people. The Americans and the entire planet owe Trump a thank you for getting rid of him. Do you idiots want perpetual war like Bolton does? Democrats are looking like fools to the rest of the world. Embarrassing.

  7. Query: Why is it that the FBI has not yet arrested Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler for engaging in a Coup against the duly elected President of the United States???

  8. I'm over this shi*show already. It's like the pot calling the kettle black. Both parties have their shortcomings and need to be purged. Term limits and take the money out of politics. The system is broken. They don't work for us anymore, it's all a power and money grab for a lot of these politicians. What bothers me the most is that Trump has made it worse. IMO, he is an immoral, serial liar, overt narcissist that would throw his own family under the busy if it suited him.

  9. I am not a fan of any facet of our political parties I cannot stand any of the parties at all. But I still think now is a bad time for impeachment. We have a global crisis and the last thing we need is fighting we need to get every available politician biotech health care anyone who applies to get working on the flu which has the wrong vaccine this year and the coronavirus. anything else is smokescreen designed to hurt the people in this world. There are no funds for FEMA and as much as we want to blame China for not handling things right, I am a vicitim of our own country not handling the swine flu correctly. Local governments and hospitals were not prepared and were turning away sick people like myself and many others because their testing was not up to date with the epidemic. CDC even today is saying they are shipping tests to the needy states first. Meanwhile they wont even tell us what 26 states are testing for the unfamiliar virus. And supplies are running out all over the world get your political heads out of your asses and do something to make sure we the tax paying public are safe. At least AUS is smart enough to isolate their evacuees on an island staffed to handle it without risking the population. you just had that drill with john hopkins Nov 4th, shouldn't yall be well versed since you ran drills on what appears to be THIS virus. DO SOMETHING MORE PRODUCTIVE before "we the people" are the ones hurt!

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  11. Unbelievable!!! By the way Doonie, we (Mexico) will build your WALL. You just sit tight in your throne and after you sort all your crap out, we will continue with the "beautiful and perfect talks". 😝

  12. I think Dershowitz is confused. Normal rules/laws dont usually apply in a devastating civil war and cant be relatable to this current situation. Also the other big difference here is using bribery (ukraine) by smearing your poitical opponent is vote tampering. Citizens would go to jail for that. Why then is the president above that standard?

  13. Imagine… if Trump wasn't President anymore. Imagine. Imagine. No more daily scandals. No more lies. No more whining from him about everything. Imagine. No more seeing his deplorable name in the headlines. Imagine. No more division, bigotry, and covered-up hidden agendas.

  14. ALREADY IN 1998, Jerold NADLER, chair of the majority in Congress Justice was saying that we are to be very careful not to set too low the bar for impeachment. He forgot those great words. On the same token, Chuck SCHUMER, the minority leader in the Senate, was saying that to set the bar too low, the Republicains should expect that it would encourage the democrats to return the favor, and they did. Neither one of them mentioned the advises of the forefathers, about what is expected from them. They are playing a game of revenge on all account, forgetting that their mandates are coming from the peoples that elected them.
    The Republicans in the Senate majority will remember the admonition of Gerry NADLER and will denied those resolutions in the Senate for not only because the bar is too low but, because they did not succeeded the test of the Constitution on even appearance of conflict of interest or misdemeanor.
    They only succeeded to show that the President was exactly in his prerogatives as Chief of the States and the establishment of policies for the country and the peoples. Chuck SCHUMER is looking for revenge on who's who, while by his proposal for additionnal withnesses and paperworks, he won't change the issue but damage considerably the time for democrat candidates to completed their cycle as presidential nomenees. That's bad ! If they like to loose their time and, if the peoples are not fedup of them, they would have plenty of time to play in the second mandate of President TRUMP.
    With all considerations at play, the democrats would have succeed to demonstrate that the impeachment of a President of the United States is a very serious task and, do not tolerate to play with words of no sense and, for expediency.
    VOTE PEOPLE, VOTE, to keep our advantages nationally and abroad and, for the safekeeping of our CONSTITUTION and our LAW, not comparable with anything on the LAND. We are actually the model country for the WORLD to see and, the globalism is loosing his track on manageable experiences of the human beings. Gerry

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