NSA is withholding ‘potentially relevant documents’ to Ukraine: Rep. Schiff | ABC News

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., the lead House impeachment manager is interviewed on “This Week.”

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36 thoughts on “NSA is withholding ‘potentially relevant documents’ to Ukraine: Rep. Schiff | ABC News

  1. One on one ask schiff why he keeps telling lies, about he had proof that trump had help from the Russians, that was a lie and he had never seen or met the whistleblower that was a lie and the list goes on , but no you won’t because your like the democrats you want trump out , but you’re quick to jump on trump for telling lies and now your saying his legal team are telling lies to the Senate now! What has schiff been doing for 3 days not the truth but picking and choosing what he wants that will hurt trump he thinks. But got news for him it’s not working

  2. The evidence is 100% clear. The liberal Democrats are trying to start nuclear war against Russia all because they lost and their Queen. My queen their Queen lost and she still complaining to this day. Measure she was the president and took out that terrorist. The liberal media would hail her and no one would say anythingand then the attack on our bases she would have fired back and probably in the next day or two nuclear war would have had its chance. The bottom line is Adam shift is threatening the senate in the court that they'll be nuclear war with Russia that rushes planning on nuking America somehow. No one wants a nuclear war. But 100% facts show that the liberal Democrats the Democrats in the house the ultra left-wing Democrats all want nuclear war. I don't want nuclear war and many many many Americans don't want nuclear war and the Republicans don't want nuclear war Trump does not want nuclear war and for the Democrats know it's not because you guys claim he's allied with them. We're all allied with Russia we've been allied with Russia since 1991 to be exact the breakup of the Soviet Union the true failure of Communism you idiot communist sympathizers communist liberal Democrats. Start off by teaching schools true history and the many failures of Communism. And off by saying we don't want a nuclear war and if we do and we all die they've got God and Jesus Christ to answer for and they will in the end

  3. Adam shit is a joke he lies to get his party in office and does not care about the Usa he lies and this is why I am no longer a Democrat Donald Trump best president of modern times Thank you Mr Trump

  4. nothings going to happen,,,republicans minds are made up …..he’s ,,,, innocent with no fair trial No witnesses and they’re going to go into the a.m…… american Constitution is dead. welcome to the modern world…The founders had slaves this wouldnt surprise them..

  5. George, ask Schiff why he didn't subpoena the witnesses during his chair at the intelligence investigation while still in the House? If Schiff had enough witnesses in the house to Impeach the president, why aren't those same witnesses good enough to convince the senate to impeach the president? That alone doesn't seem logical, only political. Any one know how investigations stemming from Horowitz report are coming?

  6. This child of Satan his own damned self will not give up to covering up his uncovered deciet. God is using Trump and there is nothing that will stop that. All kingdoms have fallen when they stopped or refused to submit to God. President Trump is being used to attempt to bring us back but the anti Christ Democrat party is fighting for their ungodly destructive ways.

  7. Schiff is a political hack propagandist for the Democratic Party and he will do or say anything to smear the President! The American public is wise to his evil ways and this hearing will fail!!!

  8. Schiff is so full of shit that the best use for him is to fertilize a garden … Of course he would have to be ground up into itty bitty balls of Schiff and he could possibly contaminate groundwater and this is a bad joke but so is his leadership and his conduct in this impeachment … Im gonna love watching him get his ass kicked in the next election and I would enjoy seeing any woman thrash him into a quivering mass … These Dems are a new class of lowlifes and know-it-all but doin-nothins … Disgusting and I hope the Republicans rub their noses deep in the shit all while ignoring their non stop bitching about anything and everything … Im gonna Love It , Dems can suck it now … Wah wah

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