Looking ahead to the impeachment fight | ABC News

Trump’s legal team plans to file its full response to the House’s impeachment brief on Monday.

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44 thoughts on “Looking ahead to the impeachment fight | ABC News

  1. Imagine a group of leaders so upset about a political beer they throw the well being of the people and spend crazy amounts of tax dollars to impeach a president rightfully elected because they simply don't like him. I'm not pro Trump but America needs trump

  2. The process is that the evidence is presented by the house to the Senate. This is a trial of a man looking for a crime. This is how Russia does politics, try the man, not a crime, and make him prove his innocence. Guilty by accusation until proven innocent is against our country’s principal laws and this should scare all of us. We should quit prosecuting a rich man that became a politician and look at the politicians that are becoming rich.

  3. George is a political hack. He is already propagating Democratic talking points about the "majority in favor of conviction", when everyone knows this majority doesn't mean anything as long as it's not the 2/3 majority. Such a disgrace, George.

  4. Out of the country🙄ready to move on to Moscow if kick out of the White House to avoid incarceration. No doubt Trump is more guilty than we even know, though nobody with more than two brain cells know he is guilty as hell

  5. Trump doesn't have time for this scam. He's off to the summit to do the work of the American people. He needs to get this stuff cleared up so that he can get ready for the election. God knows that the Democrats aren't helping.Trump 2020!👍👌

  6. So, Ukraine didn’t get the aid?… and looking into corruption is now corruption?… ok… also you need to prove your innocence now. Good to know. Thanks for the “great journalism” guys!

  7. Trial without witnesses is not a real trial , also impeaching a corrupt president is setting the US apart from other countries who live in poverty who can’t get rid of their corrupt government, this was a must to make sure US is still a country we can be proud of .

  8. After hearing the premise of the President's lawyer, Alam Dershewitz, we are dealing with a precedent that can forever remove the word, "democracy" as a description of country's system of government. The President''s team is claiming by their premise that it is appropriate for a president to go to any nation and demand that they give money to his campaign, for example. Another possible outcome of assuming that it is ok to ask another country to investigate his rival on pain of not receiving millions of dollars of aid could be that a president could go to an enemy and say get me elected and you win the war, we will withdraw. How is that different than saying get me elected and you win the war with Russia with our aid? A president must, absolutely must campaign honestly. He cannot use sneaky and dishonest means to achieve power. Anyone would assume that dirty tricks and foreign intervention in our election would end in a continuation of that sneaky and dishonest throughout the duration of that president's term. That is exactly what happened when Trump said to Russia, find Hillary's emails. Russia broke the law, hacked computers and forbthe entire first term of Trump's presidency Russiabhas continued to benefit from Trump's policies. He has governed for the benefit of Russia. He turned over control of the air over Syria to Russia, our opponent and therefore Assad, our enemy. He strengthened Russia's foothold in the Middle East. He gave Russia a present of Crimea and possibly the Donbas when he did not release to Ukraine aid already awarded by Congress. He broke the law doing it, according to an impartial government agency. These are only two of the instances where Russia has benefited because they got Trump elected by hacking, trolling and propaganda.

    Do we intend for our Presidents in the future to ask China or Saudi to use their national propaganda and computer resources, and their intelligence apparatus to aid a Democratic President, while a Republican candidate goes to Russia and Brittain? That is absurd, but if we allow Trump to get away with asking Russia and Ukraine to aid him, why not ask China and the Saudis to aid a Democrat? This opens our nation to serious security and policy dangers. Trump must be impeached and Dershewitz is very wrong.

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