Biden Likely To Delay Executive Orders On Immigration | NBC News NOW

The White House is likely to delay a series of executive orders on immigration, which was a key topic in the Biden campaign, including the creation of a task force to reunite separated migrant families. NBC’s Julia Ainsley reports.
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Biden Likely To Delay Executive Orders On Immigration | NBC News NOW


Author: phillyfinestnews


35 thoughts on “Biden Likely To Delay Executive Orders On Immigration | NBC News NOW

  1. Hilarious that the footage they show when airing this ground-breaking story is of Obama -era cages and detention camps. Does anyone know who the Vice President was during those dark days?

  2. Criminal Biden is not the President of anything. His fake inauguration made him the CEO of a defunct corporation (Washington DC) and he has NO power over the United States. DC was under the Act of 1871 and was under British rule until our Great Legitimate President Trump restored our constitution to 1776! It’s true! He’ll be back soon! Research the truth:

  3. Biden’s Backward Immigration Orders 👎

    In one week, Joe Biden has moved immigration in the wrong direction, and more bad news is on the way. So far, he’s signed at least six executive orders on immigration, none of which strengthen the rule of law or secure our borders.

    A federal judge has already blocked one of Biden’s worst orders. The administration tried to ban deportations of anyone who came to America before November 1 — including some immigrants with violent felony convictions. The judge made clear that Biden’s order probably violates federal law.

    And now Biden is set to go back to a broken asylum system. But we’ve already seen what happens: Asylum seekers are allowed to live and work in the U.S. while their applications are being decided. Many of these requests are eventually rejected, and the process takes years. Such broken policies encourage even more illegal immigration.

    This isn’t immigration reform, it’s an immigration reversal, and it will take the country backward on national security and the rule of law. Disgraceful

  4. America lies about the child trafficking part from south of the border they don't go missing they just have to pay up wether they make here or not still gotta pay your tax…. Remember Biden and trump at the debate he said he knows what's going on and he knows how it feels to be Black.? Yea right expect more Ice Prisons

  5. BY likely you Mean he Lost in court and was ordered to DELAY … Imagine having control of the White House, The senate, The congress, The
    main stream Media, Social Networks…. and you still can't get anything

  6. Can any democrat voter please explain the logic and math to me of MASSIVE immigration of the worlds highest birth rate people AND demands that we meet environmental goals?
    Those 2 things are at odds as much as oil and water are. They CAN'T both happen. Even if we impose draconian measures to help the environment, massive population growth will erase all goals. Every new body added to this country needs 100 gallons of additional fresh water a day. Approximately one acre of open spaces are destroyed forever. About 2.2 pounds of carbon are released into the air. More oil is burned, more refuse is produced and it is obvious that the cultures that most of these people are coming from show they have no concerns about a healthy, clean and safe environment. 330+ million today and virtually all population growth is from immigration. WITHOUT any increases, any more asylum seekers or any more amnesties for illegals we will hit 600 million by century end. Unless we totally destroy any quality of life for the future residents of this country we will impact GLOBAL environmental concerns much more by then over today.

  7. As if bashing immigrants is a sign of patriotism! I'll never understand why the U.S. Government officials think of immigrants as new slaves? MAJORITY of immigrants and their families are law abiding, hard working, educated taxpayers.

  8. If America wanted immigrants there's a long list of people under petition by their relatives that has been waiting for years to get in and are willing to go through the process legally. Not all of them are rocket scientist and are of people from different countries like Asia, Europe and Africa who are going to work the jobs Americans don't want. The Democraps just use these people for political purposes. Who gets stuck supporting these illegals? The American taxpayers not the politicians. They won't stop coming unless the gov't stop letting them in and giving them amnesty and citizenship.

  9. Immigration is not a US thing! It’s a border state thing. We want the wall and Border guard and ICE wrapping up and sending home those who don’t come here legally. And as for the human harvesting and trafficking we know where this administration stands.

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