Watch LIVE Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump from US Senate: day three

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38 thoughts on “Watch LIVE Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump from US Senate: day three

  1. I don't know why I didn't think about this comparison until now. But imagine a 5 year old kid getting a gun, and killing someone.If you were that kid's parents, what would you do? You would make sure your kid was put in jail. This "impeachment" was like if his parents just sent him to his room, hoping he wouldn't do that again. Chances are, when he comes out of his room, he would kill someone else. That's exactly what happened here. Trump was the 5 year old kid. And all we did was send him to his room hoping he would learn his lesson. But, when we let him out of his room, he didn't learn anything.

    I don't know who the Republicans who let Trump get away with everything would represent. But they would be like people who supported the kid, and encouraged him to kill someone else.

    I know there are people who will read this and think "You don't know what you're talking about." If you're one of those people, then you're an idiot, and a Trump supporter.

  2. There is no evidence against the Biden’s other than Putin saying it’s Ukraine and the company Biden works for. That’s there evidence against the Biden’s. Putin’s Guiliani telling the president its Ukraine and the Biden’s. Sorry but I don’t believe a word of it.

  3. Guiliani also proposed to republican senators to start selling American liquified gas to you guessed it Ukraine. This was years ago. Burisma is what. You guessed it again a Ukrainian gas company. If people connect everything from years ago. They would see it’s Guiliani. I just hope Trump is oblivious and not in on it with him.

  4. Testimony the Dems gave was long and dragged out and didn't make sense, and a lot of criticism, but the president's team was non stressful, they magnified the facts, it made you feel good, good really good, there's hope for our country.

  5. Some GOP Senators didn't stay in the room. Don't forget they're on our dime. It's clear the GOP Senators are un-American and cowards. Not to mention lazy.

    If any Russian funds to the NRA went to the GOP Senators? If the NRA made a donation to the right-winger, it would seem so.

  6. Ted Cruz …had you thought that maybe they did their homework and believe that by bringing Biden up means it will make Republicans want to bring the Bidens as witnesses so they can ask for the ones they want… maybe they know already that the Bedens don't have anything to hide???

  7. Dems holler "Steele Dossier"…Reps yell "Obama foreign involvement"; Reps shout "Biden"…Dems scream "Quid Pro Quo" – The underlying message from both sides is that ALL US politics is now corrupt so… "get over it".

  8. The Democrat are wasting our tax $$$. I am a democrat and I am ashamed to call myself democrat. I will now vote for trump. His is an innocent man and the cross built to hang him by the demos will be the cross to hang all of these demos going against him and falsely accusing him of things that hes never done. At least the evidences from the democrat does NOT prove anything. Hearsay doesn't mean anything to the court of law. I am voting to re-elect President trump. his works so far speaks louder than anything the democrat are trying to do.

  9. If you want to finish this trial quickly just bring trump to testify and he will bring himself down .the minute he opens his mouth.
    That's why the republicans don't want trump testifying.

  10. Adam shiv or whatever his name is needs to shut up he doesnt speak for everyone in his stupid views. Hillery got away with what happen in Bengozie and now they want to say Trump is corrupt what ever. It seems that the Demoncrats think thery're the only ones above the law and are the only ones allowed to do as thou wilt i think they ALL HAVE TO GO!!! They're All Cheaters LIERS they do not Give a Rats Ass about Any of US
    Oh my gosh so thesr Damned Demoncrats are accusing Trump of the very thing they do All the time how is it that is cause for his impeachment. Then they all must go because they are all GUILTY of the same. Abuse of their offices. They're also trying to drive this ellection to benifit themselves because they all know if they cant get Trump out then they have a chance to get another Demon in Office

  11. LMAO ABC NEWS disabled chat what a freaking FAKE NEWS NETWORK guess the TRUTH would completely destroy their LIES that's why they will be looking for jobs soon , TURN OFF YOUR CABLE 6 dingleberries own everything you see, hear or read. 7.3 million subs BULLSHIT a youtube dump site for all real subs trying to sub to the TRUTH SICK! Didn't listen to any of this demonrats SCHITT!

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  13. Trudeau harassed us on utube like rest of world leaders.. Putin's friends were threatening us, 3 yrs still going on.. Trump& Obama a lot.. But Trudeau sent a post with a pic of him & his wife laughing , written "we don't want you to come to Canada! " Yeah because u prefer Iranian high ranks outcasts, criminals, rpsts, etc.. Poor Canadians.. He put their lives in danger.. For Putin's power.. Like the airplane crash

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